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Tel: (+44) 1773 550275  

Bids by Email to: mark@jazzhound.net


You may also download this list as a printable pdf file here

Postage and packing in purpose-built new boxes extra. Winners only notified.

Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £5/$8. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to mark@jazzhound.net

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

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SUGGESTED MINIMUM BIDS. I’m often asked "How much should I bid on so-and-so?” Well, the straight answer is bid what it’s worth to you. However it is useful for newer collectors to have an idea of what some of the rarer items may realistically fetch, so I am showing against some such items a Suggested Minimum Bid (SMB) in British Pounds. 

Feel free to disregard these figures  but they are based on 40+ years of selling 78s, and in many cases are considerably less than what they may actually achieve. Bids over these amounts are more likely to be ultimately successful.

SB=Sunburst (Decca). DJ=Disc Jockey or Sample Copy. TT=Truetone label OKeh. MB = Minimum Bid.

Starting with this auction we will be offering a great selection of Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance records from the collection of jazz clarinettist and record dealer Johnny Hobbs, plus more Master Test Pressings, many of which were unissued on 78 (and some never reissued!). Unless stated they are vinyl (rather than the less durable modern polystyrene pressings), and several are super-high quality shellac pressed in the late 1930s and early 1940s for George Avakian for consideration for reissue on Columbia, Parlophone etc.


001 BAILEY GOSPEL SINGERS. I Know The Lord/Draw Me Nearer. OK 6815 E+

002 BIG BILL (BROONZY). Trouble & Lying Woman/ Let Me Dig It. OK 37785 EE+

003           Sweet Honey Bee/ My Little Flower. OK 06386 E+

004 GABRIEL BROWN & HIS GUITAR. Bad Love/Down In The Bottom. Joe Davis 5006 E sol s1

005 NAPPY BROWN. Little By Luittle/I’m Getting Lonesome. Savoy 1506 E+

006 ROY BROWN. Wrong Woman Bl/Beautician Blues. De Luxe 3313 (DJ) E+ sol s1

007 LAURA BRYANT & CLARENCE WILLIAMS ORCH. Dentist Chair Blues Pts 1 & 2. QRS R7055 E+ Great rarity with superb accomp! SMB £150

008 UNA MAE CARLISLE. I Like It Cause I Luv It/U Gotta Take Your Time. Joe Davis 7171 E- plays better

009 LEROY CARR & SCRAPPER BLACKWELL. Blues Before Sunrise/Mean Mistreater Mama (Gold) Voc 02657 VV+ strong player

010 BO CARTER. Last Go Round. 11” Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OKeh mx 405026-1 E, v lt swish in parts SMB £50

011 JOSEPHINE CARTER & TAMPA BLUE J.B. When I Go Your Good Thing’s Going Too/Jim Jam Blues. OK 8012 E lt scfs nap. Uncommon!

012 DR. CLAYTON’S BUDDY (Sunnyland Slim). Broke & Hungry/ Across The Hall Blues. Vic 20-3085 E-. 2 scfs and 2 sm int hc, nap

013 ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP. I Don’t Know It/That’s Your Red Wagon. Vic 20-2387 E+

014           I Want My Lovin’/ You Got To Reap. Vic 20-2105 E-

015 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE. Gibing Blues/ Dupree Shake Dance. OK 06104 E

016 FRANKIE & HER BOYS (Georgia Gibbs). Not On The First Night/Laziest Gal In Town. Juke Box JB505 V+ plays better

017 BLIND BOY FULLER. Working Man blues/Walking & Looking Bl. Dec 7899 V++ ef s2, nap

018 JAZZ GILLUM. Long Razor Bl/ Im Not The Lad. Vic 20-2120 EE+

019 GOLDEN GATE QUARTET. Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’/ Dip Yr Fingers In The Water. OK 6712 E

020 GRAND CENTRAL RED CAP 4. My Little Dixie Home/They Kicked The Devil Out of Heaven. Col 14621-D E, tiny rc s1, nap. Rare 1931 sides with mysterious saxman and arranger Robert Cloud playing piano on his own tunes SMB £40

021 ACE HARRIS ORCH. Shorty’s Got To Go/ After Hours. Hub 3019 EE- plays E

022 LUCILLE HEGAMIN & BLUE FLAME SYNCOS. I Got The Wonder Where He Went....Bl/ He May Be Your Man. Pur 11108 E-

023           My Sugar/I Had Someone Else Before I Had U. Cam 777 E

024 ROSA HENDERSON. I’m Broke Fooling With U/ Good Woman’s Blues. Vic 19084 EE- Fine sides!

025 JOHN LEE HOOKER (shown on label as Cooker!). Moaning Blues/ Stomp Boogie. (Fr) Vogue V123 E+

026 LIGHTNING HOPKINS. Short Haired Woman/ Big Mamma Jump. Modern 20-529 V+/E

027 MOOSE JACKSON. Big 10 Inch Record/ I Needed You. King 4850 E

028 LONNIE JOHNSON. Watch Shorty/ Some Day Baby. BB 34-0732 E/V+

029 THE JOLLY THREE. Ain’t Got A Dime Blues/She’s Got Too Much. Voc 03955 V+ plays better. Fine San Antonio 1937 sides with great acc to Jim Whitehead’s vocals!

030 RICHARD M. JONES. Trouble In Mind/Black Rider. (Buff) BB B6569 E+ Fine jazz acc. - Lee Collins tpt! SMB £25

031 MACK & MACK. You Gotta Quit Your Low Down Ways/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY. Farish St. Jive. (Buff) BB B6894 E-0 tiny rc s1, nap. Two great sides!!

