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Set Price Sale 78s

Here is my latest Set Price Sale (“Buy It Now”) list of unsold 78s from my last auction, plus a few added goodies - bargains galore! 

No bidding necessary - the price it states is the price you pay!

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text or phone (01773 550275/ mobile 07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items! 

When It’s Gone It’s Gone! The choicest items sell fast, and the listing will be regularly updated to show what is still available.


It’s really simple - the item numbers correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available. 

Step 1. EMAIL me or phone (see above) with the item numbers you are interested in. I will let you know what is available and what the total cost would be including postage (see chart below for prices). 

Step 2. Pay via Paypal (instructions will be given in an email), UK Bank Transfer or UK cheque.

Step 3. You items will be mailed, or held if you want to hold for a more economical parcel (UK buyers note - I can ship six 10” discs for the same price as one).  The minimum value of records that I will ship is £10, so order as many as you can!  Orders of less than £10 total will be held until a more economical parcel can be made up, but only if paid for.

Postage (without tracking or insurance) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £5 UK / £9.50 Europe / £13 Rest Of World

2 Records - £5 UK / £11 Europe /  £15.35 R.O.W.

3 Records - £5 UK / £11.85 Europe / £16.80 R.O.W.

4 Records - £5 UK / £13 Europe / £18.30 R.O.W.

5 Records - £5 UK / £13.70 Europe / £19.50 R.O.W.

6 Records - £5 UK/ £14.50 Europe / £20.50 R.O.W.

Please ask for a quote for over 6 records, or if you require insurance and/or tracking. UK parcels are shipped by Royal Mail at standard 2nd Class Uninsured, untracked rate and International parcels are shipped at standard International Air Mail Untracked covered to a maximum £20 total value and at buyer’s risk unless insured. Please ask for a quotation. 

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.28

Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!


001 BLUE BELLE (Bessie Mae Smith, acc. Lonnie Johnson s1). Mean Bloodhound Blues/Death Valley Moan. OK 8704 E+ A1 stampers  £80

011 LILLIE GREENWOOD. Disatisfied Blues/ I’m Goin’ Crazy. Modern 20-771 E+ £15

014 JULIA JONES (Perry Bradford acc). That Thing Called Luv/ Liza Johnson Got Better Bread. Gnt 5177 V+  £12

015 BROTHER JOE MAY. Day Is Past & Gone/ Do U Know Him. Spec SP347 EE+ £12

019 ROY MILTON SOLID SENDERS. True Blues/ Camille’s Boogie. Spec SP510 E+ OS  £15

020 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. A Soldier’s Plea/ Nothing Can Change Me. Spec SP345 E+  £15

021 RANGERS QUARTETTE. Let Jesus Convey U Home/ Keep A Happy Heart. OK 06445 E  £15

023 BESSIE SMITH. Frankie Blues/ Hateful Blues. (Flag) Col 14023-D EE+ tiny ef s1 0gvs £25 SOLD

024    Weeping Willow Blues/ The Bye Bye Blues. (Flag) Col 14042-D EE- Fine acc, Joe Smith etc!  £18

025    Me and My Gin/ Slow and Easy Man. Col 14384-D EE- sm ef s1 nap £25 SOLD

026 CLARA SMITH. Waitin’ For Evening Mail/ Don’t Tell Nobody. (Flag) Col 13002-D E- rubs s1, nap £12 SOLD

027 ROOSEVELT SYKES. Training Camp Blues/ Sugar Babe Blues. OK 6709 E £18 SOLD

032 WHISTLIN’ RUFUS (Rufus Bridey). Sweet Jelly Rollin’/ Sleepin’ By Myself. (Buff) BB B6277 V++ 2 sm rc, 0gvs, odd ‘burr’ mark s1 nap. Heavy on the innuendo! £25 

033 LEONA WILLIAMS & HER DIXIE BAND. Uncle Bud/ Mexican Blues. Col A3736 E fine sides! £18

036 EDITH WILSON & DOC STRAINE. There’ll Be Some Changes Made/ Gonna Be A Cold Cold Winter. (Flag) Col 14066-D E+ superb copy, and uncommon! £25 SOLD

037 LARRY ADLER. St. Louis Blues/ Solitude. ReZ MR1883 E+ Fine hot London 1935 sides with small group backing £12 SOLD

040 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCH. Gin and Jive/ There’s A Small Hotel. (Swing) VoE S57 E+ £10

