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Set Price Sale 78s

Here is my latest Set Price Sale (“Buy It Now”) list of unsold 78s from my last auction, plus a few added goodies - bargains galore! No bidding necessary - the price stated is the price you pay!

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text or phone (01773 550275/ mobile 07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items! 

When It’s Gone It’s Gone! The choicest items sell fast, and the listing will be regularly updated to show what is still available.


It’s really simple - the item numbers correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available. 

Step 1. EMAIL me or phone (see above) with the item numbers you are interested in. I will let you know what is available and what the total cost would be including postage (see chart below for prices). 

Step 2. Pay via Paypal (instructions will be given in an email), UK Bank Transfer or UK cheque.

Step 3. You items will be mailed, or held if you want to hold for a more economical parcel (UK buyers note - I can ship six 10” discs for the same price as one).  The minimum value of records that I will ship is £10, so order as many as you can!  Orders of less than £10 total will be held until a more economical parcel can be made up, but only if paid for.

Postage (without tracking or insurance) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £5 UK / £9.50 Europe / £13 Rest Of World

2 Records - £5 UK / £11 Europe /  £15.35 R.O.W.

3 Records - £5 UK / £11.85 Europe / £16.80 R.O.W.

4 Records - £5 UK / £13 Europe / £18.30 R.O.W.

5 Records - £5 UK / £13.70 Europe / £19.50 R.O.W.

6 Records - £5 UK/ £14.50 Europe / £20.50 R.O.W.

Please ask for a quote for over 6 records, or if you require insurance and/or tracking. UK parcels are shipped by Royal Mail at standard 2nd Class Uninsured, untracked rate and International parcels are shipped at standard International Air Mail Untracked covered to a maximum £20 total value and at buyer’s risk unless insured. Please ask for a quotation. 

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.35

Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the Auction list have been sold!



001 BELMONT SILVERTONE SINGERS.  How We Got Over/ I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without Lord. Dec 7685 E- inaud 1/2“ rep cr.  £8

014 IVORY JOE HUNTER. Woo Wee Blues/Old Gal & New Gal Bl. King 4455 E+ £10

015 MAHALIA JACKSON. The Lord Is A Busy Man/ U’re Not Living In Vain. Col 40610 E+ £8


046 SVEND ASMUSSEN ORCH. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Dinah. Od D5252 E+ Hot violin! £10

058 EMBASSY RHYTHM EIGHT.  Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB6977-2 Hot Ambrose small group - Goldberg, Danny Polo etc. £12

074 NISSE LIND (Accordion solos). Tiger Rag/ Chinatown. (Swed) Toni 545 E+ £8

100 GABY WAGENHEIM QUINTETTE. Star Dust/ Rosetta. (Fr) Cantoria RC152 E+ £12


104 MIKE BERNARD (Piano solos). 1915 Rag/ Maori. Col A1427 V+ Terrific 1913 Ragtime piano! £15

108 FAVORITE ORCH. Darkie Revels/ CITY OF LONDON POLICE BAND. Lancashire Clogs. John Bull B120 V+ light int hc nap  £10

111 IMPERIAL REGIMENTAL BAND. Anona/ Hiawatha. Homophon 133 E Two fine ‘Indian Intermezzos’  £10

115 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo solos).The White Coons/ Queen of Diamonds. Beka 40318 V


123 HENRY ALLEN & HIS ORCH. Why Don’t U Practice What You Preach/ Don’t Let Your Love Go Wrong. Or 2898 E- £12

127 PAUL ASH & HIS ORCHESTRA. Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon/ I’m Tellin’ The Birds. Col 828-D E 2 good 1926 sides £12

133 PAUL BIESE & HIS NOVELTY ORCH. Yellow Dog Blues/ I Left My Door Open… Voc 14007 V Great, rough hewn 1919 Jazz sides!  £8

135 BROADWAY SYNCOPATORS. Bit By Bit You’re Breaking My Heart/ n.i. VoE X9386 EE+  £12

140 BENNY CARTER & HIS CLUB HARLEM O. Devil’s Holiday/ Symphony In Riffs. CoE CB698 E- Great 1933 sides Unissued in USA!  £10

145 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH. Crying Blues/ ERNIE GOLDEN O. Doin’ The Raccoon. Ban 6226 EE- Fine s1!  £15

150 FIVE BIRMINGHAM BABIES. Hard Hearted Hannah/ GOLDEN GATE O. Charley My Boy. Per 14311 EE-  £12

151         Indigo Blues/ LOU GOLD ORCH. Roll ‘Em Girls. Per 14530 E  £15

167 IRVING KAUFMAN. Red Hot Henry Brown/ n.i. Gmn 1765 E- Fine acc. s1!  £12

168 SAM LANIN ORCH. Little Girl/ I Found A Million $ Baby. (Can) Royal 391156 E- fine tbn/clt side 1  £9

171 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Beale Street Mama/ Louisville Lou. Col A3892 E+ Ted plays a fine soprano sax solo s1!  £12

