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Mark Berresford Rare Records

The Chequers, Chequer Lane, Shottle, Derbyshire 

DE56 2DR, England.

Tel: (+44) 07811 358711

Bids by Email to:

Phone and postal bids also accepted.




You may also download this list as a printable pdf file HERE

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GOOD NEWS! Unlike eBay, we don’t charge local Sales Tax/VAT/GST on purchases! 

Postage and packing in purpose-built new boxes extra. Winners only notified. Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £8/$10. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price.  Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids. Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!


Payment by all major Credit and Debit Cards via secure email link*, Electronic Bank Transfer,, British personal cheques and Paypal* (* a processing fee is involved) 

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

Abbreviations and Grading - See the comprehensive guide to the VJM Grading System HERE

001 BARBECUE BOB. Yo-Yo Blues No. 2/ Monkey And The Baboon. Col 14523-D E+ Stunning West Coast pressing, C1 Stampers!
002 BIG BILL BROONZY. I’m In The Army Now/ Keep Your Hand On Your Heart. OK 06601 E+
003    Blues In 1890/ John Henry. Vogue V2074 E Paris 1951 recordings
004    Stump Blues/ Keep Your Hands Off. Mel 1191 E+ London 1951 recordings
005 LEE BROWN. Lemon Roller/ Forsaken Blues. Dec 7615 EE+
006 PETER (DR.) CLAYTON. Copper Colored Mama/ Root Doctor Blues. RCA Vic 20-2323 E+
007 ARTHUR ‘BIG BOY’ CRUDUP. Mercy Blues/ Come Back Baby. RCA Vic 22-0061 E+
008 BIG MACEO. I’m So Worried/ It’s All Over Now. RCA Vic 20-2505 E+
009 PROF. HAROLD BOGGS. I Want To Live Right/ Praying For God’s Amazing Grace. (DJ) King 4660 E+
010 FAMOUS WARD SINGERS. My Jesus Is All And All/ Jesus Is So Real To Me. Savoy 4013 E+ Two great Gospel sides!
011 BLIND BOY FULLER. Piccolo Rag/ BROWNIE Mc GHEE. Key To My Door. OK 06437 EE+ Terrific Guitar Blues!
012 LIL GREEN. Why Don’t You Do Right?/ Knockin’ Myself Out. RCA Vic 20-3283 E+
013 WYNONIE HARRIS. Oh Babe!/ MYRA JOHNSON + LUCKY MILLINDER ORCH.  Silent George. King 4418 E stains nap
014    Drinking Blues/ Adam Come and Get Your Rib. (Fr) Vogue V3211 E+
015 ROSA HENDERSON. So Long To You And The Blues/ If You Don’t Give Me What I Want. Voc 14652 E-
016 LUCILLE HEGAMIN & HER BLUE FLAME SYNCOPATORS. Aggravatin’ Papa/ Beale Street Mama. Cam 270 EE-
017    Waitin’ For The Evenin’ Mail (One of her best!)/ Now You’ve Got Him Can You Hold Him. Cam 343 E-
018    & THE DIXIE DAISIES. Dina/ Cold Cold Winter Blues. Cam 415 E
019 ALBERTA HUNTER. Give Me All The Love You’ve Got. 1/s Shellac English Columbia Test Pressing of mx 14822-2 E+ . Interesting back story to this - Alberta Hunter had starred in the London cast of ‘Showboat’ in 1928 to March 1929, and English Columbia no doubt wanted to capitalise on her success by issuing her 1929 US Columbias. Presumably when they heard the saucy lyrics they changed their mind!