041     Mighty Like The Blues/ I Ain’t Got Nobody. (Swing) VoE S110 E Holland 1937 E+  £10

043 BILL COLEMAN (Trumpet solos w/ Herman Chittison pno). I’m In The Mood 4 Luv/ After U’ve Gone. (Fr) HMV K7764 V+, plays better £12

044 LOUIS DE VRIES & HIS RHYTHM BOYS. St. Louis Blues/ Moon Glow. DeE F5568 Fine London 1935 sides, Danny Polo etc! OS £12

045 CHAS DOLNE SWINGTETTE + DAVE BEE. St. Louis Blues/ Musik, Musik, Musik. (Belg) De 8750 V++ sm rc s1 nap. Brussels 1940 Jazz harp! £8

054 TEDDY FOSTER & HIS KINGS OF SWINGSt. Louis Blues/ The Melody Man. DeE F6149 EE+ £12

061 SPIKE HUGHES D.O.  Everybody Luvs My Baby/ Misty Mornin’ DeE F2166 EE- lt scfs nap Norman Payne tpt £18 SOLD

066 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ORCH. Rhythm Is Our Business/ All of Me. CoE DB5017 EE- lt scfs nap Paris 1936 £20

070 RONNIE MUNRO ORCH (as Comedy D.O.). When I Met Connie In The Cornfield/ I’m Thirsty For Kisses. PaE E6198 E- 2 hot 1929 sides! £20 SOLD

085 RHYTHM RASCALS. Dinah. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Crown mx H44-? N-  £15 SOLD

086     Music Goes Round and Round/ Talking It Over. Crown 120 E £12

088 HUGO RIGNOLD (Violin solos). Calling All Keys/ Poor Butterfly. PaE R2150 E-, lt nr s2, lt tix £8

091 SAVOY HAVANA BAND (Arthur Rosebery Band?) Liza Lee. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx GB2145-1 V+ heavily stained metal, causes extensive swish £20 SOLD

095 RAY STARITA AMBASSADORS BAND. There’s Somebody Else/n.i CoE 4872 EE- Great arrangement, nice Ahola! £15 SOLD

100 JAY WILBUR’S BAND. If Your Kisses Can’t Hold The Man U Love/ That’s Where South Begins. Imp 2335 EE- Fine arr. s1 with excellent guitar and baritone sax solos! London 1930 £20

104 PIETRO DEIRO (Accordion solos). International Rag/Down in Chatanooga. HMV B704 E £18

110 THE PEERLESS ORCH. Red Pepper Rag-Time/ Ye Gods and Fishes. Zon 905 E- Great version! £18

116 SIX BROWN BROTHERS. That Moaning Saxophone Rag/ VAN EPS TRIO. The Original Fox Trot. HMV B526 EE+ Lovely copy! £15 SOLD

123 IVIE ANDERSON & HER BOYS FROM DIXIE. All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm. 1/s Vinyl Oversize Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M520-2 E+ Unissued on 78!  £40 SOLD

129  BEN BERNIE HOTEL ROOSEVELT ORCH. Cheatin’ On Me/All Aboard For Heaven. Voc 15027 E Pettis solo, hot side £12

131 EUBIE BLAKE & HIS ORCH. Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries/ n.i. Imp 2628 E+ £10 SOLD

133 BUSSE’S BUZZARDS. Monkey Doodle Doo/ PAUL WHITEMAN O. No Man’s Mamma. Vic 19934 E+ odd spots on lbl s1.  £15

134 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS (as Southampton Soc O). Oh Say Can I See U Tonight/I Miss My Swiss. Per 14457 E+ ex solos both sides £12 SOLD

143 EDGEWATER BEACH HOTEL ORCH (Philip Spitalny O.). Go Get ‘Em Caroline. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 150833-2 N-  £20

148 BOB FINLEY & HIS ORCH. Audition Blues/ BOB HARING O. Four or Five Times. Lin 3132 E- Hot and uncommon! £25 SOLD

156 JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCH. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Don’t Be Like That .          Vic 21805 E £18

159 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH. Happy As The Day Is Long/ Lazybones. Per 15790 E Fine solos s1! £12

171 EDDIE LANG & HIS ORCHESTRA. Bugle Call Rag/ Feeeze an’ Melt. (Ger) Odeon 0-28500 E+ Stunning sound on lovely pressing - my old copy! £20 SOLD

