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NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

We’re pleased to offer more fantastic items from the collection of the well known connoisseur and record shop owner Morris Hunting. For over 70-plus years, Morris amassed a remarkable collection, notable not only for the quality of the records, but for the superb condition of most of the items, including 100s of Test Pressings, many never commercially issued. There’s lots more to follow!

Abbreviations and Grading - See the comprehensive guide to the VJM Grading System HERE

001 BUSTER BENNETT & HIS BAND. Mellow Pot Blues/ Signifying Woman. Col 37346 E+
002 OTIS BLACKWELL. Go Away, Mr. Blues/ I’m Coming Back Baby. Jay-Dee 798 E+
003 BLUE RIDGE QUARTET. The Glory Special/ Heaven Is Where U Belong. Dec 46230 E+
004 BEA BOOZE. See See Rider/ Catchin’ As Catch Can. Dec 48055 E+
005 BIG BIG BROONZY & CHICAGO FIVE. I’m Gonna Move To Outskirts of Town/ Hard Hearted Woman. Col 37196 E+
006 BIG BILL BROONZY (as CHICAGO BILL). Plough Hand Blues/ Five Foot Seven. Mel 1203 EE+
007 CLARA BURSTON (as THE GIRL FRIEND). Good and Hot/ Can’t Get Enough. Vars 6045 E  Bayless Rose gtr!
008 BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE. What It Takes To Bring You Back/ Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus. Har 1085 E+ Fabulous hot acc. s1!
009 BO CARTER. Santa Claus/ Some Day. BB B8147 E, tiny rc s1 0gvs
010 PETER CLEIGHTON (DR. CLAYTON).  Slick Man Blues/ Confessing The Blues. OK 06398 EE+
011 IDA COX. Any Woman’s Blues/ Blue Monday Blues. Pm 12053 E-
012 MARY DIXON. Black Dog Blues/ Fire and Thunder Blues. Col 14459-D E West Coast pressing C1 masters. Great Louis Metcalf tpt!
013 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE. Chain Gang Blues/ Warehouse Man Blues. OK 05656 E
014 COOT GRANT AND KID WESLEY WILSON acc. FLETCHER HENDERSON ORCH. Come On Coot & Do That Thing/ Have Your Chill… Pm 12317 VV+ strong clean player. Louis Armstrong rarity!
015     (as HUNTER & JENKINS). Whippin’ The Wolf/ Daddy What You Done To Me. (Gold) Voc 02799 EE-
016 WYNONIE HARRIS. A Love Untrue/ I Believe I’m Falling In Love. King 4445 E+
017 ALBERTA HUNTER. Chirpin’ The Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx 66104-A E+ Great sound, fine acc!
018 MAHALIA JACKSON. I Can Put My Trust In Jesus/ Let The Power of the Holy Ghost. Voguer JS565 E
019 MARY JACKSON. I Don’t Let No One Man Worry Me/ Liza Johnson’s Got Better Bread. PAct 021059 EE-
020 JAZZ GILLUM. Deep Water Blues/ I Couldn’t Help It. BB 34-0709 E+
021 LONNIE JOHNSON & VICTORIA SPIVEY. Toothache Blues Parts 1 & 2. OK 8744 EE- plays E
022 CRIPPLE CLARENCE LOFTON. Strut That Thing/ Monkey Man Blues. (Gold) Voc 02951 E+ Stunning copy of classic sides!
023 WILLIE LOVE & HIS THREE ACES. Seventy Four Blues/ Vanity Dresser Boogie. Trumpet 173 E+
024 SARA MARTIN. Strange Lovin’ Blues/ Can’t Find Nobody To Do Like My Old Daddy. OK 8214 V+ Sylvester Weaver gtr!
025 MEMPHIS SLIM & HIS HOUSE ROCKERS. Slim’s Blues/ Havin’ Fun. Premium PR860 E+
026 LIZZIE MILES & THE MELROSE STOMPERS. Stranger Blues/ Twenty Grand Blues. Voc 05392 E+ Great sides!
027 MUDDY WATERS. Louisiana Blues/ Evans Shuffle. Vogue V133 E+ Great copy!
028 THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS. How Jesus Died/ Close To Thee. Spec SP889 E+
029     Weary Traveler/ Look To The Hills. Spec SP375 E+
030 JESSE PRICE & HIS ORCH. Kansas City Mama/ You Satisfy. Cap 295 E+
031 BESSIE SMITH. Moonshine Blues/ Boweavil Blues. Col 14018-D E+
032    The St. Louis Blues/ Cold In Hand Blues. (Flag) Col 14064-D E+ Immaculate early pressing of Louis Armstrong classics!
033    Cake Walking Babies/ Young Woman’s Blues. Col 35673 E+ First issue of s1 - Fletcher Henderson band!
034     Yellow Dog Blues/ Soft Pedal Blues. Col 14075-D E+ Gorgeous copy of classic w/ Henderson’s Hot 6 s1!
035     Nashville Women’s Blues (-2)/ I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle. Col 14090-D E+ Another gorgeous copy of a Louis Armstrong classic!

036    Hot Springs Blues/ Looking For My Man Blues. Col 14569-D E+/E  Super copy, fabulous Joe Smith cornet side 1!
037 CLARA SMITH. West Indies/ Clearing House Blues. (Flag) Col 14019-D E+ Superb copy, A stampers!
038 VICTORIA SPIVEY. Idle Hour Blues/ Steady Grind. (Big Red) OK 8464 EE- lt stress marks nap. Great Lonnie Johnson guitar!
