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The Happy Six

The Happy 6

The Happy Six in late 1919. Organised by band contractor Harry A. Yerkes, this group recorded extensively for Columbia between 1919 and 1923, employing some of the most important names of the jazz and dance band world of the time, including Rudy Wiedoeft, Ross Gorman, Clyde Doerr, Bennie Krueger, Earl Oliver, Clarence Gransie, Ted Fiorito, Phil Ohman, and xylophonists Joe and George Hamilton Green. Most importantly, some of their records feature pioneer New Orleans musicians Alcide Nunez and Tom Brown, being the first made by the latter - a key figure in both the earliest New Orleans bands to move to the North and also the New Orleans revival of the 1940s. The personnel of the band shown is Earl Oliver, trumpet, James Lent or Paul Creedon, drums, Tom Brown, trombone, Elmer Grosso, violin, Alcide Nunez clarinet and Albert 'Babe' Fuller piano. The latter sailed for England with The American Five (a group organised for the trip by Yerkes) on January 11, 1920, so the photo must date from earlier.