032 WILLIE LOVE & HIS 3 ACES. Seventy Four Blues/Vanity Dresser Boogie. Trumpet 173 E+/E

033 SISTER CORA MARTIN. On The Other Side/ Every Day of My Life. Specialty SP814 E+

034 MEMPHIS SLIM & HOUSE ROCKERS. Really Got The Blues/Mother Earth. Premium 867 E+ odd ‘burr’ on part of edge, nap.

035           R&B BAND. Holiday for Boogie/ ST. LOUIS JIMMY R&B BD. Harlem Bound. Esq 10-319 E+

036 HAZEL MEYERS (Joe Smith tpt). He’s Never Gonna Throw Me Down/ Awful Moanin’ Bl. Voc 14709 E+ Superb copy, great acc!

037 LIZZIE MILES. The Man I Got Ain’t The Man I Want. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test of mx 58676-1 N- Superb side with Teddy Bunn, Pops Foster etc! SMB £40

038           Muscle Shoals Blues/ She Walked Right In And Took My Man. OK 8031 E- plays much better.

039 RED NELSON. Relief Blues/ Eva Mae Blues. (Staff) BB B7256 EE- int ul spider cr nap

040 HAL PAIGE & BLUES BOYS. Big Foot May/ Please Say You Do. Atlantic 1032 EE+ wol

041 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. I’ll Be Home For Christmas/ Move Up To Heaven. Specialty XSP837 E+ Orig sleeve

042 ELZADIE ROBINSON (Will Ezell pno). Wicked Daddy/ It’s Too Late Now. Para 12689 E, tight 1/2” cr lt tix, sm press indent, 2 tx. SMB £50

043 GERTRUDE SAUNDERS w/ TIM BRYMN BLACK DEVIL O. I’m Craving For That Kind of Luv/ Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home. OK 8004 E- ‘Shuffle Along’ Original Cast Recording!

044 BESSIE SMITH (Louis Armstrong s1). You’ve Been A Good Ole Wagon/ Dixie Flyer Blues. Col 14079-D E SMB £25

045 CLARA SMITH (Louis Armstrong s1). Court House Blues/ The L&N Blues. Col 14073-D E+ lovely copy!  SMB £40

046           It’s Tight Like That/ Daddy Don’t Put That Thing On Me Bl. Col 14398-D E- Surprisingly rare!

047 IVY SMITH & COW COW DAVENPORT. Shadow Blues/ Gin House Blues. Champion 15736 V+ ngouge start side 2 may skip 1 gv. Rare SMB £30

048 MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS. New Orleans/ Lonesome Mamma Blues. OK 4630 EE- plays E. Coleman Hawkins featured!

049 ROOSEVELT SYKES. Training Camp Blues/Sugar Babe Blues. OK 6709 EE+

050           Security Blues/ walkin’ The Boogie. United 129 E

051 EVA TAYLOR (w/ Clarence Williams Orch). If You Want The Rainbow/Happy Days & Lonely Nights. OK 8665 E+ Lovely Ed Allen tpt! SMB £35

052 MONTANA TAYLOR. I Can’t Sleep/ Low Down /Bugle. Cir J1009 E+

053 WASHBOARD SAM & WASHBOARD BD. Soap and Water Blues/ U Can’t Make The Grade. Vic 20-2440 E- scfs plays better

054 ETHEL WATERS. No Man’s Mamma/Shake That Thing. Col 14116-D E- plays E

055 LEONA WILLIAMS & HER DIXIE BAND. Sister Kate/If U Don’t Believe I Luv You. Col A3713 EE- inaud 1” lam s1

056           I’m Goin’ Away/ Bring IUt With U When U Come. Col A3815 E+ Fine sides

057 EDITH WILSON & JOHNNY DUNN’S JAZZ HOUNDS. Vampin’ Liza Jane/ Nervous Bl. Col A3479 E lt gritty surface.

058 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW. Shack Bully Stomp/ What More Can A Man Do? Dec 7479 V+

059 THE YAS YAS GIRL. Good Old Easy Street/ Two By Four Blues. OK 06446 E+



060 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. I’m On A Diet of Love/ Mona. (Magenta) DeE M119 E- lt scrs nap

061           Piccolo Pete. 1/s white vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx MB798-1A  E+ SMB £25

062           Too Bad. 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of mx DR9670-2 E- SMB £20

Next, your chance to bag Louis Armstrong’s 1934 Paris session in one fell swoop!

063 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCH. Song of the Vipers/Will U Won’t U Be My Baby? Vox 16059 E+ lt nr s1 nap

064           On The Sunny Side of the Street Pts 1 & 2. Voc 16060 E+

065           Tiger Rag/St. Louis Blues. Voc 16058 EE-

066 MAURICE ARNOLD & HIS JIVE BOYS. Doggin’ Around/Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are. (Indian) Col FB40463 E Fine and rare Calcutta 1945 small group jazz (you can hear them at http://www.tajmahalfoxtrot.com)

067 SVEND ASMUSSEN QUINTET. Honeysuckle Rose/Star Dust. (Ger) Od D398 E, long nr both sides lt tix. Copenhagen 1940, fine sides!

068           After You’ve Gone/I Love You. Od D411 E- Copenhagen 1940, great!

069 CONNIE BOSWELL & AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. I’ll Never Say ‘Never Again’ Again. 1/s white vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB7319-1  E+

070 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCH. I’ve Got Two Lips. 1/s white vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vocalion mx S108-2 E+ London 1936

071 LAVAIDA CARTER. Jo-Jo The Cannibal Kid/ Dixie Isn’t Dixie Any More. HMV BD365 E+ Fine London 1936 sides by Valaida’s sister - ‘Blackbirds of 1936’ Original Cast recording with fine jazz backing - Freddy Gardner etc!

072 DAN & HARVEY’S JAZZ BAND. Hindustan/ Smiles. 12” CoE 737 V+ Black ragtime-cum-jazz in London, 1919!

073 RENE DUMONT’S JAZZ BAND. I’m Coming Virginia/ I’m More Than Satisfied. (Ger) Polydor 21284 EE+ Super rare Berlin 1927 sides! SMB £100

074 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS HOT MUSIC. Arkansas/ Sugar Step. BrE 164 E- Great sides, Rollini etc!