020 MAHALIA JACKSON. The Treasures of Love/ Rusty Old Halo. Col 40411 E+
021 JAZZ GILLUM. Jazz Gillum Blues/ Country Woman Blues. RCA Vic 22-0005 E+
022 LONNIE JOHNSON. Tell Me Little Woman/ So Tired. King 4263 E+ sol s2
023 BROTHER JOE MAY & THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS. Sell Out/ Jesus Knows. Spec SP884 E+/E Great sides!
024 SARA MARTIN + CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE FIVE. Careless Man Blues/ Brother Ben (Truetone) OK 8325 EE+ Rare 1926 sides with Ellington sidemen!
025 JOSIE MILES. Graveyard Dream Blues/ He’s Never Gonna Throw Me Down. Gnt 5292 V++
026 REV. J.M. MILTON & HIS CONGREGATION. Silk Worms and Boll Weevils/ A Rope Or A Wire Around You Neck. Col 14562-D E+ West Coast C1 pressings. Atlanta 1929 - terrific singing s1!
027 ORIGINAL FOUR HARMONY KINGS. Ain’t It A Shame/ Little David Play In Your Harp. EBW 4355 EE- Rare and fine London 1925 sides by black vocal group!
028 SISTER JESSIE MAE RENFRO. I Wanna Be There/ I’ve Had My Chance. Peacock 1732 E Terrific Gospel shouts & great piano!
029 THE RHODEAIRS. Further Along/ When He Calls Me. Carver 1401 E+ Unusual issue ex-Savoy
030 THE RISING STARS. The Name Jesus/ Today. Elko 916 E Fine West coast a capella quartet!
031 BESSIE SMITH. A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/ Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Col 14219-D EE- Memorable 1927 sides with Fletcher Henderson’s boys!
032    I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama. 1/s Shellac English Columbia Test Pressing of mx 1456280-1 E+ Great acc, Demas Dean, Charlie Green etc, unissued in UK!
033     Baby Have Pity On Me/ See If I’ll Car. Col 37576 E+ 1st issue of these fine 1930 sides!
034 MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS. Let’s Agree To Disagree/ Sweet Man O’ Mine. OK 4511 EE+ 2 fine hot sides!
035     Plain Old Blues/ Mistreatin’ Daddy Blues. OK 4960 V++
036 MARY STAFFORD & HER JAZZ BAND. Wild Weeping Blues/ I Lost My Heart To The Meanest Girl.. Col A3426 EE-
037 ROOSEVELT SYKES. Sugar Babe Blues/ Training Camp Blues. OK 6709 E+, 1” tight lam cr s2, nap
038 JOHNNY TEMPLE & HARLEM HAMFATS. Mean Baby Blues/ Pimple Blues. Dec 7444 E-
039 WASHBOARD SAM & HIS WASHBOARD BAND. Back Door/ We Gonna Move. BB B7001 E+ Great Skiffle Blues sides!
040    No. 1 Drunkard/ Nothing In Rambling. RCA Vic 22-0017 E+
041 ETHEL WATERS. Birmingham Bertha/ Am I Blue. Col 1837-D E+ A1 stampers!
042 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW. Love Me With Attention/ You Got To Tell Me Something. Dec 7844 E+ Unusual Uruguayan shop sticker s1!
043 GEORGIA WHITE. Pigmeat Blues/ New Dupree Blues. (SB) Dec 7209 E lbl dam
044     Almost Afraid To Love/ I’m Blue and Lonesome. Dec 7450 E+ Lonnie Johnson gtr
045 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON. Alcohol Blues/ Apple Tree Swing. RCA Vic 20-2893 E+