039     Funny Feathers/ How Do They Do It That Way? (Race series) PaE R2177 E
040 MARY STAFFORD & HER JAZZ BAND. Wild Weeping Blues/ I’ve Lost My Heart To Meanest Girl. Col A3426 E lt scfs nap
041 ROOSEVELT SYKES. Let The Black Have His Day/ Third Degree Blues. OK 06542 E
042 TAMPA RED. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is/ Brand New Boogey. Vic 22-0043 E- scfs
043 JOHNNY TEMPLE & HARLEM HAMFATS. Hoodoo Women/Gimme Some Of That Yum Yum Yum. Dec 7385 E
044 EVA TAYLOR. Down Hearted Blues/ You Picked A Good Woman… OK 8047 V+
045     & CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ BLUE 5.  Virginia/ When The Red Red Robin. (TT) OK 40671 EE+ Great hot sides!
046 EARL THOMAS. Bonus Men/ Rent Day Blues. (SB) Dec 7221 E Fine Piano blues!
047 THREE BITS OF RHYTHM. Bronzeville Jump/ The Old Blues. Dec 8553 E
048 BIG JOE TURNER. Ice Man/ Somebody’s Got To Go. Dec 7856 E+
049 WALTER VINCENT. I Ain’t Gonna Have It/ The Wrong Man. (SB) Dec 7178 E Fine Guitar Blues!
050 WASHBOARD SAM & HIS WASHBOARD BD.  No Special Rider/ Ramblin’ With That Woman. Vic 20-2606 E+
051 JOSH WHITE. Back Water Blues/ Jelly, Jelly. Dec 23582 EE+
052 LEONA WILLIAMS & HIS DIXIE BAND. Sugar Blues/ The Meanest Man In The World. Col A3696 E+
053 EDITH WILSON & DOC STRAINE. There’ll Be Some Changes Made/ It’s Gonna Be A Cold Cold Winter. Col 14066-D E-
054 YAS YAS GIRL. Fighting Man Blues/ Froggy Bottom. OK 06570 E- plays better

055 ALFREDO’S NEW PRINCES ORCH. That Certain Feeling/ Looking For A Boy. EBW 4475 E Hot solos!
056 AMBROSE & HIS EMBASSY CLUB ORCH. China Boy/ My Buddy. CoE 3285 E lt scfs nap Earliest version of this jazz standard?
057     & HIS MAYFAIR ORCH. Lovable And Sweet/ My Dream Memory. (Magenta) DeE M80 E- Fine hot side 1 and huge sound!
058    Hors D’Ouevres. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx GB6853-2  E+ Great sound!
059 BINNIE BARNES (Acc. HARRY ROY’S BAND). Step By Step/ Come Up And See Me Sometimes. PaE R1775  E  Hot side 1!
060 BERTINI & HIS BLACKPOOL TOWER D.B. I’ve Got Those Old Man River Blues/ Hal-Way To Heaven. Picc 293 E Uncommon!
061 THE BLUE LYRES. Sing A New Song/ Nothing But A Lie. Zon 6186 E Good solos s1!
062 BROWNING & STARR. Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart. ReZ MR1727 EE- sm scr s1. Uncommon London 1935 sides featuring Curtis Mosby’s pianist Henry Starr.
063 BUCK & BUBBLES. I Ain’t Got Nobody/ Keep A Twinkle In Your Eye. CoE FB1561 E+ Original Sleeve advertising the Laurel and Hardy 12” Columbia! Rare and hot London 1936 sides!
064 THE BUGLE CALL RAGGERS. New Jig Rhythm/ Two Trumpet Toot. DeE F5535 V+ scfs ands scrs
065 CABARET NOVELTY ORCH (Bert Firman O).  What! No Spinach?/ That Night In Araby. Zon 2837 E+ Hot solos s1, despite the title!
066 BENNY CARTER & HIS SWING QUARTET. Waltzing The Blues. 1/s Shellac Vocalion Master Test Pressing of mx S122-  E+ A genuine Jazz waltz with Gene Rodgers piano, Bernard Addison guitar.
067    & HIS ORCH. Swingin’ At Maida Vale/ Nightfall. (Swing) VoE 4 E+
068     Big Ben Blues/ I’ve Got Two Lips. (Swing) VoE 7 E+
069 COLONNADE DANCE ORCH (Leslie Jeffries Orch). Yes Sir, That’s My Baby/ Lady of My Cigarette. (Shellac) Duophone B5091 EE+ Hot solos s1, Rare!
070 GUS DELOOF & SON ORCHESTRA SWING. Surprise Party/ Bien Lune. (Belg) Dec 9054 V+ OS and ‘Maison Bleu’ shop sticker. Brussels 1942!
071     Steppin’ Out/ Sur La Glace. (Belg) Victory 9391 E lts cfs nap, OS. Brussels 1944
072 JIMMY DORSEY w/ SPIKE HUGHES’ 3 BLIND MICE. Tiger Rag/ St. Louis Blues. DeE F6142 EE+ London 1930
073 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS CAMBRIDGE UNDERGRADUATES. Stomp Your Feet/ Clarinet Marmalade. HMV B5315 E few lt scfs nap. College Jazz,  London 1927!
074     & HIS MUSIC. Don’t Bring Me Posies/Souvenirs. BrE 127 E sm scr s1, few v lt tix
075    You Can’t Have My Sugar For Tea/ Calling Me Home. BrE 157 E Fine hot solos s1
076     How Long Has This Been Going On/ Tea Time. BrE 169 E sol s1  Terrific Chelsea Quealey tpt solo s1!
077 GEORGE FISHER & HIS KIT CAT BAND. My Pet/ How Long Has This Been Going On. Met 1081 EE- plays E Two fine hot  sides, uncommon!
078 ROY FOX & HIS BAND. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Guilty. DeE F2716 E+ OS. Gorgeous copy of hot side, Al Bowlly vocals!