075           Under The Moon/ Diane. BrE 143 E+

076           (Piano solos). She’s A Great Great Girl/ Grown Up Baby. BrE 209 E+

077 KAI EWANS ORCH WITH BENNY CARTER. Memphis Blues/ Bugle Call Rag. (Danish) HMV X4698 E+ Rare and fine Copenhagen 1936 sides! SMB £30

078 THE FINNEY TRIBE. Oh Eva/ Why Did I Kiss That Girl? ReE G8247 E+ Hot and rare London 1924 small jazz band sides by contingent of the Savoy Orpheans featuring Vernon Ferry tpt and Herb Finney (reeds).

079 FREDDY GARDNER (sax solo). Japanese Sandman/ (Rhythm Section only). Japanese Sandman. (Aust) Parlo A6461 E+ laminated pressing of unusual London 1935 sides, made for aspiring musicians to study and play along with.

080 CARROLL GIBBONS & HIS PLAYMATES. Reaching For Someone/Mean To Me. HMV B3110 EE+ Uncommon 1929 sides featuring Norman Payne tpt and Danny Polo (reeds).

081 THE GILT-EDGED FOUR. Best Black/ My Sugar. CoE 3704 E few lt scrs. Rare London 1925 sides with Eddie Lang guitar and US trumpeter Julius Berkin!

082 LUD GLUSKIN & HIS VERSATILE JUNIORS. Feeling No Pain/ Miss Annabelle Lee. (vertical) 11” Pathe 8535 E Rare and hot Paris 1928 sides! SMB £100

083 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT 4 (Django). I Got Rhythm/ Limehouse Blues. DeE F5780 E+ Paris 1935

084          QUARTET. I Never Knew/ Body and Soul. DeE F8128 E London 1941, George Shearing pno.

085 JACK HART & HIS DANCE BAND. I’m Singing My Way Round The World/ Cryin For The Carolines. Dom C313EE- couple lt scrs nap. Rare and red hot London 1930 sides of ex-Fred Elizalde musicians featuring Bixian trumpet solo from Norman Payne! SMB £50

086 IKE HATCH. When It’s Sleepy Time Down South/ Georgia On My Mind. PaE F578 V++ Rare London 1936 sides by veteran black American composer and performer.


088 ART HICKMAN’S NEW YORK-LONDON 5. Jicky/ When My Baby Smiles At Me. HMV B1200 E- US Jazz Band in London 1920.

089 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS DANCE ORCH. Zonky/ Crying For The Carolines. DeE F1747 E+ London 1930, Max Godlberg, Danny Polo etc!

090 JACK HYLTON’S KIT-CAT BAND. Milenburg Joys/ My Sugar. HMB B2101 EE- plays E. Stunning, huge sound, London 1925 sides! SMB £40

091 JAZZ CLUB MYSTERY JIVERS. Beatin’ The Hallelujah Drums/ Please Don’t Talk About Me. Victory 9032 E- Glenn Miller sidemen in Paris 1945 - Hucko, McKinley, Mel Powell etc.

092 JEFFRIES’ RIALTO ORCH. Everybody Love My Baby/Alabamy Bound. Gmn 1724 EE- tiny dig s1, slt tix Hot London 1925 sides, solos

093 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ENTERTAINERS. Sweet Sue/Organ Grinder’s Swing. (Fr) Pathe PA1030 E- taped-up edge damage, just into pno intro s1, thumps 2 turns.

094 LONDON RADIO DANCE BAND. Clementine/ n.i. CoE 4701 E, lt scfs nap. Rare 1927 side!

095 JAZZ FRED MELE DU MOULIN ROUGE. Si L’On Voyait Ce Qu’il Y A Derriere/ Ca C’est Paris. (Fr) Od A165030  E-  Hot s1, Paris 1926

096 HENRY MELLAND (Piano Solos). Fourth’s Fever/ Missing Every Note. (Purple) PaE R3495 EE+ Rare and unusual London 1927 piano solos!

097 RONNIE MUNRO DANCE ORCH. Ice Cream/ Sunny Swanee. (Red) PaE E5699 EE- hot solos s1!

098 TONY MURENA SWING ENSEMBLE. Gitan Swing/ Express 113. (Fr) Od 281489 E+

099 ORIGINAL CAPITOL ORCHESTRA. Tiger Rag/ In A Tent. Zon 2447 E+, lt inaud scr s1. Classic London 1924 side by Mississippi riverboat band in superb condition!!

100 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Mammy O’Mine/Tell Me. 12” CoE 804 V+

101           Soudan/ LONDON D.O. Me-Ow. 12” CoE 829  E-

102 HARRY PERRITT & HIS ORCH. J.B. Blues/ Buchanan Stomp. CoE FB1076 VV+ Rare London 1934 sides!

103 SID PHILLIPS & HIS ORCH (Star-studded sides, Goldberg etc). Annie Laurie. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx OCB342-2 N- Unissued take!

104           There’s A Tavern In The Town. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx OCB344-1 N- Unissued on 78!

105 QUEEN’S DANCE ORCHESTRA.  A Trombone Cocktail/Counting The Days. HMV B1276 E- lt scrs nap. Fine 1921 Jack Hylton sides featuring black American clarinettist Edmund Thornton Jenkins (of Orphanage Band fame).

106 QUINTETTE OF THE HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django). After You’ve Gone/Oriental Shuffle. (Indian) HMV N4469 E+ lovely unusual issue! 

107           Swing Guitars/Georgia On My Mind. HMV B8532 E

108           Mystery Pacific/ You’re Driving Me Crazy. HMV B8606 EE+

109           Runnin’ Wild/ Miss Annabelle Lee. HMV B8614 EE+

110           Time On My Hands/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight? DeE F7100 E+

111 DJANGO REINHARDT ET SON GRAND ORCH. Mixture/Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon. (Belgian) Rhythme D5018 E Rare Nazi-Occupied Belgium sides! SMB £50

112           & HIS BAND. Blues Barbizon/ Swing 49. Dial 754 E Rare 1947 sides! SMB £40

113 DJANGO REINHARDT & QHCF. Tiger Rag/Dinah. (Ger) Telefunken A1959 E+ 1st session, Paris 1934! SMB £40

114           Duke and Dukie/ Songe D’Automne. DeE C16092 E+ Rare

115 THE RHYTHM MANIACS. That’s You Baby/ I’m Building A Nest for Mary. DeE F1514 V+ Rare London 1929 sides, Ahola etc!

116 RHYTHM REVELLERS. Could Be/ Shut Eye. DeE F7058 E+ Uncommon London 1939 small band sides with Freddy Gardner, Tommy McQuater etc!