046 AMBROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Blondy/ Just You, Just Me. (Magenta) DeE M115 clean E- Rare and hot!
047 THE BALLYHOOLIGANS. Choo Choo/ China Boy. HMV BD5117 E+ Great Freddy Gardner clarinet!
048 AIME BARELLI ET SON ORCH. Chez Johnny/ Stop! (Fr) Pathe PA2227 E+/EE- sm rc nap Two fine 1945 sides, Duke-influenced.
049 HARRY BIDGOOD & SAM BOGEN (Piano duets). Crazy Quilt/ Black Bottom. ACO G16144 VV+ Rare
050 ARTHUR BRIGGS & HIS ORCHESTRA (Django). My Melancholy Baby/ Scatter Brain. (Fr) Swing SW72 E
051 PHILIPPE BRUN & HIS SWING BAND (Django). Gotta Date In Louisiana/ Ridin’ Along The Moscova. (Fr) Swing SW34 EE+
052    & HIS ‘JAM’ BAND (Django). Doin’ The New Low Down/ It Had To Be You. (Fr) Swing SW44 V+
053 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCHESTRA. Swingin’ The Blues/ These Foolish Things. (Swing) VoE 5 E
054     (Django). Playin’ The Blues/ I’m Coming Virginia. (Fr) Swing SW20 E+
055 BILL COLEMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA (Django, Big Boy Goudie). I Ain’t Got Nobody/ Baby WYPCH. (Fr) Swing SW12 E+
056 TRIO DE SAXOPHONES ALIX COMBELLE (Django). Cascades/ Reflets. (Fr) Swing SW117 E+
057 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Sleepy Time Down South. ReE MR450 E-
058 DEVONSHIRE RESTAURANT DANCE BAND. How Could Red Riding Hood?/ n.i. Zon 2873 EE+ Fine hot 1926 side!
059 ANDRE EKYAN & DJANGO REINHARDT (sax/gtr duet). Tiger Rag/ Pennies From Heaven. (Fr) Swing SW4 E+
060    Sugar/ Rosetta. (Fr) Swing SW98 E+
061 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS MUSIC. Sugar/ Again. BrE 150 E- Terrific 1928 side - 1st recording of the Bill Challis arrangement (pre-Whiteman) brought over by Adrian Rollini to London!
062     & HIS HOT MUSIC. Tiger Rag/ Dixie. BrE 147 E British Jazz Classics, 1928!
063    Darktown Strutters Ball/ Somebody Stole My Gal. BrE 177 E+ Fabulous 1928 sides!
064 LEN FILLIS + EDGAR JACKSON’S DANCE ORCH (Guitar/banjo solos). Japanese Sandman/ Tiger Rag. DeE F3228 E+
065 TEDDY FOSTER & HIS KINGS OF SWING. Poor Dinah/ Sugar Rose. DeE F6050 E+
066 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT FOUR (Django). China Boy/ Dinah. DeE F5824 E+ Paris 1395
067    I’ve Found A New Baby/ It Was So Beautiful. DeE F5943 E+ Paris 1935
068 ADELAIDE HALL. Minnie The Moocher/ Rhapsody In Love. BrE 1217 EE- Terrific London 1931 sides with the seldom-recorded stride pianist Francis J. Carter piano!
069 HENRY HALL AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Eccentric/ Three Brass Bells. CoE FB1818 E+ Hot 1937 sides, recorded in Liverpool!
070 ART HICKMAN’S NEW YORK LONDON 5. The Yodel-Dodel-Doh/ Down The Nile. HMV B1218 E-
071 BOB HOWARD (piano solos). Swing It Bob, No. 2 pts 1 & 2. BrE 02239 E+ Orig Sleeve. Fine London 1936 sides by visiting American!
072 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS DECCA-DENTS. The Man From The South/ The Boop-Boop A-Doopa-Doo Trot. DeE F1709 V++ Rare and red hot London 1930 sides!
073 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCHESTRA. If Your Kiss Can’t Hold The Man U Luv/ First Weekend In June. HMV B5891 E+ Fine and hot s1, Ella Logan vocal, 1930!
074    Hylton Stomp/ St. Louis Blues. DeE F3239 E+ Red hot 1932 sides!
075 JACK HYLTON’S KIT-CAT BAND. No Sir, That’s Not My Girl/ In A Little Spanish Town. HMV B5128 EE+ Uncommon and hot s1!