079 NAT GONELLA & HIS TRUMPET.  That’s My Home/ Sing. DeE F3531 EE+ Fine and uncommon
080 FRANK BIG BOY GOODIE & SON ORCH. Heebie Jeebies/ It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie. (Fr) Swing SW 207 V+
081 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT FOUR (DJANGO). I Got Rhythm/ Limehouse Blues. DeE F5780 E
082 COLEMAN HAWKINS (Sax solos). Lady Be Good/ Lullaby. PaE R2007 E+ London 1934!
083     & HIS ALL STAR JAM BAND (Django, Benny Carter etc). Honeysuckle Rose/ Crazy Rhythm. HMV B8754  EE+ Paris 1937
084 HARRY HUDSON’S MELODY MEN. I Wonder How I Look When I’m Asleep/ So Blue. EBW 4748 E Fine Sid Phillips sax solo s1!
085 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCH. I Must Have That Man/ Carolina Moon. HMV B5617 E+ Berlin 1929!
086    Tiger Rag/ Limehouse Blues. HMV B5789 E+
087    Black & Blue Rhythm/ Some Of These Days. DeE F3767 EE+
088 F. HOWARD JACKSON’S JAZZ BAND. Hello Central Give Me No Man’s Land/ Just A Baby’s Prayer. (Vert) Fr Pathe 8266 E+ Gorgeous copy of Paris 1919 American ‘Jass’ band rarity!
089 PHILIP LEWIS & HIS ORCH. Tiger Rag/Orange Blossom Time. DeE F1540 V+, plays better. Star-studded London 1929 rarity!
090    (Elsie Carlisle vcl). He’s A Good Man To Have Around. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx MB416-2 E lt swish. Ahola, Lally solos!
091 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ORCH. Basin Street Blues/ Swing, Brothers, Swing. CoE FB 1955 E+ Paris 1935!
092 MARIO ‘HARP’ LORENZI & HIS RHYTHMICS. After You’ve Gone/ Some Of These Days. Col FB1168  E+ OS.
093 IVOR MAIRANTS & ALBERT HARRIS (Guitar Duets). Summer Madness/ Kaleidoscope. BrE 02081 E+ sol s1. Fine London 1935 Guitar jazz!
094 NEW MAYFAIR DANCE ORCH. Harmony Heaven/ We’ll Build A Little /World… HMV B5827 E+ Fine copy of hot 1930 side, Norman Payne etc!
095 ORCHESTRA DU JAZZ CLUB FRANCAIS. I Like To Riff/ The Sergeant Was Shy. Jazz Club JC164 E+
096 VAN PHILLIPS & HIS BAND. High And Low/ I’m Like A Sailor. CoE CB6 EE- Great advanced arrangements, hot  trumpet!
097 PICCADILLY REVELS BAND. Back Beats/ Don’t Tell The World. CoE 4415 EE+ sol s1. Fine London 1927
098 DANNY POLO’S SWING STARS w/ UNA MAE CARLISLE. Montparnasse Jump/ (w/ GARLAND WILSON).  Doping The Gorgonzola. DeE F6989 E+ Great Paris 1939 sides with Philippe Brun, Oscar Aleman etc!
099 PRATO JAZZ QUARTET. Wabash Blues/ Dinah. PaE F1421 EE+ lt scr s1, nap. Rare and fine Turin 1936 sides!
100 SAM PRICE (Piano solos). Frenchy’s Blues/ Sammy’s Boogie. (Fr) Dec SF61 E+ OS. Uncommon Paris recordings!
101 QUINTETTE OF THE HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django). Body & Soul/ A Little Love A Little Kiss. HMV B8598 EE-
102     Swing 39/ Jeepers Creepers. DeE F7027 E+
103    Three Little Words/ Appel Direct. DeE F6875 E+
104    Tea For Two/ Billets Doux. DeE F7568 EE+
105 DJANGO REINHARDT (Guitar Solos). I’ll See You In My Dreams/ Tea For Two. (Fr) Swing SW211 E
106 THE RHYTHMIC EIGHT. Together We Two/ Neapolitan Nights. Zon 515 E- Terrific whole chorus Arthur Lally baritone sax solo s1!
107 CONNIE RUSSELL. Sing Me A Swing Song/ Organ Grinder’s Swing.  HMV BD383 E Fine and hot London 1936 sides by American film star and singer - her only record!
108 SAVOY HAVANA BAND. Everybody Stomp/ One Stolen Kiss. HMV B2228 E Fine and hot 1925 electric recording!
109 SAVOY ORPHEANS. Alabamy Bound/ Poem. HMV B1970 E+
110     Hard Hearted Hannah/ Bye Bye Baby. HMV B1955 E-
111    Blue Evening Blues/ Poor Little Rich Girl. HMV B2035 E+ Fine hot 1925 side - Eddie Lang guitar solo!
112    Copenhagen/ Haunting Melody. HMV B1954 E- Great version!
113 LLOYD SHAKESPEARE & HIS BAND. Baby’s Blue/ Roll Away Clouds. Picc 150 EE- Excellent solos s1!
114 EDDIE SOUTH & DJANGO REINHARDT (Violin/Guitar duets). Somebody Loves Me/ I Can’t Believe That U’re In Luv With Me. (Fr) Swing SW31  EE-
115 RAY STARITA & HIS AMBASSADORS BAND. You’re The Cream In My Coffee/ To Know You Is To Love You. CoE 5423 E+ Fine side1, Betty Bolton vocals.
116    Come On Baby/ Through! CoE 5590 E+ Lovely copy and fine side 1, solos!
117 LUTZ TEMPLIN TANZORCHESTER. Rhythmus in Dosen/ Immer Wieder Tanzen. (Ger) Polydor 47705 E+ sol. Big Band Jazz in Nazi Berlin, 1942!
118 ’T’ TOLL’S SWINGTOWN FIVE. Farewell Blues/ Christopher Columbus. PaE R2267 E Fine 1936 sides by visiting US College band!