117 THE ROMAINE ORCH (Savoy Orpheans). Everybody Loves My Baby/ I Know That someone Luvs Me. Zon 2568 E Hot and Uncommon!

118 ARTHUR ROSEBERY & HIS KIT CAT DANCE BD. Broadway/Sing A Little Love Song. PaE R399 E+ Rare and fine!

119 JEAN SABLON (Acc. Django Reinhardt/Andre Ekyan). Par Correspondence/ Je Said Que Vous Etes Jolie. (Fr) Col DF 1506 E

120 THE SAVANNAH PLAYERS (Arthur Lally Band). Sing. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB2270-1A E, lt swish. Fine hot side, Jack Jackson tpt, vn solos!

121 SAVOY HAVANA BAND (ARTHUR ROSEBERY BAND??). Who Cares? 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB2144-2A E stain pressing, some swish. Fine hot 1930 side with tpt/as/tb solos and Rosebery’s vocalist, Len Lees.

122 LLOYD SHAKESPEARE’S BAND. Kind O’ Mean/ You Can’t Have Lovin’ Unless. (Red) PaE E5998 E. Extremely rare and ncompromisingly hot sides by the winners of the 1927 Melody Maker Dance Band competition, the prize being a Parlophone record session! SMB £100

123 NOBLE SISSLE & EUBIE BLAKE. Dinah/ Piccaninny Shoes. EBW 4381 E Recorded in London 1926, great piano s1, unissued in USA!

124 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH. You Want Lovin’ and I Want Love/ Recollections (wz). HMV B5725 E Hot and huge sound London 1929 side 1!

125 RAY STARITA & HIS BAND. You Taught Me All I Know/ The Seven Step. CoE CB79 EE- Amazing Bixian tpt solos from Jack Jackson - and rare!

126 LEWIS STONE & HIS ORCH. You’re The Cream In My Coffee/ Ramona. Duophone F2011 E+ Impossibly rare and red hot 1929 side, never seen in this shape! SMB £50

127 THE SWING RHYTHM BOYS. Is It True What They Say About Dixie? 1/s vinyl Master Test Crown Pressing of mx H575 E+ Gardner, McQuater

128           Let’s Talk About Love.  1/s vinyl Master Test Crown Pressing of mx H576 E+ Fine 1936 side, Gardner, McQuater.

129 VALAIDA (QUEEN OF THE TRUMPET). I Must Have That Man/I Want A Lot of Love. PaE F575 EE- lt scrs

130           I Got Rhythm/ Chloe. PaE F1048 E- scfs  Uncommon!

131 JAY WHIDDEN & HIS BAND. Jack & Jill. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB1156-2 E+ Great side and Unissued!


132 CATANI’S BALLROOM ORCH. Temptation Rag/ Everybody’s Doing It. Ariel 2077 VV+ plays well. Berlin 1912

133 CONWAY’S BAND. Two Key Rag/ The Harlequin. Vic 18106 E- lts scrs

134 BURT EARLE & HIS ANGLO-AMERICAN ORCH. On The Mississippi/ The Wedding Glide. (vert) Pathe 8872 V+/V heavy but shallow scrs s2 but little effect. Fine London 1913 featuring famed American banjoist!

135 HOWARD KOPP (Drum solo). The Ragtime Drummer/ The Mascot of the Troop. Col A1822 E+

136           & FRANK BANTA (Piano/drum duet). Calico Rag (-1)/ Money Blues (-3). Col A2241 E- ulc s1 nap ‘Proper’ Ragtime piano, 1917!

137 THE LONDON ORCH. Brooklyn Cake Walk/ Black & White (NOT the well known rag!). Cinch 5245 E London 1913

138 OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo solo w/piano). The College Rag/ Coontown Breezes. Zon 1060 E

139 VESS L. OSSMAN. Sunflower Dance/ Moose March. Col-Rena 1366 E  Wonderfully clear recordings from 1906/8!

140 ROYAL MILITARY BAND. Powder Rag/ Americana. EBW 2259 E- Fine orchestral ragtime s1

141           Cubanola Glide/Alexander’s RTB. Colis 231 E-

142 SAVOY QUARTET. I Don’t Want To Get Well/The Wild Wild Women. HMV B962 E Fine London 1918 sides with black drummer!

143           Oh Helen!/ When U See Another Sweetie Hanging Around. HMV B1069 EE-

144 FRED VAN EPS (Banjo). Rag Pickings/ n.i. Vic 16934 E  NYC 1911

145           Red Pepper - A Spicy Rag/ Lobster’s Promenade. Vic 17033 E

146           Junk Man Rag/  Morse Medley. Col A1417 E-

147 VAN EPS BANJO ORCH. Soup To Nuts/ I Want To Go Back To Michigan. Col A1629 E Fine sides!

148           Thanks For The Lobster/ My Hindoo Man. ReE G6892 EE+ side 1 is a Clarence M. Jones composition!



Some records have a small circular sticker on the label which should remove with lighter fluid - this is shown as ‘ss’ or ‘ssx2’ if on both sides

149 THE AMBASSADORS. The Throw-Down Blues/Oh, How I Love My Darling. Voc 14933 EE+ Fine 1924 Pettis/Mole/Nichols sides!

150 ARKANSAW TRAVELERS. Breezing Along With The Breeze/ OKEH SYNCOS. Walking Around In Circles. (Fr) Od 74309 E

151 LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOT 5. Tight Like That. 1/s Parlophone Shellac Master Test Pressing of OK mx 402226-C E+ Gorgeous pressing! SMB £30

152 WALTER BARNES ROYAL CREOLIANS. Buffalo Rhythm/ Third Rail. (Lightning) Br 7072 E+/EE+ tiny scr side 2 nap, ssx2 SMB £40

153 BAR HARBOR SOC ORCH (Selvin). Shine/ THE AMBASSADORS. I’m Gonna Lose Myself... VoE X9459 E+ 2 hot sides, 1924

154 TOM BERWICK ORCH. Memphis Blues/DUKE ELLINGTON ORCH. I Met My Waterloo. (It) HMV AE4421 E rare issue, side 1 unlisted but hot!