076 LONDON RADIO DANCE BAND. Zulu Wail/ If I Had Only Known. CoE 4685 E+ hot s1!
077 ED LOWRY & THE GILT-EDGED FOUR. Maxie Jones, King Of The Saxophones/ And Then I Forget. CoE 4376 E- Fun hot sides by American vocalist in London, 1927.
078 NEW MAYFAIR DANCE ORCHESTRA. All I Want Is Little ‘Ootsie Oo/ The Monte Carlo Song. HMV B5676 EE- Don’t be put off by the title - s1 is a real hot sleeper!
079    Just Imagine/ Same As We Used To Do. HMV B5918 E Hot 1930 s1!
080 ORIGINAL CAPITOL ORCHESTRA. Why Worry Blues/ The Cat’s Whiskers. Zon 2390 E- Mississippi Riverboat Jazz Band in London, 1923!
081 JACK PAYNE & HIS BBC DANCE ORCH. My Baby Just Cares For Me/ I’ll Still Belong To U. CoE CB154 EE- Fine solos s1, Jack Jackson etc.
082 QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE (Django). Tiger Rag/ I Saw Stars. Oriole LB1001 E almost invisible ulc s1, not to music. Paris 1934
083    Sweet Sue Just You/ The Sunshine Of Your Smile. Oriole LB1004 EE+ Paris 1935
084    Viper’s Dream/ Minor’s Swing. (Fr) Swing SW23 E+ Gorgeous copy!
085     Brick Top/ What Is This Thing Called Love. (Fr) Swing SW283 E+ Uncommon and gorgeous copy!
086     Django’s Tiger/ Coquette. (Fr) Swing SW242 E+ sm sol s2. Rare London 1946 sides!
087    Undecided/ Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me. DeE F7140 E+ London 1939
088 DJANGO REINHARDT (Guitar Solos). Bouncin’ Around/ Saint Louis Blues. (Fr) Swing SW7 E+ sm rub s1 nap
089    Echoes of Spain/ Naguine. (White lbl) Swing SW 65 E couple small scrs s2, 3-4 lt tix
090     (w/ S. Grappelly piano). Sweet Georgia Brown/ You Rascal You. (Fr) Swing SW35 E+
091    Tea For Two/ (acc. gtr/bass) I’ll See You In My Dreams. (Fr) Swing SW211 EE+
092    Improvisation/ Parfum. (Aust) HMV B8587 E+ Laminated pressing!
093    & HIS AMERICAN SWING BAND. Djangology/ Manoir De Mes Reves. (Fr) Sing SW221 E+ sol s2 Uncommon 1945 sides with the US Air Transport Command Band!
094 THE RHYTHMIC EIGHT. If I Can’t Have You/ You Can’t Believe My Eyes. Zon 5580 E+ Uncommon and hot!
095 FRED RICH & HIS HOTEL ASTOR ORCH. Baltimore/ Four Walls. CoE 4720 E Recorded London, 1928, fine solos s1 inc Venuti/Lang style duet
096 SAVOY ORPHEANS. Ain’t That Too Bad/ When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo. HMV B5342 E sm dig after music s1. The hottest Orpheans! Side one entered in HMV files as ‘Savoy Hot Heads’ which describes perfectly the music!
097 SIX SWINGERS. Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz/ When It’s Coming Round to Me. ReZ MR1509 E+ 1st session, London 1934 - Goldberg, Gardner!
098 EDDIE SOUTH w/ DJANGO REINHARDT. Somebody Loves Me/ I Can’t Believe That U’re In Luv. (Fr) Swing SW31 E+
099 RAY STARITA & HIS AMBASSADORS BAND. Crazy Rhythm/ Where Have You Been All My Life. CoE 5137 E Great arrangement s1!
100 FREDDY TAYLOR & HIS SWING MEN FROM HARLEM. Viper’s Dream/ Blue Drag. Oriole LB1005 E Paris 1935
101 CHRISTIAN WAGNER ET SON ORCHESTRE (Django). Pour Commencer/ Pour Terminer. (Fr) Swing SW102 E+ Paris 1940
102 FATS WALLER (Organ solos). Deep River/ Go Down Moses. HMV B8816 E+ London 1938
103 THE WASHBOARD SERENADERS. Nagasaki/ Black Eyes. PaE F358 E+ London 1935!
104 TEDDY WEATHERFORD. Basin Street Blues/ Memphis Blues. (Ind) Col FB40225 E+ Rare Calcutta 1942 sides by legendary jazz pianist!