172 LANIN’S ROSELAND ORCH. Cary Me Back To Carolina Home/ Lost. Fed 5239 E fine tpt/clt £10

181 LOPEZ & HAMILTON KINGS OF HARMONY O. Bo-La-Bo/ N.I.  Ed 50649 E- £15

182 VINCENT LOPEZ HOTEL PENN. ORCH. Runnin’ Wild/ Down In Maryland. OK 4772 EE+ 1” scr s1 lt tix in places £15

183 LOUISIANA FIVE. B-Hap-E/  Foot Warmer. Ed 50569 E £20 SOLD

187 McKENZIE’S CANDY KIDS (Eddie Lang gtr). Panama/ When My Sugar Walks Down Street. Voc 14977 E- scfs + lt scrs £25

191 IRVING MILLS HOTSY TOTSY GANG. High and Dry/ Barbaric/ BrE 1023 EE+ Great hot sides - Hoagy! £20

193 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Ride Red Ride/ Congo Caravan. Col 3087-D E+ £20

194 CHAUNCEY MOREHOUSE & HIS SWING SIX. Blues In B Flat/ On The Alamo. Voc 3847 E+ Fine 1934 sides, Lytell, Brunies etc £15 SOLD

201 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND. Tin Roof Blues/ 6 Black Diamonds. Mindin’ My Business. Ban 1318 E- lt scfs nap, sol s1 £20

202 NOVELTY FIVE. Barkin’ Dog Blues/ Laughing Hyena. Voc 14061 V Great early jazz sides! £10

208  ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Sweet Mamma Papa’s Getting Mad/ Broadway Rose. Vic 18722 EE- £12 SOLD

209      St. Louis Blues/ Jazz Me Blues. Vic 18772 E  £18

212 JACK PETTIS & HIS BAND. Candies Sweets/ MIKE MARKEL O. Let Smile Be Yr Umbrella. Re 8463 E sol £22 SOLD

218 SAXOPHONE JAZZ ORCHESTRA. Livery Stable Blues/ CORDES JAZZ ORCH. Darktown Strutters Ball. (Vert) Pm 30033 E 1918 ‘Jass’ sides £22 SOLD

220 BOYD SENTER & HIS SENTERPEDES. Doin’ You Good/ Shine. Vic 29192 EE+ Fine sides, Lang, Dorseys etc. £18 SOLD

223 EDDIE SOUTH & HIS ORCH. That’s What I Call Keen/ THE ALL STAR ORCH. I’m More Than Satisfied. Vic 21605 E+ Surprisingly uncommon and two great - but stylistically very different - sides! £35

224 MIKE SPECIALE & HIS ORCH. I Love My Baby/ BILL WIRGES O. Don’t Wake Me Up. Per 14536 E+ £10

228 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. My Baby/ Tack It Down. John R. T. Davies Vinyl Master Pressing of Gnt mxs 13686/ 13691 N- £25

238 WABASH DANCE ORCH (Red Nichols Orch). That’s My Weakness Now/ MAJOR CLUB O (LOUIS KATZMAN O). Where Shy Little Violets. Duo D4001 E Made for the British market and Unissued in USA! £15 SOLD

242 PAUL WHITEMAN ORCH. Nobody’s Sweetheart. 1/s Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 149123-2 E+ £28

243      Xmas Night In Harlem/  Carry Me Back To Green PastUres. Vic 24615 E- £10 SOLD

248 BLUES RECORDS 1943-1970 A-K. Mike Leadbitter & Neil Slaven. Record Inf. Services, 1987 (1st). 800pp HB. Ex £25

251 DISCOGRAPHIE CRITIQUE DE JAZZ. Hugues Pannassie. Robert Laffont 1958. 624pp, PB. VG, yellowing pages. French language discography. £7

252 FATHER OF THE BLUES - The Autobiography of W.C. Handy. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1957 (1st Ed). 318pp HB, DJ, illus. Ex, tr to top spine of dj   £10

253 HIGHBROW/LOWDOWN; Theater, Jazz and the Making of the New Middle Class. David Savran. U of Michigan Press, 2009. 326pp, HB, DJ, ill. N- £8

254 A GLIMPSE AT THE PAST. An Illustrated History of Some Early Record Companies That Made Jazz History. By Michael Wyler, Jazz Pubs, 1957, No. 192 of limited edition. 32 leaves, , PB, ill. VG, tr to lower spine £15

255 HAL KEMP ORCHESTRA 1926-1940. By J. Taylor Doggett. Self Pub. 1998. PB many pages and pics. Odd assemblage of notes and pics to accompany an audio cassette tape of Kemp 78s. E- £7