172         Jungle Blues/ A Jazz Holiday. Col 1525-D EE+ 2 fine sides!  £15

173         At Last I’m Happy/ Truly. Col 2408-D E lt scfs, shop stickers on lbls.  £10

176 VINCENT LOPEZ HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA O. Aggravatin’ Papa/ HARRY RESER & FRANK BANTA. Sugar Blues. OK 4812 E+ stunning copy and hot!  £12

189 RED NORVO & HIS SWING OCTET (Berigan, Chu Berry). Blues in E Flat. 1/s Oversize Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 16711-1 V+ lt scfs and edge ‘crumple’ nap.  George Avakian’s copy.  £18

197 HARRY RESER’S SYNCOPATORS. What Do I Care What Somebody Said/ I’m In Love Again. Col 981-D E- solos both sides!  £10

201 GENE RODEMICH & HIS ORCH. Got No Time/ Isn’t She The Sweetest Thing. Br 2892 EE+ Excellent s1 with great drumming!  £12

205 BLOSSOM SEELEY ACC. THE GEORGIANS. A New Kind Of Man With New Kind of Love/ Bringin’ Home the Bacon. Col 136-D E-  £12

210 AL STARITA & HIS SOCIETY ORCH. Wang Wang Blues/ KRUEGER’S MELODY SYNCOS. Saxopation.              GG L1055 E- £12

218 JOE VENUTI & HIS ORCH. Everybody Shuffle/ Moon Glow. ReZ MR1419 E- £10

228 HERB WIEDOEFT CINDERELLA ROOF O. Chimes Blues/ Moonlight Memories. Br 2647 E+ £12


SP2   CHICAGO BLUES D.O. Blue Grass Bl/ RAY MILLER ORCH. Blue Hoosier Bl. ReE G98096 VV+ scrs £8

Next, a nice selection of sides made by Glenn Miller sidemen in Paris, 1944, led by Ray McKinley…

SP4   JAZZ CLUB MYSTERY HOT BAND. If Dreams Come True/ Blue Skies. Jazz Club Jazz Club JC121 EE+ £12

SP5         Red Light/ You’re Driving Me Crazy (take 2). JC 132 E £12

SP6         On Sunny Side of Street / You’re Driving Me Crazy (take 3) JC 153 E+ sol s2 £12

SP7         Pennies From Heaven/ At Sundown. JC 134 E+ long eb not to music £7

SP10       White Lightning/ Wild Waves. BrE 1463 E+ £12

SP13 PIGMEAT MARKHAM & OLIVER MESHEUX’ BLUE 6. U’ve Been Good Old Wagon/ See See Rider. BN 509 E+ £12. Great sides by famed Harlem comedian!

SP14 RED McKENZIE & HIS RHYTHM KINGS. Double Trouble/Murder in the Moonlight. BrE 02088 E+ £10

SP15         Don’t Count Yr Kisses/ That’s What U Think. BrE 02157 E £9

More fine sides made by Glenn Miller sidemen in Paris, 1944, led by Ray McKinley.

SP17 HOT TRIO RAY MAC KINLEY. After U’ve Gone/ Sugar. Jazz Club JC 130 E+/E 2 v lt nrs s2 nap £10

SP18         China Boy/ After U’ve Gone. Cupol 4065 E+ £12

SP23         Break It Down/ HENRY ALLEN NY ORCH. Feeling Drowsy. HMV BD103  E+ £10

SP25 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Congo Caravan/ Ride, Red, Ride. PaE R2145 E- £7

SP26         Swingin’ In E Flat/ Showboat Shuffle. PaE R2381 EE+ £10

SP27         Harlem Heat/  Balloonacy. PaE R2392 E+ £10

SP29  MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS. Hello Lola/ One Hour. HMV B8952 E £8

SP30  JOE SULLIVAN. Del Mar Rag/ Forevermore. Com 538 E+ £10

SP31 RALPH SUTTON. Them There Eyes/ Boogie Joys. Com 636 E+ £8

SP32         Squeeze Me/ When Ure Smiling. Com 641 E+ £8

SP34 JACK TEAGARDEN ORCH. Wham/ Love 4 Sale. Vars 8202 E+ £10

SP35 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER ORCH. Shivery Stomp/ JIMMY DORSEY (clarinet solo). Prayin’ The Blues. PaE R511 E+ £12

SP36 MARY LOU WILLIAMS (piano solos). Clean Pickin’/ Swingin’ For Joy/ CoE DB5003 E+ £9

SP37         Corny Rhythm/  Mary’s Special. CoE DB5018 E+ £9