105 FELIX ARNDT (Piano solos). An Operatic Nightmare/ Nola. Vic 18055 E- sol s1. Composer version of classic novelty rag, 1916!
106 LIEUT. J.J. ASHTON (Banjo solo). The Whitewash Man/ OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo solo). Return of the Regiment. Imp 953 V+ Fine 1916 Banjo solo s1, both labelled as Oakley.
107 BEKA LONDON ORCHESTRA. The Trombone Blizzard/ Sons Of the Brave. Beka Grand Record 40295/88 V++ Great 1908 Ragtime!
108 EUBIE BLAKE TRIO. American Jubilee/ Sarah From Sahara. (Vert) Pathe 5389 E Fine and rare 1917 sides!
109 AXEL CHRISTENSEN (Piano solos). Teasing The Klassics/ WILLIE ECKSTEIN. Chansonette. PaE E5179 E Ragtime pioneer s1!
110 CHRIS CHAPMAN (Xylophone solo). Dill Pickles Rag/ Sunbeam Dance. Vic 16678 V+
111 DAN & HARVEY’S JAZZ BAND. Smiles/ Hindustan. 12” CoE 737 EE- Rare London 1919 black string band in London!
112 HOWARD KOPP & FRANK BANTA (Piano/drums). Calico Rag (-5)/ Money Blues (-6). Col A2241 EE+ Uncommon takes of 1917 rag classics!
113 MUSIQUE DU 158th US INFANTRY BAND.  Story Book Ball/ When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band To France. (Vert) Fr Pathe 8270 EE-/E-
114 OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo solo). Anona. 1/s Zonophone X46260 E Fine 1904 side unlisted in Ragtime discography!
115 NORRIS SMITH & WALTER DIXON. That Dixie Rag/ On The Mississippi. EBW 2923 E Rare 1913 sides by black American singers in London!
116 HARRY SNODGRASS (Piano solos). Maple Leaf Rag/ Along Miami Shor. (Aust) Br 3293 E
117 SYDNEY E. TURNER (Banjo solos). A Bunch Of Rags/ Patrol Comique.(Vert) 11.75” Etched label Pathe 77779/8 EE+ ulc, nap. OS. Fine London 1908 sides!
119 ARCADIAN SERENADERS. The Co-Ed/ Just A Little Bit Bad. OK 40503 V++ Fine Bixian cornet, Sterling Bose s1!
120 THE ARKANSAW TRAVELERS. Copenhagen/ Those Panama Mamas. OK 40236 E 2 fine sides!
121 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS SEBASTIAN NEW COTTON CLUB O. Confessin’ 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404405-A E+
122     & HIS ORCHESTRA. Love You Funny Thing. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 405154-B E+
123 MILDRED BAILEY & THE DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH. Is That Religion? 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 13208-B E+ Unissued on 78! Terrific Bunny Berigan tpt!
124 BEALE STREET WASHBOARD BAND (Johnny Dodds etc). Piggly Wiggly. 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C3937-A E+ The uncommon take in great shape!
125 BARNEY BIGARD & HIS JAZZOPATORS. Moonlight Fiesta. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M526-1 E+ Unissued on 78!
126 BLUE GRASS FOOT WARMERS (Clarence Williams group). How Could I Be Blue/ Senorita Mine. Har 206-H E
127 BLYTHE’S BLUE BOYS (State Street Ramblers). Endurance Stomp/ Pleasure Mad. Ch 40025 V+ plays better
128 THE BUCKTOWN FIVE. Really A Pain (-B)/ Steady Roll Blue (- -). Gnt 5419 V+ plays much better!
129 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER JOY BOYS. I Need Lovin’/ There’s Rhythm In The River. Vic 22641 EE- Levy’s store import stickers.
130 CAB CALLOWAY & HIS ORCHESTRA. Black Rhythm/ Six Or Seven Times. (Ger) Br A9097 E
131 HOAGY CARMICHAEL & HIS ORCHESTRA. One Morning In May. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 77054-1 E+ Great sound!
132 CAROLINA DANDIES (Sunny Clapp’s Orch). Come Easy, Go Easy Love/ If I Can’t Be With You. Vic 22776 E- Storming Territory Band sides!
133 CHUBB-STEINBERG ORCHESTRA. Horsey Keep Your Tail Up/ THE YELLOW JACKETS. Sunshine Of Mine. PaE E5214 E shallow 4 gv dig s1, 4 lt tix. Wild Bill Davison’s 1st, 1924!
