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Vintage Music and Image Sourcing

With over 100,000 records and 1000s of photographs of musicians and performers (with a special emphasis on Jazz, Blues, Dance Bands and Stage and Screen performers) from 1897-1945 at our fingertips, not to mention over 40 years’ of prominent involvement in vintage popular music, we have an unbeatable resource for supplying historically authentic music and images for film, documentary, theatre, radio, publishing, exhibition, advertising and corporate clients. 

Whether it’s to provide ‘period’ feel for a drama, a standout image for an exhibition or catalogue, a specific track for a TV commercial or a documentary, chances are we’ve either got it or can source it! 

We supplied much of the visual imagery and sounds for a recent feature-length film about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, exhibitions in the USA, France and Britain, and have worked on numerous projects with the BBC and many other broadcasters, film makers, exhibition organisers, and book publishers in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. We also supply source transfers of rare recordings to record companies and radio stations worldwide on a weekly basis.

We carefully research each client's requirements to ensure that the music or imagery supplied is absolutely authentic to the period required - for instance you wouldn't want 1930s dance band music for a drama set in the First World War - like the BBC drama 'Parade's End' had!  Oh well...

High quality audio transfers using state of the art audio and noise reduction equipment can be supplied in  formats to suit the user - wav files, audio files, mp3 etc.

High-resolution record label scans and artist photographs from our huge collection of  Jazz, Blues and Theatre performer images from the 1890s to the 1940s can also be supplied - this is particularly useful for documentary makers, exhibiton organisers and publishers.

Our rates are very reasonable and turnaround times can be tailored to suit individual needs.

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