119 FATS WALLER & HIS CONTINENTAL RHYTHM. Music Maestro Please/ A-Tisket A-Tasket. HMV BD5398 E Unissued in USA
120     The Flat Foot Floogie/ Pent Up In A Penthouse. HMV BD5399 E+ Unissued in USA
121 JAY WHIDDEN & HIS BAND. Hot Footin’ It/ Hittin’ The Ceiling. Imp 2127 E- ul spider cr s2 nap. Two hots sides, solos!
122 GARLAND WILSON (Piano solos). Mood Indigo/ China Boy. BrE 01692 E+ Paris 1933

123 JACK CHARMAN (as TED YORKE). Ragtime Eyes/ Mickey Rooney’s Ragtime Band. Velvet Face 1695 V+ Two fine sides on rare label!
124 FELIX ARNDT (Piano Solos). From Soup To Nuts/ Hesitation Waltz. Vic 17558 E- Composer version of rag, 1914!
125 THE BLACK DIAMONDS BAND. The Lobsters’ Promenade. 1/s Zono X-40314 V
126 EMPIRE UNION BAND. Everybody’s Doing It/ Elephant’’s Shuffle. Homokord 1206 V nr s2
127 PETE MANDELL (Banjo Solos). Take Your Pick/ Get Goin’. Duo D523 E- shellac pressing
128 MANHATTAN JAZZ BAND. That Big Jazz Band/ Everybody’s Jazzing Now. Zon 1912 E- - Crazy 1919 sides!
129 OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo Solos). Peach Blossom/ Camptown Carnival. Jumbo 1510 VV+ gritty
130     A Dusky Belle/ Darkey’s Awakening. EBW 2086 V+
131    Poppies and Wheat/ Coloured Major. HMV B1508 V+
132    Fun On The Wabash/ Rugby Parade. 8” Broadcast 486 E Rare1927 Electrical recordings!
133 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo Solos). Sunflower Dance/ Double Eagle March. Albion Record 1123 V Rare!
134    The White Coons/ Queen of Diamonds. Beka 40317/8  V+ long nr s2, lt tix
135 PRINCE’S ORCH. Black And White Rag/ The Glow Worm. Col A711 E Fine 1907 ragtime!
136 ROYAL COURT ORCH. Oh You Beautiful Doll/ I’m Going Back To Dixie. Velvet Face 1223 EE-
137    The Wedding Glide/ Suzanne, Suzanne. EBW 2417 V+
138 SAVOY QUARTET. I’m Getting Tired Playing Second Fiddle/ Swanee. HMV B1116 V++
139     On The Level You’re A Little Devil/ Kisses. HMV B1036 E-
140 UNIQUE KEYBOARD NOVELTIES. Jazzmania/ A Little Bit of Pepper. Imp 891 V  Truly bizarre record - piano duet/drums - words rarely fail me but this leaves me speechless!

141 ARCADIAN SERENADERS. San Sue Strut/ Bob Haired Bobbie. OK 40378 VV+ Nice ‘My Place’ Oakland shop sticker s1. Strong player!
142 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT FIVE. Come Back Sweet Papa/ Georgia Grind. (Small Red) OK8318 E+ Stunning player!
143    Weary Blues/ That’s When I’ll Come Back To You. (Large Red) OK 8519  E+ Room lighting copy!
144    Put ‘Em Down Blues.  1/s oversize ‘George Avakian’ Columbia Shellac Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81302-B E+ Amazing sound! The writing on the label of this shows that it was originally thought to be King Oliver’s Jazz Band’s ‘London Cafe Blues’ which was also matrix 81302, albeit a 1923 Columbia.
145     & HIS SAVOY BALLROOM FIVE. Heah Me Talkin’ To Ya. 1/s Columbia vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 402224-A E+ Lovely!
146     & HIS ORCH. St. Louis Blues. 1/s oversize Columbia vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 403495-B E+ Great sound!
147     & HIS ORCH. You’re Lucky To Me. 1/s oversize Columbia vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404413-E E+
148     You’re Driving Me Crazy/ The Peanut Vendor. OK 41478 E/E+ A4/A1 stampers
149    High Society/ Sweet Sue. (Jap) Vic A1443 E+ Laminated pressing, great sound!
150 GUS ARNHEIM & HIS AMBASSADOR ORCH. If I Can’t Have You/ I Can’t Do Without U. PaE R216 EE+ Fine copy of hot record!
151 MILDRED BAILEY & HER ORCH. Little Joe/ Rockin’ Chair. (Swing) VoE S88 E
152 BAILEY’S LUCKY SEVEN. I’m Goin’ South/ A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way. Gnt 5324 E 2 sm press pimples s1, lt tix
153 BILLY BANKS’ RHYTHMAKERS. Take It Slow and Easy/ PEE WEE RUSSELL’S RHYTHMAKERS. Baby WYPCH. HRS 17 EE- lt rubs plays E 1st issue of both sides!
154 COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH. My Wanderin’ Man (Helen Humes vcl)/ U Can’t Run Around (Jimmy Rushing vcl). (Aust) A7462 E+ Fine laminated pressing
155    Rocking The Blues/ Volcano. OK 6010 E
156 SIDNEY BECHET & HIS N.O. FEETWARMERS. Stompy Jones. 1/s Shellac HMV Master Test Prssing of mx 053435-1 E+ Fine copy!
157 CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. I’m Marching Home To You/ BERT LOWN ORCH. Redskin. VT 1852-V EE+ Hot side1 great solos!
158 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCH. Low Down On The Bayou/ I Can’t Get Along Without My Baby. Col 2638-D E+ Uncommon, A2/A1 Stampers!
159    What’ll Be/ Out Of My Way. (Fr) Swing SW226 E+
160 CELESTIN’S ORIGINAL TUXEDO JAZZ ORCH. Ta-Ta Daddy/ Sweetheart of TKO. Col 14396-D E+ Stunning copy of NO Jazz Classic!