155 BLUEBIRD MILITARY BAND. That’s A-Plenty. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx BS026682-1 EE+

156           Wolverine Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx BS026682-1 EE+

Despite the billing these are surprisingly good ragtimey/jazz sides from 1935!

157 TOM BROWN’S MERRY MINSTREL ORCH. It’s The Blues/For Ever and Ever With U. OK 40514 V+

158 TIM BRYMN’S BLACK DEVIL ORCH. Wang Wang Blues/Siren of the Southern Sea. OK 4310 good E-

159 Withdrawn

160 EMILIO CACERES & CLUB AGUILA ORCH. Marihuana/ Jig In G. Vic 24614 E- 3 gv sm dig s1, lt tix. San Antonio, 1934

161 CAB CALLOWAY ORCHESTRA. Beale Street Mama/ Eadie Was A Lady. (Gold/Cream) Voc 15873 V+ ssx2. mega rare late Vocalion issue!

162           Give Baby Give/Pluckin The Bass. Conq 9465 EE-

163 CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. Miss Wonderful/ Somebody Mighty LikeYou. PaE R539 EE- Fine side 1, uncommon!

164 SUNNY CLAPP & HIS BAND O’ SUNSHINE. Reflections Of U/ Moonlight On The Prairie. Vic 22777 E ss

165 CELESTIN’S TUXEDO JAZZ ORCH. As You Like It/ Just For You Dear I’m Crying. Col 14259-D EE+ ssx2 New Orleans Jazz Classics! SMB £100

166           Ta Ta Daddy/ Sweetheart of TKO. Col 14396-D EE-

167 THE COLLECTORS ITEMS CATS. On A Blues Kick/ I Surrender Dear. Coll Items 102 E+ Wild Bill, Boyce Brown etc!

168 EDDIE CONDON & HIS BAND. It’s Right Here For You. 11” Shellac Master Test Pressing of Commodore mx P25708-2 E lt scfs nap. Unissued on 78!

169 DOC COOK & HIS DREAMLAND ORCH. Sidewalk Blues/ NEW ORLEANS OWLS. White Ghost Shivers. Col 862-D V+ plays better ssx2

170           & 14 DOCTORS OF SYNCOPATION. Brainstorm/ Alligator Crawl. Col 1298-D EE+ gorgeous copy! SMB £75

171 THE COTTON PICKERS. Rampart Street Bl/ Back O’Town Blues. Br 2486 E

172           Milenberg Joys/ If You Hadn’t Gone Away. BrE 2937 EE-

173 CHAS CREATH’S JAZZ-O-MANIACS. Market Street Stomp/ Won’t Don’t Blues. OK 8280 V scrs

174 JAMES G. DIMMICK’S SUNNYBROOK O. Let Me Introduce U To My Rosie/ Cross My Heart. (Red) Gnt 3221 E+ Two hot 1926 sides!

175 DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. Florida Blues/ Louisville Stomp. Vic 20403 V+ ssx2

176           Boodle Am Shake (-1)/ Memphis Shake. HMV B10707 E+ Only issue of this take of s1!

177 DIXIE SERENADERS (Sonny Clay Band). Cho-King/ St. Louis Blues. Ch 40003 E, press creases, nap ssx2 Great West Coast Jazz, 1931! SMB £50

178 VANCE DIXON & HIS PENCILS. Hot Peanuts/ Pete The Dealer In Meat. OK 8891 V+ plays better ssx2. Rare!

179 JOHNNY DUNN’S ORIG JAZZ HOUNDS. Put & Take/ Moanful Blues. Col A3579 E+ Actually Sam Wooding’s Band

180           Spanish Dream (-1)/ Hallelujah Blues Col A3839 E- lt scfs nap. Rare take s1!

181           (Trumpet solo). You’ve Never Heard The Blues/ Dunn’s Cornet blues. Col 124-D E

182 ROY ELDRIDGE & HIS ORCH. Wabash Stomp. 11” Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C1793-2 E cr on edge not to gvs. Unissued on 78! SMB £40

183 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCH. Rockin’ In Rhythm. 11” Shellac Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404804-A EE+ tiny rc nap. Beautiful player! SMB £30

184           Caravan/ Azure. Br 7997 EE+

185 FOWLER’S FAVORITES. Percolatin’ Blues/ Hot Strut. Col 14230-D E- Two of the hottest Harlem band sides of the 20s!

186 FRENCHY’S STRING BAND. Texas & Pacific Blues/ Sunshine /Special. Col 14387-D V++ spider cr s2 nap. ssx2. Great player!

187 GEORGIA MELODIANS. Red Hot Henry Brown (-C)/ She’s Drivin Me Wild (-A). Ed 51598 E-

188 THE GEORGIANS. Chicago/ Sister Kate. Col A3775 E+ Lovely copy of two of their best sides

189 ERNIE GOLDEN ORCH. Come On Baby/ Doin’ The Raccoon. Re 8690 EE- Good sides

190 GOLDEN GATE ORCH. Hot Lips/ Nobody Lied. Bell P159 E- Uncommon!

191           I’ve A Garden In Sweden (-B)/ Southern Rose (-C). Ed 51443 E+ Don’t be put off by the titles - these are hot sides, Rollini solo etc!

192           Sweet Man (-B)/ Brown Eyes Why R U Blue (-B). Ed 51622 EE-

193           Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now (-C)/ The Flapper Wife (-B). Ed 51551 E

194           Beedle Um Bo (-A)/ Trick In Pickin A Chicken (B). Ed 52043 E- Electric sides, hot solos, Spencer Clark etc!

