Louis Panico & His Orchestra, c. 1925. | Mark Berresford RARE RECORDS | Mark Berresford

Louis Panico & His Orchestra, c. 1925.


Trumpeter Louis Panico (b. June 21, 1898 in Naples, Italy. d. July 29, 1986 in Melrose Park, Cook County, Illinois) was influenced by King Oliver’s use of mutes, and popularised the ‘wah wah’ trumpet style, firstly with Isham Jones’ Orchestra, and then with his own orchestras. This photo was taken in the Daguerre photo studio, Chicago, using the same backdrop as the iconic King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators photos of 1926. Some familiar faces here - others need identification. Can you help? I see Joe Frank, drums, Leo Murphy, violin, Louis Panico, trumpet, Elmer Schoebel, director and 2nd pianist, ?Marvin Saxbe, banjo. The keen-eyed will note the presence of several former Isham Jones sidemen (Frank, Panico, Murphy, maybe others?)