161 THE CHARLESTON CHASERS. Davenport Blues/ Wabash Blues. Col 909-D E+ Super copy of very fine sides!
162 CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS (Dodds). Brown Bottom Bess/ Lady Love (Large Black) OK 8613 E A Stampers
163 CHUBB-STEINBERG ORCH (At Cincinnati Radio Show). Because They All Love You/ WILLIE CREAGER ORCH. Show Me The Way. Gnt 5663  E+ Wild Bill Davison solo s1, Rare!
164 COON-SANDERS ORCH. Rhythm King/ Mississippi Here I Am. Vic 21891 E Great version s1!
165 THE COTTON PICKERS. No Parking/ St. Louis Gal. Br 4440 V+ scfs plays better than it looks
166 JOHNNY DODDS’ BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. After You’ve Gone. 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C1241-A E+ Beautiful playing copy of the non-vocal take, with gorgeous Decca backing plate on reverse.
167    ORCHESTRA. Pencil Papa/ Sweet Lorraine. Vic V38038 E+
168    & HIS HOT SIX. Goober Dance/ Indigo Stomp. Vic 23396 E+ sol s1 A tough one!
169 DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH. Varsity Yales Blues/ Coquette. OK 41007 E+ A stampers.
170 LOUIS DUMAINE’S JAZZOLA EIGHT. Pretty Audrey/ Ta-Wa-Bac-A-Wa. HMV B5385 EE+ NO Jazz Classics on 1927 British issue!
171 DUKE ELLINGTON’S ORCHESTRA (as Washingtonians). Hot And Bothered/ BROADWAY BROADCASTERS. She’s Funny That Way. Romeo 827 EE-  plays E Hard to find this clean!
172     (as TEN BLACK BERRIES). When You’re Smiling/ St. James Infirmary. Per 15272 EE-
173     Blues I Love To Sing/ Blue Bubbles. Vic 22985 EE+ One of my favourites of this period - lovely Adelaide Hall vocal s1!
174    Swanee Shuffles/ Mississippi. Vic V38089 E+ Uncommon
175    March Of The Hoodlums/ Breakfast Dance. Vic V38115 E- lt scfs plays E
176     It’s A Glory. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 68239-1 E+ Great sound!!
177    Limehouse Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 68237-1 E+ Great sound!!
178    Harlem Air Shaft. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 054606-1 E+ Fabulous sound
179    Troubled Waters. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 79211-1 E+ Unissued on 78!
180    Jump For Joy. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 061340-2 E+ Unissued on 78!
181    I’m Checkin’ Out, Goo’m Bye. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx WM1039-A E+ Ivie Anderson vcl
182     Mood Indigo/ KING OLIVER & HIS ORCH. St. James Infirmary. (Fr) HMV K6153 E+ Fine laminated pressing!
183     Paducah/ Double Check Stomp. (Ger) Br A9610 E- gritty, sol s1. Mispressing - side 1 is labelled Harlem Flat Blues (the correct coupling) but it does play Paducah!
184    Blue Tune/ Swanee Rhapsody. Br 6288 E few lt scfs nap
185     Ducky Wucky/ Swing Low. Br 6432 E+
186     Rockin’ In Rhythm (WCOL Broadcast 12 Sept 1940 Panther Room, Chicago)/ Solid Old Man - Maybe (Ivie Anderson vcl). (WMAQ Broadcast 13 Sept 1940 Panther Room, Chicago) Aluminium Acetate E+
187    The Mystery Song - Warm Valley (part). (WCOL Broadcast 12 Sept 1940 Panther Room, Chicago)/ Madame Will Drop Her Shawl-Blue Goose (part). (WCOL Broadcast 11 Sept 1940 Panther Room, Chicago). Aluminium Acetate E+
188     Jumpin’ Punkins/ DUKE AND JIMMY BLANTON. Jive Rhapsody. Aluminium Acetate of WOR Broadcast 16 Feb 1941  E- lt swish
189     Chelsea Bridge/ Love Like This Can’t Last-Blue Serge Pt 1 w/Ivie Anderson).  Aluminium Acetate of WOR Broadcast 16 Feb 1941  E- lt swish
190 DUKE ELLINGTON & JIMMY BLANTON. Pitter Panther Patter. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053504-1 E+ Unissued on78!
191    Pitter Panther Patter. 1/s Red Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053504-2 EE+
192 LLOYD FINLAY & HIS ORCH. Fido Blues. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 32104-2  E++ 1925 Texas Band Unissued on 78!
193 BUD FREEMAN & HIS GANG. Tappin’ The Commodore Till. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Commodore mx 23233-2 E+ Unissued take!
194 FRANK FROEBA & HIS SWING BAND (Midge Williams vcls). Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Swing/ It All Begins And Ends With U. Col 3152-D EE- Bobby Hackett cnt.
195  CHARLES FULCHER & HIS ORCH. Atlanta Gal/ I Faw Down and Go Boom. Col 1734-D E+ Atlanta 1928, A2/B2 Stampers!
196 RAY GILL’S MOVIELAND ORCH. Let’s Talk About My Sweetie/ Castillian Nights. Sunset 1160 VV+ plays well. Hot and Rare Hollywood 1926 sides!
197 AL GOERING’S DANCE ORCH (Jack Pettis Band). Once Over Lightly/ SAM LANIN O. My Ohio Home. Ban 7001 V+ Great s1!
198 GENE GIFFORD & HIS ORCH. New Orleans Twist. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 89795-1 E+ Great sound!
199 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH. Somebody Else. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 31741-2 E+ Peggy Lee vcl - Unissued Take!
200     How Long Has This Been Going On? 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 31743-1 E+ Peggy Lee vcl - Unissued Take!
