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'Sicily Jass - The World’s First Man In Jazz’

Phew! Two days of hard work with the Italian film crew making a new film about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and their connection with Sicily through trumpeter Nick La Rocca and drummer Tony Sbarbaro. Despite the dozens of takes of me switching on tape recorders, boiling kettles and putting ODJB 78s on the turntable, not to mention the relentless questions, it was all jolly good fun! 

Latest Update! The finished film 'Sicily Jass - The World’s First Man In Jazz’ is now out and currently doing a tour of European film festivals prior to general release. You can see a trailer for the film on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8koHwk-Rr7E  It looks and sounds great and I’m very pleased to have been associated with it!