134 EDDIE CONDON & HIS BAND (Fats Waller pno). Oh Sister! Ain’t That Hot.  1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 29055-1 E+ Unissued on 78!
135 THE COTTON CLUB ORCHESTRA. Original Two Time Man/ Riverboat /Shuffle. (Flag) Col 374-D EE-
136 THE COTTON PICKERS. Mishawaka Blues/ Jacksonville Gal. BrE 2818 E+ Miff, Tram etc!
137 DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. If You Can’t Make It Easy/ When I Stopped Runnin’ I Was Home. Vic 20770 E- scfs plays E
138 JOHNNY DODDS’ BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. Come On and Stomp Stomp Stomp/ After You’ve Gone. BrE 3816 EE+ What did British record buyers make of these remarkable sides in 1927??
139     & HIS WASHBOARD BAND. Bucktown Stomp/ Weary City. Vic V-38004 E+
140    TRIO. Indigo Stomp/ Blue Piano Stomp. (Swiss) HMV JK2179 E+ Lovely Master pressings!
141 THE DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH. The Spell Of the Blues/ Button Up Your Overcoat. PaE R385 E+ Bing Crosby vcl s1!
142 BLIND WILLIE DUNN’S GIN BOTTLE FOUR (Actually Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang, mislabelled). Guitar Blues/ Blue Guitars. OK 8711 E+ Superb copy!
143 JOHNNY DUNN’S ORIGINAL JAZZ HOUNDS. Vamping Sal/ Sweet Lovin’ Mama. Col A3893 E
144 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCHESTRA. Creole Love Call/ Black And Tan Fantasie. Vic 21137 E+ nigh invisible ulc s1 0gvs
145    (as The Jungle Band). Maori/ Admiration. Br 4776 E+ Gorgeous copy!
146     Sam And Delilah/  THE BLUE JEANS. Bidin’ My Time. Vic 23036 E
147    Chloe. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053580-1 E+
148    Oh Babe! Maybe Some Day (Ivie Anderson vcl)/HUDSON-DE LANGE ORCH. Monopoly Swing. Br 7667 E+
149    You Gave Me The Gate (Ivie Anderson vcl)/ Dinah’s In A Jam. Br m8169 E+ sol s1
150 DUKE ELLINGTON (Piano solo). Dear Old Southland. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 065604-1 E+
151 SEGER ELLIS. To Be In Love/ S’Posin’. PaE R475 E+ OS. Fabulous and unexpected Louis Armstrong solos!
152 JIM EUROPE’S 369th US INF. HELLFIGHTERS BAND. Memphis Blues/ That Moaning Trombone. PAct 020929 (lateral) EE- few v lt scfs
153 FRIARS SOCIETY ORCHESTRA. Bugle Call Blues/ Discontented Blues. Gnt 4967 V++ fine player
154 BOB FULLER (Clarinet solos). Too Bad Jim/ Black Cat Blues. (Flag) Col 14068-D EE-
154 GAY ELLIS (ANNETTE HANSHAW) & HER SIZZLIN’ SYNCOPATORS. I’ve Got “It”/ Telling It To The Daisies. Har 1155-H E+ Two of her best sides (Rollini, Dorseys etc.) in flawless condition!
155 HARRY’S HAPPY FOUR. Swinging The Swing/ A St. Louis Chant. OK 8229 V+ Hard driving and uncommon sides!
156 COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCHESTRA. Jamaica Shout/ Heart Break Blues. (Fr) Od 279.500 E+ sol
157 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA. I Can’t Get The One I Want/ SAM LANIN O. A New Kind Of Man. NML 1099 E- wol s1
158    T.N.T./ Carolina Stomp. Col 509-D E lt rubs. A/B stampers. Memorable Louis solos!
159     I Need Lovin’/ Sweet Thing. Col 854-D E lt rubs s1, nap
160    Old Black Joe’s Blues/ BOB HARING O. All By Yourself in Moonlight. Cam 9033 E- Uncommon 1929 side
161    (Connie’s Inn Orch). Good-Bye Blues/ Casa Loma Stomp. Mel 12340 E A tough one!
162     Oh! It Looks Like Rain/ My Sweet Tooth Says “I Wanna”. Vic 22786 E+
163    Underneath The Harlem Moon/ Honeysuckle Rose. (Blue wax) Col 2732-D E-
164    Take Me Away From The River/ Poor Old Joe. Vic 24008 EE+
