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Set Price Sale 78s


Here is my latest Set Price Sale (“Buy It Now”) list of unsold 78s from my last auction, plus a selection of additonal items - bargains galore! No bidding necessary - the price stated is the price you pay!

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text, Facebook Message, or phone (07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items! 

When It’s Gone It’s Gone! The choicest items sell fast, and the listing will be regularly updated to show what is still available.

To ensure you don't miss out on this and other 78rpm record listings I regularly produce here and on eBay, CLICK HERE to get on my mailing list.


It’s really simple - the item numbers correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available!

Step 1. EMAIL me or phone (see above) with the item numbers you are interested in. I will let you know what is available and what the total cost would be including postage (see chart below for prices). 

Step 2. Pay via Credit/Debit Cards by secure email link (preferred), Electronic Bank Transfer (best for UK customers),, UK cheque or Bank Draft in Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank. Paypal is accepted, but we have to charge a fee unless you can make a 'Friends/Family' payment - so if you want to use Paypal, please request the total amount including fee before paying.

Step 3. You items will be mailed, or held if you want to wait for a more economical parcel (UK buyers note - I can ship six or seven 10” discs for the same price as one).  I am happy to combine items from this list with eBay winnings.  


IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SHIPPING. In view of the cost of shipping and packaging, we will not ship parcels outside the UK of less than £20 value.  We will, however, hold records providing they are paid for.

Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!

Postage (including tracking) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £6.50 UK / £13.50 EU/ £16.05 Europe / £19.20 USA / £21.30 Canada, Japan /£25.10 R.O.W.

2 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14 EU/ £17 Europe / £22 USA / £23.75 Canada, Japan /£28.40 R.O.W.

3 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14 EU/ £17 Europe / £22 USA / £23.75 Canada, Japan /£28.40 R.O.W.

4 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14 EU/ £18.80 Europe / £22 USA / £23.75 Canada, Japan / £31.15 R.O.W.

5 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14 EU/ £18.80 Europe / £22.00 USA / £23.75 Canada, Japan / £33.10 R.O.W.

6 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14.50 EU/ £21.50 Europe / £22.00 USA / £28.50 Canada,  Japan / £33.10 R.O.W.


Note - I can ship 10-12 records to most USA/Canada destinations for approx £42/$53 by FedEx Express or UPS Delivery, and am happy to hold for a more economical parcel - ask for details.

Note: All parcels are now shipped via Tracked service unless you specifically request otherwise and accept liability for any loss /damage!

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.27

AVAILABILITY AS OF 25 MAY 2024 - they sell fast!  Here's what's still available...


003 BELMONT SILVERTONE JUBILEE SINGERS. In My Dying Room/ My Lord’s A Rock. De 7674 E+ £18
006 COLEMAN BROTHERS. The End Of My Journey/ It’s My Desire. Manor 100 E+ Terrific Black harmony singing!  £18
007 CORINTHIAN GOSPEL SINGERS. Tis So Sweet/ Do What The The Lord Say Do. Gospel 1016 E+ Powerful lead vocal from Flora Williams! £20
026 PIANO RED. I’m Gonna Rock Some More/ Everybody’s Boogie. Vic 20-5101 E lt scfs nap £18
043 CALLIE VASSAR (Acc. R. M. Jones pno). All Night Blues/ Maybe Someday. Gnt 5172 E- Rare 1923 sides by Blues pioneer active in early  1900s! £30

055 ARTHUR BRIGGS ET SON ORCHESTRE (Django). Braggin’ The Briggs Pts 1 & 2. (Fr) Swing SW 205 E+ £25
057 BENNY CARTER & HIS SWING QUINTET. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny/ & HIS ORCHESTRA. Accent on Swing. (Gold) Imp A6062 E+ Orig Sleeve. London 1936! £20
068 BRUNO HENRIKSEN’S ARENA ORCH. Darktown Strutters Ball/ Marken Er Mejet. (Scand) Od 902 E Great swinging sides, recorded in Nazi occupied Copenhagen, 1943! £25
079 KORDT SISTERS & BORGE ROGER’S SWINGTET. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Stardust. (Dan) Polyphon XS50810 EE- Great Copenhagen 1940 sides by the Danish version of The Boswell Sisters - excellent solos! £28
081 LEO MATHIESEN’S ORCH. Harlem/ Whisper Sweet.  (Dan) Od D873 E- Orig Sleeve. Fine Copenhagen 1940 sides! £15
084 MITCHELL’S JAZZ KINGS.  Non, Non, Jamais Les Hommes/ Dans La Vie Faut Pas S’En Faire. (Vert) Pathe 6555 E £30
085     Machinalement/ Ca, C’Est Une Chose. (Vert) Pathe 6557 EE- £25