195 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Clementine/ I Left My Sugar Standing In Rain. (purple) PaE R3421 EE-

196 GREY GULL STUDIO BAND (Anon). My Pet/ Bill Bailey WYPCH. Rx 1534 E Fine Mosiello tpt!

197 ADELAIDE HALL & LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS O. Baby/ I Must Have That Man. Br 4031 E+ Fine 1928 sides!

198 FRED HALL’S SUGAR BABIES. Piccolo Pete/ Sgt Flagg & Sgt. Quirt. PaE R543 E+ Gleaming copy!

199 FRED HAMM & HIS ORCH. Sugar Foot Stomp/ ART LANDRY & HIS O. Slippery Elm. Vic 20023 E+

200 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Dicty Blues/ Do Doodle Oom. Col A3995 EE- lts scfs play E

201           You’ll Never Get To Heaven With Those Eyes/ That’s Georgia. Col 202-D EE+

202           Go ‘Long Mule/ CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. Eliza. ReE G8293 E+ Louis side 1, hot solos s2

203           Harlem Madness/ Phantom Fantasie. HMV B6515 EE- lt scrs nap

204 EARL HINES ORCH. Take It Easy/ Harlem Lament. Br 6771 E OS

205 THE HOME TOWNERS (Dorsey Bros Orch). Tiger Rag/ MEYER DAVIS ORCH. Jo-Anne. Duo D4034 E- Side 1 is a storm, and Unissued in USA!

206 BOB HOWARD & HIS ORCH. You Hit The Spot/ Whose Big Baby Are You. BrE 02158 E+ OS

207           Garbo Green/ Much Too Much. BrE 02191 E+ OS

Now, a pair of Harlem Jazz Classics...

208 CHARLIE JOHNSON’S PARADISE TEN. The Charleston Is The Best Dance After All/ LLOYD SCOTT’S ORCH. Harlem Shuffle. Vic 21491 E+ ssx2 SMB £100

209           Walk That Thing/ The Boy In The Boat. Vic 21712 E- ssx2

210 ISHAM JONES ORCH. Cotton Picker’s Ball/ My Sweeter Than Sweet. Br 2548 E

211 RICHARD M. JONES’ JAZZ WIZARDS. Mush Mouth Blues/ Kint To Kant Blues. (Truetone) OK 8349 V++

212           Boar Hog Blues/ Jazzin’ Babies Blues. Vic 21203 E Fine sides with Shirley Clay tpt! SMB £50

213 ART KAHN’S ORCH. Off and Gone/ Gilda. Col 221-D E+ Very hot sides by underrated Chicago band!

214 KXYZ NOVELTY BAND. Basin Street Blues/ I Never Knew. (Buff) BB B8532 E, off ‘parallel lines’ all over s2, but don’t sound. Great San Antonio 1935 sides allegedly with the bassist from Buddy Bolden’s Band!

215 EDDIE LANG (Guitar solos). Feeling My Way/Pickin’ My Way. BrE 1282 E Early pressing with nice photo of Lang pasted onto lbl s1

216 LANIN’S RED HEADS. I’m Gonna Hang Around My Sugar/ Five Foot Two.. Col 483-D EE-

217 BOBBIE LEECAN’S NEED MORE BAND. Apaloosa Blues/ BENNIE MOTEN’S K.C. ORCH. Sugar. HMV B5430 E+ OS ‘Factory Sample’ stamped on lbl s1. Beautiful copy of 1927 British issue, mercilessly attacked in a Melody Maker review of the time - oh well… SMB £30

218 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. San/ She’s Everybody’s Sweetheart. Col 122-D V+ good player. Fine version!

219           Barnyard Blues/ There’ll Be Some Changes Made. Col 170-D E

220           Hello Montreal!/ Laugh Clown Laugh.  Col 1346-D EE+ Great Don Murray s1!

221           Egyptian Ella/ I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby. Col 2428-D E- sticker residue lbls. Classics with Fats Waller!

222           I’m Sure Of Everything But U/ Play Fidde Play. (Blue wax) Col 2728-D E- scfs Excellent solos s1

223 THE LITTLE RAMBLERS. Deep Blue Sea Blues/ I’m Satisfied... Col 217-D E+ Super copy!

224           Too Much Imagination/ Cling To Me. (Buff) BB B6238 E

225 VINCENT LOPEZ ORCH. Aggravatin’ Papa/Burning Sands. OK 4783 EE+ Hot s1

226 NICK LUCAS (Guitar Solos). Pickin’ The Guitar/ Teasing The Frets. Br 2536 E-

227 CHARLES MATSON’S CREOLE SERENADERS. I Just Want A Daddy (-C) / BROADWAY D.O. Rose of Brazil. Ed 51224 E- lbl tr s2

228 JAY McSHANN ORCH (Walter Brown vcl s1). One Woman’s Man/ So U Won’t Jump. Dec 8607 EE-

229 MEMPHIS JUG BAND. Kansas City Blues/ K.C. Moan. ReZ MR2231 E What were they thinking when they issued this in Britain in the 1930s? SMB £50

230 MEMPHIS NIGHT HAWKS. Wild Man Stomp/ Shanghai Honeymoon. (Gold) Voc 2593 EE- 2 sm pimples s1, lt tix.ssx2

231 VIC MEYERS & HIS ORCH. Three O’ Clock Blues/ Nay Dearie Nay. Levaphone A162 V++ Super rare issue!

232 IRVING MILLS HOTSY TOTSY GANG. Some Fun/ 6 JUMPING JACKS. The Man From The South. (Ger) Br A8465 E- Uncommon!

233 IRVING MILLS & HIS ORCH (Joe & Dan Mooney vcl). So Sweet. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 67490-2 E+ Rare!

