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Savoy Havana Band, 1923

Savoy Havana lo res

A rare glimpse in to a British recording studio - The Savoy Havana Band in Columbia’s Clerkenwell Road studios in early 1923. L-R: Billy Mayerl, Bert Ralton, Cyril Ramon Newton, drummer Martin 'Whitey' Higley (standing), Eddie Frizelle, Dave Wallace (standing), George Eskdale, Bill Marcus, unknown sax, Jim Bellamy. Interesting to note that all bar Mayerl, Newton, Eskdale and Bellamy are Americans. The Savoy Havana Band was led by American saxophonist Bert Ralton, and they recorded and broadcast prolifically through the 1920s. Ralton left the Savoy Hotel in October 1923 to take a band of ex-Savoy musicians and others to Australia, and he was accidentally killed in a hunting accident in South Africa on 16 January 1927.