117 ATLANTIC DANCE ORCHESTRA. That Red Head Gal (-B)/ KAPLAN’S MELODISTS. A Kiss In The Dark (-A) Ed 51156 E  £15
118 BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (V. Lopez). Maybe She’ll Write Me (-C)/ PALM BEACH ORCH. Two Blue Eyes (-A) Ed 51312 EE- hot solos s1 £15
124 LOPEZ & HAMILTON’S KINGS OF HARMONY ORCH. Bluin’ The Blues (-C) /LENZBERG’S RIVERSIDE O. Rose of Washington Square (-C). Ed 50662 V+ £15
129 MIKE SPECIALE & HIS CARLTON TERRACE ORCH. Bam Bam Bammy Shore (-B)/ When You See That Aunt of Mine (-C). Ed 51635 EE+ Fine Earl Oliver tpt solos both sides. £20
130    Tentin’ Down In Tennessee (-A)/ Lo-Nah (-C). Ed 51706 EE- hot tpt s1 £18

142 RUBE BLOOM (Piano solos). Sapphire/ Silhouette. Col 1195-D E+ B/A Masters £30
159 BUD FREEMAN & HIS SUMMA CUM LAUDE ORCH. I’ve Found A New Baby. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 038291-1 EE+ £20
160     China Boy. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 038293-1 EE+ £20
176 PAUL MARES & HIS FRIARS SOCIETY ORCH. Nagasaki/ Maple Leaf Rag. OK 41574 E+ £45
184 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. Get Lowdown Blues/ Kansas City Breakdown. Vic 21693 E £35
188 JIMMIE NOONE’S APEX CLUB ORCH. 188    San/ So Sweet. Vinyl Master Pressing of Voc mxs C-5903-B/ 5902-B E+ Unissued on 78! £25


SP4 HOAGY CARMICHAEL & HIS ORCH. Barnacle Bill The Sailor/ Bessie Couldn’t Hep It. Vic 2537 E- Bix, Goodman etc! £15
SP8  DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH. My Kinda Love (Bing Crosby vcl)/ Am I Blue. PaE R2475 E+ £15
SP19 KANSAS CITY SIX. Pagin’ The Devil/ Way Down Yonder in N.O. Com 512 E £20 Lester Young!
SP24 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND.  Royal Garden Blues/ Dallas Blues. CoE CB446  £12
SP28 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND (as Earl Jackson O). Futuristic Jungleism/ Low Down On the Bayou. DeE F2728 EE- £18
SP29 MILLS’ MERRYMAKERS. Honey/ FRANK KEYES ORCH (Lanin). I Get The Blues /When It Rains. Per 15142 E- Goodman s1. £15
SP31 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. South/ She’s No Trouble. Vic 24893 E- £15
SP41 DON REDMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA. Shakin’ The Africann/ Chant of the Weeds. Br 1244 E £15
SP42 FRED RICH & HIS ORCHESTRA. Beware of Love. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 490084-A E+ Non-vocal take. £25
SP43 HUGO RIGNOLD (Violin solos). Calling All Keys/ Poor Butterfly. PaE R2150 E £8
SP44 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCHESTRA. Jersey Lightning/ EDDIE LANG’S ORCHESTRA. Walkin’ The Dog. (Laminated) PaE 740 £15
SP45    You Rascal, You/ MILLS’ BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Heebie Jeebies. (Special Series) HMV B4881 E £15
SP53 TED WEEMS & HIS ORCHESTRA. What A Day!! (Fine hot side)/ RUDY VALLEE CONN YANKESS. S’Posin’. HMV B5692 E+ £12



Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!


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