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Set Price Sale 78s


Here is my latest Set Price Sale (“Buy It Now”) list of unsold 78s from my last auction, plus a selection of additonal items - bargains galore! No bidding necessary - the price stated is the price you pay!

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text, Facebook Message, or phone (07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items! 

When It’s Gone It’s Gone! The choicest items sell fast, and the listing will be regularly updated to show what is still available.

To ensure you don't miss out on this and other 78rpm record listings I regularly produce here and on eBay, CLICK HERE to get on my mailing list.


It’s really simple - the item numbers correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available!

Step 1. EMAIL me or phone (see above) with the item numbers you are interested in. I will let you know what is available and what the total cost would be including postage (see chart below for prices). 

Step 2. Pay via Credit/Debit Cards by secure email link (preferred), Electronic Bank Transfer (best for UK customers),, UK cheque or Bank Draft in Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank. Paypal is accepted, but we have to charge a fee - so if you want to use Paypal, please request the total amount including fee before paying.

Step 3. You items will be mailed, or held if you want to wait for a more economical parcel (UK buyers note - I can ship six 10” discs for the same price as one).  I am happy to combine items from this list with eBay winnings.  


IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SHIPPING. In view of the cost of shipping and packaging, we will not ship parcels outside the UK of less than £20 value.  We will, however, hold records providing they are paid for.

Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!

Postage (including tracking) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £6.50 UK / £14.25 Europe / £19.20 USA / £21.30 Canada, South America, Japan /£23.60 R.O.W.

2 Records -  £6.50 UK / £14.75 Europe / £22.00 USA / £21.30 Canada, South America, Japan /£23.60 R.O.W.

3 Records -  £6.50 UK / £15.00 Europe / £22.00 USA / £21.30 Canada, Japan /£23.60 R.O.W.

4 Records -  £6.50 UK / £15.80 Europe / £22.00 USA / £24.65 Canada, Japan / £28.90 R.O.W.

5 Records -  £6.50 UK / £15.80 Europe / £22.00 USA / £24.65 Canada, Japan / £28.90 R.O.W.

6 Records -  £6.50 UK / £16.50 Europe / £22.00 USA / £25.75 Canada,  Japan / £30.60 R.O.W.


Note - I can ship 10-12 records to most USA/Canada destinations for approx £42/$50 by FedEx Express Delivery, and am happy to hold for a more economical parcel - ask for details.

Note: All parcels are now shipped via Tracked service unless you specifically request otherwise and accept liability for any loss /damage!

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.27


003 BUSTER BENNETT TRIO. Don’t Jive Me Baby/ I Want To Woogie Woogie. Col 37071 EE- plays E £12
The Man I Crave/ Love Needs A Helping Hand. Red Robin 121 E £15
006 THE BLUE CHIPS (Norridge Mayhams). Chipping The Rock Of Blues/ Oh! Monah. Per 6-09-55 E+, sm lbl tr s2. Bizarre fact - this was bandleader Jack Hylton’s copy! £15
033 LIZZIE MILES & MELROSE STOMPERS. That’s All Right Daddy/ Keep A-Knockin No.2. Voc 05165 V++ £10
052 GEORGE WILLIAMS & BESSIE BROWN. Double Crossin’ Daddy/ Satisfied Blues. (Flag) Col A3974 E+, but edge bump nap £17
056 MAX ABRAMS & HIS RHYTHMAKERS. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ After You’ve Gone. PaE F512 E- lt scfs nap Fine London 1936 sides £12
60 GUS DELOOF & HIS MUSIC. Flying Home/ Apple Honey. Victory 9069 E Orig picture sleeve £12
066 BRIAN LAWRANCE & HIS QUAGLINO 4. Tiger Rag/ Singin’ In The Rain. Pan 25661 E £12
072 DANNY POLO & GARLAND WILSON. Montmartre Moan/ You Made Me Love You. DeE F7039 E Fine Paris 1939 sides! £15
078 JEAN SABLON (Acc. Garland Wilson pno). Si Tu M’Aimes/ Un Seul Couvert Please James. (Fr) Col DF1903 E- 1/2” cr s2, lt tix. Fine Paris1936 sides £12
085 VICTOR SILVESTER’S JIVE BAND. Blue Lou/ Please Do It Again. CoE FB3019 E- Definitely not his usual band! £10
111 CHU BERRY & HIS LITTLE JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Forty-Six West Fifty-Two/ Sittin’ In. Com 516  E+ £12
112 WILL BRADLEY & HIS ORCHESTRA. Get Thee Behind Me Satan. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 30464-2 E+ Unissued take! £25
118 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCHESTRA. Swing It/ Six Bells Stampede. CoE CB628 E+ Recorded
in USA but Unissued there, March 1933! £18
123 EDDIE CONDON & HIS ORCHESTRA. The Eel/ Home Cooking. Br 6743 E £15
129 BOB CROSBY & HIS ORCHESTRA. Thanks A Million. 1/s Decca Master Test Pressing of mx 39866-A E+ Unissued in USA! £20
143 JANE GREY. Ain’t She Sweet?/ My Idea Of Heaven. Har 395-H E+ Fine Frank Banta pno acc! £8
147 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Sleepy Time Gal (-3)/ NEWPORT SOC. ORCH. Cross My Heart. Re 9948 EE- £18

153 HARRY JENTES (Piano solos). Blooey Blues/ PETE WENDLING. Papa Blues. OK 4868 E- Composer versions! £20
165 HOWARD LANIN’S ARCADIA ORCHESTRA. My Sweetie Went Away/ I Cried For You. Gnt 5167 E Fine hot solos s1! £15
167 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Dallas Blues/ Royal Garden Blues. (Pic lbl) Col 2527-D E Waller, Goodman, Muggsy! £25
169 DONALD LINDLEY (Trumpet solos). Trumpet Blues/ Sweet Stuff. Col 546-D E £15
174 THE MIDWAY DANCE ORCHESTRA. Lot’s O’ Mamma/ The Black Sheep Blues. Col 33-D E+ Fine 1923 White Chicago Jazz! £30
202 BOYD SENTER (Clarinet solos). Bucktown Blues/ You’ve Broken My Heart. PAct 036286 EE+ Fine copy of composer’s own version - surprisingly good! £15

231 COOTIE WILLIAMS & HIS RUG CUTTERS. Digga Digga Doo/ I Can’t Believe That Ure In Luv… Vty VA555 E £10


SP1 TALKING BILLY ANDERSON. Lonely Billy Blues/ Adam and Eve. Col 14216-D V++ two long scrs s1, lt tix in places £15
SP4 LONNIE JOHNSON. Solid Blues/ Rocks In My Bed. Mel 1138 E+ £17
SP10 ETHEL WATERS & HER EBONY 4.  No Man’s Mamma/ Shake That Thing. Col 14116-D V++ £12
SP11 JOSH WHITE. Backwater Blues/ Jelly, Jelly. White label Deutsche Grammophon Test Pressing. E+ £20

SP16 BLUE RHYTHM BOYS. Blue Rhythm/ Blue Flame. BrE 1177 EE+ £14
SP23 THE COTTON PICKERS. Rampart Street Blues/ RED NICHOLS 5 PENNIES. BrE 02505 EE+ Rare non-vocal take s1! £15
SP24 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Clarinet Marmalade/ Hot Mustard. Br 3406 E- £12
SP26 KEN JOHNSON & HIS WEST INDIAN ORCH. My Buddy/ The Sheik of Araby. DeE F6958 E- £9
SP29 EDDIE LANG (Guitar solos). Rainbow Dreams/ Jeannine. PaE R2646 E+ £12  Master pressings



Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!


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