165     Stampede/ Great Caesar’s Ghost. Voc 3534 E+
166 HORACE HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA. Happy Feet. 1/s German Odeon copper metal mother (positive) in original Odeon factory filing sleeve clearly dated 13 August 1940, proving beyond doubt that American jazz was still being produced in wartime Nazi Germany. Fabulous sound quality two production generations prior to a shellac pressing! E+ condition. Min bid £100/$130
167 EARL HINES & HIS ORCHESTRA. Sister Kate/ McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. I Want Your Love. Vic 22683 E/E+ several shallow but nasty-looking scrs s1 actually have little audible effect.
168  EARL HINES (Piano solo). Love Me Tonight. 1/s Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of Br mx 12079-C E+ George Avakian pre-issue test for the red Columbia issue.
169     & HIS ORCHESTRA. Chicago Rhythm/ Everybody Loves My Baby. Vic V-38042 E-
170 CLAUDE HOPKINS & HIS ORCHESTRA. Everybody Shuffle/ Margie. Br 6913 E
171 JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solo). Feeling Blue. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401566-A E+ Great sound!
172    What Is This Thing Called Love?/ Crying For The Carolines. Br 4712 EE+
173 LONNIE JOHNSON (Guitar solos). Playing With The Strings/ Stompin’ ‘Em Along Slow. (Race) PaE R2259 E
174 PETE JOHNSON &  ALBERT AMMONS. Sixth Avenue Express. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 066118-1 E+
175    Pine Creek. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 066119-1 E+
176 JONES AND COLLINS ASTORIA HOT EIGHT. Astoria Strut/ Duet Stomp. (Staff) BB B8168 E+
177 RICHARD JONES & HIS JAZZ WIZARDS. Boar Hog Blues. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of mx 40822-1A (issued take) E+
178 JOE JORDAN’S TEN SHARPS AND FLATS. Senegalese Stomp/ Morocco Blues. Col 14144-D E Great 1926 sides!
179 GENE KARDOS & HIS ORCHESTRA. China Boy/ Mean Music. Vic 22790 E
180 ANDY KIRK & HIS TWELVE CLOUDS OF JOY. Casey Jones Special/ Cloudy. Br 4653 EE+ sol. Fine sides!
181 KXYZ NOVELTY BAND. Basin Street Blues/ I Never Knew. (Buff) BB B-5832 E- wol. Great Territory Jazz!
182 HARLAN LATTIMORE & HIS CONNIE’S INN ORCH. Reefer Man/ I Heard. (Blue wax) Col 2678-D E+. A1 Stampers, rare!
183 BOBBIE LEECAN’S NEED-MORE BAND. Apaloosa Blues/ BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. Sugar. HMV B5430 E Rare 1927 British issue - you should see the Melody Maker review!!
184 AL LENTZ & HIS ORCHESTRA. Zulu Wail/ Whoo-oo? You-oo, That’s Who! Col 1072-D E+ A-Stampers, two great sides!
185 ABE LYMAN’S CALIFORNIA ORCHESTRA. Bugle Call Rag/ Queen Of Egypt. (Clifto) BrE 2481 E- slt rough starts. Such a classy label design!
186     Ace In The Hole/ ARDEN-OHMAN ORCH. Black Bottom. (Aust) Br 3242 EE+
187 JIMMY LYTELL (Clarinet solos). Zulu Wail/ Fakir’s Rhythm. Per 14846 EE+
188 SAM MANNING’S ORCHESTRA. Buddy Eddy of Jamaica Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 95119-3 E+ Terrific instrumental side!
189 WINGY MANNONE & HIS ORCHESTRA. I’ve Got A Feeling You’re Fooling. 1/s Shellac Vocalion Master Test Pressing of mx 18134-1  E- Jack Teagarden tbn feature!
190 JOE MARSALA & HIS CHICAGOANS. Jim-Jam Stomp/ Woo-Woo. Voc 4116 E
191 RED McKENZIE w/ VICTOR YOUNG’S ORCHESTRA. Blue River. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1329-1 E+ Bunny Berigan tpt, never commercially released!
192 McKENZIE’S KANDY KIDS (Eddie Lang gtr). Stretch It Boy/ Best Black. (‘Negro Race Record’) Gmn 7011 E+ Rare 1926 British issue!