234 MIFF MOLE & HIS LITTLE MOLERS. Navy Blues/ FRANKIE TRUMBAUER O. Happy Feet. PaE R701 E laminated pressing

235           I Can’t Break The Habit of U/ Love and Learn. Voc 3468 E Star studded sides, Midge Williams vcl s1

236 SAM MORGAN’S JAZZ BAND. Bogalousa Strut/ Short Dress Ga. Col 14351 E/EE- 2 lt nrs s2 nap ssx2 SMB £125

237 THOMAS MORRIS PAST JAZZ MASTERS. Beaucoupe De Jazz/ Those Blues. OK 4940 V++ Great 1923 Harlem Jazz!

238 JELLY ROLL MORTON RED HOT PEPPERS. Jungle Blues/ Wild Man Blues. BB B10256 E+ Alternate Masters!

239           Tank Town Bump/ Steamboat Stomp. (Export) HMV JF56 E+ Lovely Master Pressings!

240           TRIO. Wolverine Blues/ Mr. Jelly Lord. (Swiss) HMV JK2233 E Nice master pressings!

241 BENNIE MOTEN’S KC. ORCH. Milenberg Joys. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 74852-1 E+ Awesome sound quality!

242           Boot It/ Everyday Blues. Viv V38144 E-

243           Terrific Stomp/ McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS/ It’s Tight Like That. (Buff) BB B6304 EE+ Masters

244           Prince of Wales. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of Vic mx 74854-1A E+ A tough one!

245 OLIVER NAYLOR’S ORCH. Sweet Georgia Brown/ BENSON ORCH OF CHICAGO. Riverboat Shuffle. Vic 19688 EE+ Eearly electric hot sides!

246 NEW ORLEANS BLUE FIVE. My Baby Don’t Squawk. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 36825-2 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £50

247 RED NICHOLS’ STOMPERS. Sugar/Make My Cot... HMV B5433 E

248 JIMMY NOONE APEX CLUB O. (as Savannah Syncos). After U’ve Gone/ My Melancholy Baby. (Lightning) Br 7124 E- ssx2

249 KING OLIVER & HIS CREOLE JAZZ BAND. Alligator Hop/Krooked Blues. Gnt 5274 Overall E-- with slightly noisy starts (not terrible) as are most  copies of this rarity. SMB £150

250           Jazzin’ Babies Blues/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE 5. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues. OK 4975 Strong E- tiny rc s1 nap

251           DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Sugar Foot Stomp/ Snag It. Br 3361 E-

252           ORCH. I’m Lonseome For You Sweetheart/ I Can’t Stop Loving U. Vic 23029 E gritty pressing but plays well. ss

253           You’re Just My Type/ I Must Have It. (Arg) Vic 62-0061 E+ Masters

254 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. In My Little Red Book. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 019685-1  E+

255           Goodnight, Sweet Dreams. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 019686-1  E+

256 ORIGINAL INDIANA FIVE. Stockholm Stomp/ The Chant/ Har 387H E+ Supoerb copy of 2 fine sides

257 ORIGINAL LOUISIANA FIVE. Louisiana Toddle/ Too Tired. Triangle 11417 V+ Rare 1924 sides!

258 ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE. Hootin’ De Hoot/ RED FLAME KAZOO TRAVELERS. How Come U Do Me? Lincoln 2222 E interesting coupling!

259 ORIGINAL ST. LOUIS CRACKERJACKS. Crackerjack Stomp/  Blue Thinking Of You (SB) Dec 7236 EE+ tiny press pimple s1, tix lightly.

260 ORIGINAL WOLVERINES. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble/ New Twister. Com 102 E+ Beautiful pressing plays the pants of the Brunswick!

261 PARENTI’S LIBERTY SYNCOPATORS. African Echoes/ Weary Blues. Col 1264-D E couple lt scrs nap

262 TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS. Squeeze Me. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 62935-1 Unissued on 78! SMB £100

263           Stuttering Blues/ Jogo Rhythm. Vic V38009 V+ ss, strong player!

264           Fat Man Blues/ Black Cat Moan. Vic V38126 V+ ulc s2 nap, ss

265 THE PONCE SISTERS. Fit As A Fiddle/ So At Last It’s Come To This. CoE DB1051 E+ Fine 1932 Venuti-Lang sides Unissued in USA!

266 WALTER POWELL & HIS ORCH. Definition of Swing/ Cevil’s Holiday. Voc 4612 E

267 PRINCETON TRIANGLE CLUB JAZZ BAND. Pirate Gold/ Sea of Dreams. (Personal) Col 31P E- 1924 College Jazz!

268 LEO REISMAN ORCH. Alabama Stomp/ Petrushka. Col 776D E+ Fine side 1, not the usual Reisman fare!

269 JOE ROBECHAUX N.O. RHYTHM BOYS. King Kong Stomp/ St. Louis Blues. (Gold) Voc 2539 E+ Stunning NO Jazz! SMB £40

270 ADRIAN ROLLINI ORCH. I Gotta Get Up & Go To Work/  Ah, But Is It Luv. Mel M12756 E- Red McKenzie, Berigan etc!

271 DOCTOR SAUSAGE & HIS 5 PORK CHOPS. Cuckoo Cuckoo Chicken Rhythm/ Birthday Party. Dec 7776 E Great Jump Jazz!

272 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Do The New York. 1/s Styrene Columbia  Master Test Pressing of mx 151680-3 N- Fine side, Goodman etc!

273           My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna/ Just One More Chance. PaE R1015 E- Rare!

274 BOYD SENTER SENTERPEDES. Give It To Me Right Away/ Smiles. Vic 23032 EE- Fine and uncommon Hollywaood 1930 sides!

275 SEVEN BLACK DOTS (Eubie Blake’s Orchestra). Bandana Days/ Love Will Find A Way. PAct 020665 E-

276 JOEL SHAW & HIS ORCH. My Extraordinary Gal/ Goofus. Crown 3302 V+

277 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH. You Can’t Live In Harlem/ That’s What Luv Did To Me. (SB) Dec 778 E-/EE- Bechet s1. Lena Horne 1st record s2!

278 EDDIE SOUTH ALABAMIANS. La Rosita/ Waters of Minnetonka. Vic 21151 E lbl tr s2

279 JOE STEELE & HIS ORCH. Coal-Yard Shuffle/ Top and Bottom. Vic V38066 E+ ssx2. An All Time Jazz Great! SMB £150

280 JOHNNY SYLVESTER & HIS ORCH. No One But You Knows How To Luv/ FRED RICH TIMES SQ. ORCH. Don’t Forget. (Red) Gnt 3384 E-Side 1 is a real sleeper with beautiful Jimmy Lytell-like clt - and electrically recorded too!