256 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ - A FAMILY ALBUM. Al Rose and Edmond Souchon. LA State Uni Press, Revised Ed, 1978. 320+pp, HB, DJ, many ill. Ex. Impressive and essential guide to New Orleans jazz families. £20

258 BLIND BOONE; Missouri’s Ragtime Pioneer. Jack A. Batterson. U of Missouri Press, 1998. 118pp, pb, ill. E+ Biog of Ragtime pioneer. £12

259 HORACE SILVER DISCOGRAPHY. Mark Gardner. Self pub no date. 22 leaves, pb. E- £6

260 JAMES P. JOHNSON - FATHER OF STRIDE PIANO. Part Two - Discography. Frank Trolle.  Micrography, 1981. 48pp PB E- £6

261 THE DUKE ELLINGTON READER. Ed Mark Tucker.  OUP 1993. 536pp PB. E Essential for all Ellington fans! £10

263 TIN PAN OPERA - Operatic Novelty Songs of the Ragtime Era. By Lary Hamberlin. OUP 2011. 336pp, HB, DJ, ill. E, some page turn creases. Very interesting and useful examination of the oft-ignored relationship between classical music and popular ragtime songs. £9

264 LOCAL 802 AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS DIRECTORY, 1969. 518pp PB. E- Invaluable research tool listing all Local 802 (Greater New York) members listed by instrument and address - some very well known names from 1920s and 30s here! £20


SP01  CLICQUOT CLUB ESKIMOS. I’d Rather Be Alone/Chinky Butterfly. Col 570-D EE- £10

SP02            Hello Bluebird/ Some Day. Col 795-D E+ £12

SP03  PHIL HUGHES HIGH HATTERS. Etiquette Blues/ GEO. BROOKS D.O. (Reser). U’re A Great Big Baby Doll. Per 15021 V+ sol s2 £12  SOLD

SP04  THE JAZZ PILOTS. That’s My Weakness Now (hot!!)/ SAM LANIN O. I’d Rather Cry Over U. Ariel 4299  V++ Uncommon issue!    £12 SOLD

SP05  JIMMY JOHNSTON’S REBELS. What A Man!/ Show That Fellow The Door. Pur 11452 V+ ripple marks side 2, slt noise. £15

SP06  THE KNICKERBOCKERS (Selvin). Titina/ Me Neenyah. (Flag) Col 317-D E+ £12

SP07          Tonight’s My Night With Baby/ Hi Ho The Merrio. Col 650-D E- £10

SP08  OKEH SYNCOPATORS. Choo Choo Blues/REGA D.O. Where Bamboo Babies Grow. OK 4729 V+ £12

SP09   PARK LANE ORCH. Idolizing/ Just A Little Longer. Br 3363 E+ £12

SP10  HARRY RESER & REGA D.O.  Everybody Step/ REGA D.O. Tuck Me To Sleep… Apex 4452 E- £10

SP11  HARRY RESER’S SYNCOPATORS. Someone Is Losin’ Susan/Who Wouldn’t. Col 708-D EE- lbl tr s2. £10

SP12          Fire!/ We’ll Have A Kingdom. Col 803-D EE-, ef s1 0 gvs £10

SP13          Susie’s Feller/ Oh How I Love Bulgarians. Col 774-D E- £10

SP14         Collegiate Sam/ Piccolo Pete (fine solos both sides). Col 1973-D E- spider lam s1, nap. £10

SP15  THE ROUNDERS. Is She My Girlfriend/SAM LANIN O. When Morning Glories… Apex 8696 VV+ £7

SP16          Kansas City Kitty/ Dolores. Imp  2110 E £8

SP17 SEVEN LITTLE POLAR BEARS. Our Bungalow of Dreams/ GEORGE HALL O. Will We Meet Again. Cam 1281 V+ £8

SP18 SIX JUMPING JACKS. I’m Gonna Let The Bumble Bee Be/ Horses. Br 3109 E- £12

SP19          Out In The New Mown Hay/ Lo-Do-De-O. BrE 3252 EE- £10

SP20          If You Can’t Land ‘Er/ Where Do You Worka John. Br 3374 V+ £7

SP21          Our American Girl/ Fair Co-Ed. BrE 3702 E £12 SOLD

SP22          Etiquette Blues/ CONSTANTINOPLE. BrE 3831 E £12

SP23          Positively - Absolutely/ There’s A Trick In Pickin’ A Chicken… Br 3582 E- £12