193 MONETTE MOORE & FATS WALLER. Shine On Your Shoes-Louisiana Hayride. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1210 E+ Fantastic performance, never commercially released!
194 THOMAS MORRIS & HIS SEVEN HOT BABIES. The Mess/ NEW ORLEANS BLUE FIVE. My Baby Doesn’t Squawk. Vic 20364 E lt scfs nap
195 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S JAZZ BAND. London Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 8499-A E+
196    Someday Sweetheart. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 8498-A E+
197     & HIS RED HOT PEPPERS. Black Bottom Stomp/ The Chant. Vic 20221 E+ Beautiful copy of Jazz at its purest…
198    Shreveport Stomp/ Shoe Shiner’s Drag. Vic 21658 E+ Another lovely copy!
199    That’ll Never Do/ DUKE ELLINGTON ORCH. Jungle Nights In Harlem. (Special Series) HMV B4836 E+
200    TRIO. Turtle Twist/ Smilin’ The Blues Away. (Can) BB B10194 E+
201 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. Terrific Stomp/ That’s What I’m Talking About. Vic V-38081 E
202    Mary Lee/ Sweetheart of Yesterday. Vic V-38114 E
203     Blue Room/ Milenberg Joys. (Staff) BB B-5585 E+
204 DAVE NELSON & HIS ORCHESTRA. Some Of These Days/ JOE VENUTI & HIS ORCH. Getting Hot. (Arg) Vic 23039 E+
205 NEW ORLEANS BOOTBLACKS. Mixed Salad/ I Can’t Say. Col 14465-D E+ West Coast Pressing.
206 NEW ORLEANS OWLS. Goose Pimples/ Throwin’ The Horns. Col 1261-D E+ A/C stampers
207    Eccentric/ The Nightmare. CoE 4452 E
208 NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS. That’s A Plenty (-A)/ Tin Roof Blues (- - ). Gnt 5105 E-/V+
209 RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES. Hallelujah/ Sometimes I’m Happy. Br 4701 E+
210 THE NOVELTY FIVE. Left Alone Again Blues/ Laughing Hyena. VoE X9008 V++ New Orleans jazzers Alcide Nunez and Tom Brown, 1920!
211 KING OLIVER’S JAZZ BAND. Snake Rag/ High Society Rag. OK 4944 E- Centenarian Jazz classic in seldom seen condition!
212     DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Farewell Blues/ Sobbin’ Blues. Br 3741 E+ Beautiful copy!
213 RED & HIS BIG TEN. At Last I’m Happy/ If You Haven’t Got The Girl. Vic 23033 EE+
214 RUBEN ‘RIVER’ REEVES & HIS RIVER BOYS. Texas Special Blues/ Blue Sweets. Voc 1411 E+ Superb copy of rarity!
215 GENE SEDRIC & HIS HONEYBEARS. Clarinet Blues/ Honeysuckle Rose. (Fr) Swing SW231 EE+
216 AL TURK & HIS PRINCESS DANCE ORCHESTRA. Shine/ Spain. Supertone 1455 E Rare and hot 1924 ‘Chicago Olympic’ derivative!
217 WABASH DANCE ORCH (Red Nichols O). Get Out & Get Under The Moon/ BLUE GRASS SERENADERS. Good Night. Duo D4024 E Recorded for UK market and Unissued in USA!
218 FESS WILLIAMS ROYAL FLUSH ORCH (as Bud Jackson’s Swanee Serenaders). Heebie Jeebies (-00)/ Messin’ Around (-85). Br 3351 E+ Great copy of two fine sides!
219     Buttons/ Musical Camp Meeting. Vic V-38095 E
220     All For Grits and Gravy/ JOE VENUTI & HIS ORCH. The Wild Dog. (Special Series) HMV B4840 E+
221 CLARENCE WILLIAMS (Piano solos). Too Low/ A Pane In The Glass. Vic V-38524 E+ OS. Uncommon!
222 CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ BLUE FIVE. Old Fashioned Love/ Oh Daddy Blues. OK 4993 E- Bechet!
223     Mandy Make Up Your Mind/ I’m A Little Blackbird. OK 40260 E/EE-
224    & HIS WASHBOARD FIVE. Walk That Broad/ Have You Ever Felt That Way? OK 8629 E+
225    & HIS ORCHESTRA. Organ Grinder Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401131-B E+
226    (as MEMPHIS HOT SHOTS). Shout Sister Shout/ Baby WYPCH. Har 1368-H E-/V+ sol s1
227    Look-A There Ain’t She Pretty/ Swaller Tail Coat. (Gold) Voc 2616 E


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