201    How Long Has This Been Going On? 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 31743-2 E+ Peggy Lee vcl
202     You Lucky People (Helen Forrest vcl). 1/s Shellac ‘George Avakian’ Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 29777-1 E+
203    Ridin’ High/ Killer Diller. Unnumbered Columbia Special Promotional Record of Nov 2 and Dec 7 1937 Camel Broadcasts E
204 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Nothin’ Does Does Like It Used To Do… 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81208-B E++ Great sound!
205    Clementine (From New Orleans). 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81207-A E++ Great sound!
206 SAM GOOLD (Piano solos). Whipping The Keys/ HARRY JENTES. The Cat’s Pyjamas. PaE E 5062 EE+ Fantastic Ragtime piano solo, 1923!
207 THE HALFWAY HOUSE ORCH. New Orleans Shuffle/ Squeeze Me. Col 541-D E- Pioneer NO Jazz writer and musician Dr. Edmond Souchon’s  personal copy with his label stickers both sides!
208     Since You’re Gone/ I’m In Love. Col 681-D E-
209 FRED HALL & HIS SUGAR BABIES. Plenty Of Sunshine/ There Must Be A Silver Lining. (Aust) Parlo A2455 E+ Huge label laminated pressing!
210     Piccolo Pete/ ARTHUR SCHUTT & HIS ORCH. My Fate Is In Your Hands. (Fr) Od A221216 E+ Two great sides on rare issue!
211 ANNETTE HANSHAW (as GAY ELLIS & HER NOVELTY O.). I Must Have That Man/ I Can’t Give U Anything But Luv. Diva 2706-G EE-
212     Moanin’ Low/ THE THREE BOSWELL SISTERS. Don’t Tell Her. PaE R850 E+ Fine copy
213 HARLEM HAMFATS (Lil Allen vcls). You Done Turned Salty On Me/ Rockin’ Myself to sleep. Voc 05233 E+
214 CLIFFORD HAYES’ LOUISVILLE STOMPERS. Clef Club Stomp/ Blue Trombone Stomp. Vic V38011 EE+ Fine sides, fine copy!
215 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH. Swingin’ For The King/ TODD ROLLINS & HIS ORCH. Sweetie Pie.  Crystalate Co. Shellac Master Test Pressing of ARC mx 16162-1/ 15816-1 E Despite being a UK pressing, s2 was never issued in the UK!    
216 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked In/ My Sweetie Went Away. Bwy 11255 V++
217     My Papa Don’t Two Time No Time/ Somebody Stole My Gal. (Flag) Col 126-D EE-
218    Cold Mammas Burn Me Up/ Forsaken Blues. Voc 14892 V+
219     Clarinet Marmalade (-82)/ Hot Mustard. (Mex) Br 40886 E Only issue of this rare take!
220    Whiteman Stomp/ I’m Coming Virginia. Col 1059-D E+ A/B stampers
221     I Wanna Count Sheep/ McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. Crying and Sighing. HMV B6287 E+
222     Tidal Wave. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx 38602-A E+
223 J. C. HIGGINBOTHAM & HIS SIX HICKS. Give Me Your Telephone Number/ BUD FREEMAN & HIS ORCH. Crazeology. (Export series) Od PO 67 EE+ Masters
224 TEDDY HILL & HIS NBC ORCH. Blue Rhythm Fantasy/ China Boy. Shellac Japanese Victor Test Pressing of Vic JA1315 E/E+
225 EARL HINES & HIS ORCH. Rosetta. 1/s Shellac Columbia Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 13060-D E+ Unissued!
226    (Piano Solo). On The Sunny Side Of the Street.  1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 06333-1 E+ Unissued on 78!
227 LES HITE & HIS ORCH. That’s The Lick. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 062735-1 E+
228 JOHNNY HODGES & HIS ORCH. Good Queen Bess. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Victor mx 053604-2 E+
229 BOB HOWARD & HIS ORCH. The Ghost Of Dinah. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx 39387-A E+
230 ROGER WOLFE KAHN & HIS ORCH. Say Yes Today/ HENRY THEIS HOTEL SINTON O. Don’t Wait Till The Lights.. Vic 21507 E+ Beautiful copy and fine Venuti/Lang - Mole solos s1!    
231 EDDIE LANG (as BLIND WILLIE DUNN) (Guitar solos). Church /Street Sobbin’ Blues/ There’ll Be Some Changes Made. OK 8633 EE+ A2 Stampers!
232 SAM LANIN’S FAMOUS PLAYERS. I’m Proud Of You/ You’re Simply Delish. PaE R832 E+ Uncommon and hot - Dorseys, McConville etc!
233 BARON LEE & HIS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Jazz Cocktail/ Smoke Rings. Mel M12215 E+ Fine copy of original issue!
234    The Growl/ Cabin In The Cotton. Mel 12381 E, 2 edge flakes s1, 0 gvs
235 GEORGE E. LEE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Paseo Street/ If I Could Be With You. (Lightning) Br 7132 E Fabulous 1929 KC Jazz!
236 HARLAN LEONARD & HIS ROCKETS. Mistreated/ Too Much. BB B11544 E+
237 MEADE LUX LEWIS (Piano Solo). Honky Tonk Train Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx 90469-A E+
238 JACK LINX & HIS BIRMINGHAM SOC. SERENADERS. Beale Street Blues/ He’s The Last Word. (Large Red) OK 40803 E tiny int lam s1 inaudible. Great 1927 Territory Jazz!
239 FRED LONGSHAW (Piano solos). Chili Pepper (-3) / Tomato Sauce. Col 14080-D E lt scfs nap. Fine 1925 Piano solos by Bessie Smith’s touring bandleader!
240 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD & HIS ORCH. Flaming Reeds and Screaming Brass. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1299 E+ Unissued 1933 side!
