Set Price Sale 78s


Here is my latest Set Price Sale (“Buy It Now”) list of unsold 78s from my last auction, plus a great selection of additional goodies - bargains galore! No bidding necessary - the price stated is the price you pay!

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text or phone (07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items! 

When It’s Gone It’s Gone! The choicest items sell fast, and the listing will be regularly updated to show what is still available.

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It’s really simple - the item numbers correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available. 

Step 1. EMAIL me or phone (see above) with the item numbers you are interested in. I will let you know what is available and what the total cost would be including postage (see chart below for prices). 

Step 2. Pay via Credit/Debit Cards by secure email link (preferred), Electronic Bank Transfer (best for UK customers),, UK cheque or Bank Draft in Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank. Paypal is accepted, but we have to charge a fee - so if you want to use Paypal, please request the total amount including fee before paying.

Step 3. You items will be mailed, or held if you want to wait for a more economical parcel (UK buyers note - I can ship six 10” discs for the same price as one).  I am happy to combine items from this list with eBay winnings.  


The minimum value of records that I will ship is £10, so order as many as you can!  Orders of less than £10 total will be held until a more economical parcel can be made up, but only if paid for.

Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!

Postage (including tracking) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £6.45UK / £14.75 Europe / £22.85 USA / £20.25 Canada, South America /£22.85 Rest Of World

2 Records - £6.45 UK / £15.90 Europe / £26.40 USA / £22.90 Canada, South America /  £26.00 R.O.W.

3 Records - £6.45 UK / £16.50 Europe / £29.60 USA / £24.75 Canada, South America /  £28.40 R.O.W.

4 Records - £6.45 UK / £17.30 Europe / £29.60 USA / £24.75 Canada, South America /  £30.90 R.O.W.

5 Records - £6.45 UK / £17.80 Europe / £29.60 USA / £26.10 Canada, South America /  £30.90 R.O.W.

6 Records - £6.45 UK/  £17.80 Europe /  £29.60 USA / £27.15 Canada, South America /  £32.50 R.O.W.

Note: All parcels are now shipped via Tracked service unless you specifically request otherwise and accept liability for any loss /damage!

Note - I can ship 10-12 records to most USA/Canada destinations for approx £42/$55 by FedEx Express Delivery, and am happy to hold for a more economical parcel - ask for details.

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.30


021 ROY MILTON & HIS SOLID SENDERS. Red Light/ It Should Never Have Been This Way. Roy Milton 101 E+ £15
044 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. B’Wanga/ Fire Dance. DeE F5529 E  Terrific 1935 side 1, Sid Phillips composition and feature + Max Goldberg, Ted Heath etc! £12
063 JEAN FAUSTIN ET SON ORCH. My Guy’s Come Back/ Cow Cow Boogie. (Fr) Od 279753 E £12
074 KENNETH’S SWINGENSEMBLE (Kenneth Fagerlund). Grand Opening/ If I Had You. (Swed) Sonora 634 V++ sm rc s1 nap. Stockholm 1944  £12
097 PRINCE’S BAND. Porcupine Rag/ La Rinka. CoE 1610 EE-, 1.5” lam cr s2, inaud. £18
098     New Orleans Jazz/ Yah-De-Dah. 12” Col A5983 E- lt scrs nap. Early ‘jumping on the ‘Jass’ bandwagon sides, June 1917!  £20
102 VICTOR MILITARY BAND. Maori/ Nights of Gladness. 12” Vic 35304 E- Fine version of Will H. Tyers ‘Spanish tinge’ rag!  £18

140  DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCH.   ALBUM: ‘THE DUKE’. 4- record Set of Alternate takes of:-
   Lazy Rhapsody/ Blue Ramble. Col 35834 E+
   Baby When You Ain’t There/ Lightnin’. Col 38535 E+
   Best Wishes/ Bundle of Blues. Col 38536 E+
   Merry-Go-Round/ Drop Me Off At Harlem. Col 38537  £30 the Four

141    Dusk In The Desert/ Chatter-Box. Br 8029 E+ £15
142    Carnival In Caroline/ Braggin’ In Brass. Br 8099 E+ £15
158 BOBBY HACKETT & HIS ORCH. Bugle Call Rag/ Dardanella. Voc 5375 E+ £12
170 CLIFF JACKSON (Piano solo). It Had To Be You/ BLACK & WHITE QUARTET (James P., Sterling Bose etc). Make Me A Pallet On the Floor. B&W 8 E  £12
211 BEN POLLACK & HIS ORCH. The Moon Is Grinning At Me. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri mx 4375-B. E+ Unissued take! £30
215 ALMA ROTTER (Eddie Lang gtr acc.) Got Everything/ Someday You’ll Say ‘OK’. (Fr) Od 165176 E Uncommon Eddie Lang item in Fine condition!  £40
216 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH. Ghost Of The Freaks/ WINGY MANNONE & HS ORCH. Breeze. Shellac Carl Lindstrom Test Pressing of mxs 15573-1/16573-1 EE-  £25
220 MUGGSY SPANIER V-DISC ALL STARS. Squeeze Me/ BENNY GOODMAN QUINTET. Let’s Fall In Love. 12” V-Disc 475 EE+  £20


SP1 MILDRED BAILEY & HER ORCH. Lover Come Back To Me/ From The Land of Sky Blue Water. Voc 3982 E+ £12

SP2 BLUE RHYTHM BOYS. Blue Flame/ Blue Rhythm. BrE 1177 EE+ Early pressing £15

SP3 DORSEY BROS ORCH. Evening Star/ That's My Mammy. (Purple) PaE R215 EE- £12

SP5 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Sugar Foot Stomp/ Clarinet Marmalade. CoE CB367 E+ Stunning copy! £18

SP8 KEN JOHNSON & HIS WEST INDIAN DANCE ORCH. My Buddy/ The Sheik of Araby. DeE F6958 E £15

SP10 MEZZROW-BECHET QUINTET. Groovin' The Minor/ Breathless Blues. King Jazz KJ6 EE+ S1 Unissued in USA! £15

SP11 KING OLIVER & HIS ORCH. The Trumpet's Prayer/ Call Of The Freaks. HMV JF36 E+ £18

SP15 JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG. Stringing The Blues/ Black & Blue Bottom. CoE 4454 EE-, stain on side 2 lt swish throughout £12

SP16    ALL STAR ORCH.  Farewell Blues/ Someday Sweetheart. May-Fair G2071 E Uncommon issue! £15


SP18 SAM DONAHUE NAVY DANCE BAND. LST Party/ STAN KENTON ORCH. That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch-Southern Scandal.  V-DISC 573 V £10

SP19 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH. Indian Summer-Somebody Loves Me/  SAMMY KAY ORCH. What A Diff'rence A Day Made. V-Disc 282 E- £15

SP20 BENNY GOODMAN ORCH. Superman/ HARRY JAMES & HIS ORCH. Memphis Blues-On The Alamo. V-Disc 299 V+ £15


Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!