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Paul Biese Orchestra, 1922


Paul Biese (r.n. Percy Hawthorne Shudborough) - 1885-1925 was an important figure in the transition from ragtime to jazz, and an early populariser of the tenor saxophone. Many of his sidemen became bandleaders in their own right, most notably Arnold Johnson, Ralph Williams, Lloyd Barber, Henry Lange, Jules Buffano and Frankie Quartell. Here's a gem of a photo from the scrapbook of pianist Henry Lange, showing Paul and the boys outside the Cafe Beaux Arts in Atlantic City in the summer of 1922. My tentative ID is (L-R):- Clarence Bittick (drums), Al Kvale (saxes), Paul Biese (saxes, violin), unknown (possibly trumpeter), Tony Ciccone (saxes), Sol Stocco (trumpet, piano), Henry Lange (piano), Richard 'Dick' Ede (banjo), Angelo Cavallo (trombone). Any further information welcome!