241 JOE MANNONE’S HARMONY KINGS. Ringside Stomp/ Up The Country Blues. Col 1044-D E 1927 NO Jazz - Uncommon!
242    & HIS ORCH. She’s Crying For Me/ Just One Girl. OK 41569 E+ stress marks s1, nap
243 McKENZIE’S CANDY KIDS. Hot Honey/ If You Never Come Back. Voc 15166 E-, lt scfs nap
244 RED McKENZIE & HIS MUSIC BOX. There’ll Be Some Changes Made/ My SyncopatedMelody Man. OK 40893 E+ Fine copy, memorable Venuti/Lang!
245     My Baby Came Home/ From Monday On. (Purple)  PaE R184 E
246 McKENZIE & CONDON’S CHICAGOANS. Sugar/ Liza. (Aust) Parlo A7410 EE+ Laminated pressing
247 McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. I’d Love It. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of Vic mx 57066-2 E+
248     I’ll Make Fun For You/ Then Someone’s In Love. Vic V38142 E
249    After All You’re All I’m After/ I Miss A Little Miss. (Arg) Vic 23024 E
250    To Whom It May Concern/ Come A Little Closer. Vic 23035 EE+
251 METRONOME ALL STAR LEADERS. I Got Rhythm. 1/s oversize ‘George Avakian’ Columbia Shellac Master Test Pressing of Col mx 32261-1 E+ Rare take Unissued in USA - Goodman, Basie, Cootie, Barnet, Krupa etc!
252 BUBBER MILEY & HIS MILEAGE MAKERS. I Lost My Gal From Memphis/ Without You Emaline. Vic V38138 EE+
253 EMMETT MILLER & HIS GEORGIA CRACKERS. You’re The Cream In My Coffee/ She’s Funny That Way. OK 41182 E+ Immaculate copy, West Coast G1 pressing!
254 RAY MILLER & HIS ORCH. Spanish Shawl/ Lonesome. (Clift) BrE 2989 E- Hot s1!
255 THE MISSOURIANS. Ozark Mountain Blues/ You’ll Cry For Me But I’lll Be Gone. Vic V38071 EE+ It’s almost too hot!!
256     Swingin’ Dem Cats/ Two Hundred Squabble. (Export) HMV JF21 E+
257 MIFF MOLE & HIS LITTLE MOLERS. One Step To Heaven. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 400849-C E+ slt enlarged spindle. Tesch!
258    Moanin’ Low. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 402530-C E+
259 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S RED HOT PEPPERS. Mushmouth Shuffle/ I’m Looking For A Little Bluebird. Vic 23004 E- lt scfs nap, Uncommon!
260     Little Laurence (sic). 1/s Shellac Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 59535-2 E+ Great copy with beautiful Victor ‘spider’s web’ backing plate!
261     Tank Town Bump. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of Vic mx 49459-2 E+
262    Deep Creek/ TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS. Blue Island Blues. (Buff) BB B5333 E+ Orig sleeve. Fine copy, masters!
263    Billy Goat Stomp/ Hyena Stomp. (Swiss) HMV JK2760 E+
264    Kansas City Stomps/ Shoe Shiner’s Drag. (Dutch) HMV B109151 E+ nice Amsterdam shop sticker s1. Rare Dutch issue!
265 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. Sugar/ Dear Heart. Vic 20855 E+ Fine copy!
266    Mary Lee/ Sweetheart of Yesterday. Vic V38114 EE- Uncommon
267     Band Box Shuffle/ New Vine Street Blues. Vic 23007 EE- Levy’s stickers on lbls. Uncommon!
268     Bouncin’ Round/ New Moten Stomp. Vic 23030 V+ A really tough one!
269 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS. Barb Wire Blues/ You Ain’t Git Nothin’ I Want. (Clift) BrE 2648 E
270    Nervous Puppies/ What Do I Care What Somebody Said. (Ger) Br A81005 E++ Roomlighting copy!!
271 NEW ORLEANS OWLS. West End Romp/ Tampeekoe. Col 688-D E- Fine 1926 NO Jazz!
272     Dynamite/ Pretty Baby. Col 1045-D E+ Beautiful copy, A stampers.  One of my faves!
273 NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS. She’s Crying For Me/ Everybody Loves Somebody Blues. Vic 19645 E, lbl trs NO, 1925, great sound!
274 RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES. That’s No Bargain/ Washboard Blues. Shellac Vocalion ‘Muskegon’ Test Pressing of Voc mxs E4179/E4181 E+ Stunning copy, amazing sound!
275     China Boy/ Peg O’ My Heart. (Ger) Br A8962 EE- lt scfs plays E
276 JIMMIE NOONE & HIS APEX CLUB ORCH. San (mx 5903-B)/ So Sweet (mx 5902-B). Vinyl Master Test Pressings E++ Unissued take of s1!
277 KING OLIVER’S DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Jackass Blues/ CARL FENTON’S O. Two Little Bluebirds. BrE 3281 E+, Gorgeous copy of Classic!
278    Sobbin’ Blues/ Farewell Blues. Br 3741 E+ Beautiful Copy!!
279    I’m Watching The Clock/ Slow and Steady. Br 4469 EE+ Super copy!
280 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JASS BAND. Tiger Rag/ Ostrich Walk. Ae Voc 1206 V+ Pioneer ‘Jass’ Rarity! This was trombonist Chis Barber's personal copy.
281 ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE. Oh Baby/ I Never Care ‘Bout Tomorrow. Per 14276 EE- sol
282 ANTHONY PARENTI’S FAMOUS MELODY BOYS. That’s A Plenty. Shellac Master Test Pressing of PK mx 40308-A E+ Stunning copy of 1925 NO Classic!
283 BEN POLLACK & HIS ORCH. He’s The Last Word/ GEORGE OLSEN & HIS MUSIC. Sam The Old Accordion Man. Vic 20425 E Benny Goodman’s 1st!