281 TAMPA BLUE JAZZ BAND. Uncle Bud/ Atta Baby. OK 4522 EE-

282           The Fives/ The Cootie Crawl. OK 4791 V++ S1 is the first orchestral Boogie Woogie record, 1923!

283 THREE’S A CROWD. We Want Five/ That’s Got ‘Em. BB B10014 E+ Fine laid back jazz trio sides with Paul Ricci clt and Carl Kress gtr!

284 TROMBONE RED & HIS BLUE SIX. Greasy Plate Stomp/ B Flat Blues. Col 14612-D EE- plays better, 2 tiny lbl trs. Rare!

285 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Ostrich Walk. 1950s 11” Columbia vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81071-B E+ Amazing sound quality - you won’t sound it better! SMB £40

286           Way Down Yonder in N.O./ Clarinet Marmalade. Voc 4412 EE+ Great-sounding Master presing!

287           Three Blind Mice/ Krazy Kat. (Export) Parlo PO56 E+ Beautiful Master Pressing!
288           Crazy Quilt/ In The Merry Month of Maybe. BrE 1261 E+ Early pressing

289 FATS WALLER w/ THOMAS MORRIS’ 7 HOT BABIES. Geechee.1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of Vic mx 40097-1 E+ ss

290           (Piano solo). Carolina Shout. 1/s vinyl Keepnews/Grauer Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 063889-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

291 CHICK WEBB & HIS ORCH. Wacky Dust/ Spinnin’ The Blues. Dec 2021 E

292 FRANK WESTPHAL & HIS ORCH. Choo Choo Blues/ That Barking Dog. Col A3743 EE- plays E

293           Bugle Call Rag/ Railroad Man. Col A3872 EE- sm edge warp nap. Fine sides!

294           Stack O’Lee Blues/ Forgetful Blues. Col 32-D E+ Great copy of two fine sides

295 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. After You’ve Gone/ Nobody’s Sweetheart. CoE 5702 E

296 CLARENCE WILLIAMS JAZZ KINGS (As Shreveport Sizzlers). Railroad Rhythm/ Zonky. OK 8918 E sm edge bump nap. ssx2 SMB £50

297           ORCH. Lady Luck Blues/ Yama Yama Blues. Voc 2991 E+

298           WASHBOARD BAND. More Than That/ Top of the Town (Buff) BB B 6918 V+ Eva Taylor vcls

299           Jammin’/ Turn Off The Moon. (Buff) BB B6919 E-

300 RALPH WILLIAMS RAINBO ORCH. Get Lucky/ Prince of Wails. Vic 19504 E

301 WISCONSIN ROOF ORCHESTRA. Memphis Blues/ Farewell Blues. Bwy 1210 V+ sm lbl tr s1



In over a quarter-century of editing VJM I have amassed an extensive collection of Review copies of Jazz and Blues books, and it’s time to thin out. All the following are in excellent condition with original dustjackets as noted - the only flaw to be found in most cases are the occasional turned-down page corner to denote something of particular interest. These have been flattened and excessive examples have been noted!

302 KING OF RAGTIME - Scott Joplin & and His Era. Edward A. Berlin. OUP 1994, 336pp hb, dj, ill.

303 CROSS THE WATER BLUES. African American Music in Europe. Ed. Neil A. Wynn. U.Press of Miss 2007. 290pp hb, dj, ill. many turned down pages.

304 W.C. HANDY. The Life & Times of the Man Who Made The Blues. David Robertson. Alfred Knopf 2009. 288 pp, hb, dj,ill.

305 JAZZ, THE AMERICAN THEME SONG. By James Lincoln Collier. OUP 1993. 326pp, hb, dj.

306 AL BOWLLY. By Sid Colin & Tony Staveacre. Elm Tree 1979. 164pp, HB, dj, ill inc full discography.

307 SOUL ON SOUL. The Life & Times of Mary Lou Williams. Tammy Kernoodle. Northeastern U Press, 2004. 328pp hb, dj, ill.

308 THE POWER OF PRIDE. Stylemakers & Rulebreakers of the Harlem Renaissance. Carole Marks & Diana Edkins. Crown, 1999, 272pp, hb, dj, profusely illustrated on glossy paper - Florence Mills, Josephine, Bessie, Alberta, Ethel, Duke, Louis etc!

309 TWELVE LIVES IN JAZZ. Duncan Schiedt. Delta, 1998. 176pp, pb, large format, profusely illustrated, inscribed by author.

310 THE CHRONICLE OF JAZZ. By Mervyn Cooke. Thames & Hudson, 1997. 236pp, hb, dj. Large Format photo book Timeline of jazz history.

311 THE BIOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ. By Leonard Feather & Ira Gitler. OUP, 1999. 718pp,hb, dj. Heavy!!

312 NEGROPHILIA. Avant-Garde Paris & Black Culture in the 1920s. Petrine Archer-Straw. Thames & Hudson, 2000. 200pp, pg, many ill.

313 PARIS NOIR. African Americans in the City of Light. Tyler Stovall. Mariner, 1996. 366pp, pb, ill.

314 SOPHISTICATED LADY. A Celebration of Adelaide Hall. Stephen Bourne. Echohp, 2001. 60pp, pb, ill. slt warp

315 MR.BOJANGLES. The Biography of Bill Robinson. Jim Haskins & N.R. Mitang. Robson, 336pp, hb, dj, ill.

316 JUST FOR A THRILL. Lil Hardin Armstrong, First Lady of Jazz. James L. Dickerson, Cooper Square, 2002. 250pp, hb, dj, ill.

317 POPS: Paul Whiteman, King of Jazz. Thomas A. DeLong. New Century 1983. 360pp, hb, dj, ill.

318 KEYBOARD MUSIC OF BLACK COMPOSERS - A Bibliography. Aaron Horne. Greenwood,1992. 342pp, hb no dj. Scholarly and useful!


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