284     Here Goes/ The Beat Of My Heart. (Blue Wax) Col 2905-D E- scfs A1 Stamper, fine player
285 THE RED HEADS. Hurricane/ WILLIE CREAGER  & HIS ORCH. I’m On My Way Home. Per 14717 EE-
286 LEO REISMAN & HIS ORCH (Lee Wiley vcl). Time On My Hands. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 70291-4 E++ Great sound!
287 BILL ROBINSON & IRVING MILLS’ HOTSY TOTSY GANG (Actually Duke Ellington group). Doin’ The New Low Down/ Ain’t Misbehavin’. Br 4535 E+ Legendary tap dancer with great backing!
288 ROSS DE LUXE SYNCOPATORS. Lady Mine/ Mary Bell. Vic 20952 E- plays better. Two amazing Savannah 1927n sides, huge sound!
289 ARTHUR SCHUTT (Piano Solos). Piano Puzzle/ Lover Come Back To Me. PaE R412 E+
290 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH (as COLUMBIA PHOTO PLAYERS). The Free and Easy/ It Must Be You. Col 2149-D E few lt scrs nap. Hot s1!
291     Thank Your Father. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 495020-1 E+ Teagarden scat vocal on this rare take!
292 NOBLE SISSLE & EUBIE BLAKE. Oriental Blues/ EDDIE NELSON. I’ve Got The Joys. Medallion 8322 EE- Rare label!
293     & HIS ORCH (Lena Horne vcl - 1st session!). I Take To You/ I Wonder Who Made Rhythm. CoE DB5032 E+
294 SNOOKS & HIS MEMPHIS RAMBLERS. Hello Beautiful!/ Wha’d Ja Do To Me? Vic 23038 E Hot!
295 ART TATUM (Piano solos). Tiger Rag/ St. Louis Blues. Br 6543 E sol. Pianistic tour de force!
296 JACK TEAGARDEN & HIS ORCH. You Rascal You/ That’s What I Like About You. Col 2558-D E+ Beautiful copy of rare original issue A1 Stampers!
297 TROMBONE RED & HIS BLUE SIX. Greasy Plate Stomp/ B Flat Blues. Col 14612-D E Great copy of a Must Have record!
298 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Futuristic Rhythm/ Raisin’ The Roof. OK 41209 E Fine copy of uncommon Bix item A Stampers!
299 JOE VENUTI’S RHYTHM BOYS. There’s No Other Girl/ Now That I Need You You’re Gone. Col 2535-D E Uncommon, Harold Arlen vocals!
300 JOE VENUTI-EDDIE LANG ALL STAR ORCH. Farewell Blues. 1/s Shellac Vocalion Master Test Pressing of mx 37271-A E+ Great sound!
301 WABASH DANCE ORCH (Red Nichols Orch). Ready For The River/ HARRY PAUL O. (Specht). Chiquita. Duo D4008 E Unissued in USA!
302 TED WALLACE ORCH (as NEW YORK SYNCOPATORS). Cobblestones/ Mary.OK 40965 EE- paper sol will soak off. 2 Hot sides!
303 THOMAS WALLER WITH MORRIS’ HOT BABIES. Geechee. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 40097-1 E+ Amazing sound!
304 THOMAS WALLER (Organ solos). Soothin’ Syrup Stomp/ Loveless Love. Vic 20470 E+
305     Hog Maw Stomp/ Sugar. Vic 21525 E+
306    Stompin’ The Bug. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of mx 37819-1 E+ Unissued on 78!
307     (Piano solo). Turn On The Heat. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 57191-1 E+
308 FATS WALLER & HIS BUDDIES. Harlem Fuss/ The Minor Drag. Vic V38050 E Levy’s sol
309     & HIS RHYTHM. Just As Long As The World Goes ‘Round.. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 92917-1 E+ Unissued in USA, all other issues are dubs!
310     Georgia Rockin’ Chair. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 92918-1 E+
311    I Hate To Talk About Myself. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 89765-1 E+
312    You’re Gonna Be Sorry. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 062764-1 E+
313    Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town. 1/s Shellac HMV Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 0342-1 E+
314 LEE WILEY + DORSEY BROS ORCH. Just So You’ll Remember. Oversize Vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO1251 E+ Unissued in any form as far as I can see!!
315 CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ STOMPERS. Spanish Shawl/ Dinah. (Ger) Od A60255 V+ plays better. Very rare issue!
316     WASHBOARD BAND. Church Street Sobbin’ Blues/ Yama Yama Blues. (Sm Red) OK 8525E- couple stress lines s2, nap
317    Walk That Broad/ Have You Ever Felt That Way. (Large Black) OK 8629 EE+ pr crease s2, nap
318    You’ve Got To Give Me Some. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 403045-C E+
319    & HIS ORCH. Looka-There Ain’t She Pretty/ Swaller Tail Coast. (Gold) Voc 2616 E+
320 COOTIE WILLIAMS & HIS RUG CUTTERS. A Lesson In C/ Ol Man River. Voc 4086 E+
321 FESS WILLIAMS & HIS ROYAL FLUSH ORCH. Everything’s OK With Me (-1)/ Just To Be With You Tonight. Vic 23003 E+ sol. Rare take 1 s1!
322    Hot Town/ BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. It’s Hard To Laugh Or Smile. (Buff) BB B6431 E Two great sides!
323 TEDDY WILSON & HIS ORCH. Laugh And Call It Love (Nan Wynn vcl). 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 23306-2 EE+
324 THE (ORIGINAL) WOLVERINES. Royal Garden Blues/ A Good Man Is Hard To Find. (Ger) Br A81001 E+ Stunning sound!!
325     Crazy Quilt/ You’re Burnin’ Me Up. Br 3332 EE- Two fine sides!

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