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Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £8/$11. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to [email protected]

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

We continue with more Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance records from the collection of jazz clarinettist and record dealer Johnny Hobbs, plus Master Test Pressings, many of which were unissued on 78 (and some never reissued!). Unless stated they are vinyl (rather than the less durable modern polystyrene pressings), and several are super-high quality shellac pressed in the late 1930s and early 1940s for George Avakian for consideration for reissue on Columbia, Parlophone etc.

Abbreviations and Grading - See the comprehensive guide to VJM Grading HERE


001 BLUE BELLE (Bessie Mae Smith, acc. Lonnie Johnson s1). Mean Bloodhound Blues/Death Valley Moan. OK 8704 E+ A1 stampers 

002 BIG BILL BROONZY. When I Had Money/ I’ve Got To Dig You. Vo 05563 E+ 

003     Double Trouble/ All By Myself. OK 06427 EE+

004 BUMBLE BEE SLIM. If The Blues Was Whiskey/ Bricks In My Pillow. Vo 02995 E-

005 BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE (King Oliver acc s1). Construction Gang/ A To Z Blues. OK 8163 V++

006 DOCTOR CLAYTON. Doctor Clayton Blues/ Gotta Find My Baby. BB B8901 E/V+

007 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE. County Jail Special/ Fisherman’s Bl. Joe Davis 5103 E+

008 BLIND BOY FULLER. Truckin My Blues Away/ Babe U Gotta Do Better. Col 37777 E+

009 JAZZ GILLUM. Jazz Gillum’s Blues/Country Woman Blues. Vic 20-0005 E+

010 STOMP GORDON. Ride Superman Ride/ Oh Tell Me Why. Savoy 1504 E+

011 LILLIE GREENWOOD. Disatisfied Blues/ I’m Goin’ Crazy. Modern 20-771 E+

012 PEG LEG HOWELL. Beaver Slide Rag/ New Jelly Roll Blues. Col 14210-D E+ Superb 1927 guitar sides from A stampers! 

013 JIM JACKSON. Jim Jackson’s Kansas City Blues Pts 1 & 2. Voc 1144 E+ Classic sides in amazing condition! 

014 JULIA JONES (Perry Bradford acc). That Thing Called Luv/ Liza Johnson Got Better Bread. Gnt 5177 V+

015 BROTHER JOE MAY. Day Is Past & Gone/ Do U Know Him. Spec SP347 EE+

016 GENE COY & HIS KILLER DILLERS. Killer Diller/Teddy Bear. Regent 129 E- lts scfs

017 JACK McVEA ORCH (Rabon Tarrant-Sammy Yates vcls). Two Timin’ Baby/ Swing Man. Exclusive 255 (DJ copy). E/EE- lt scrs s2

018 LIZZIE MILES (Teddy Bunn-Pops Foster acc). Too Slow Blues. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of matrix 58678-2 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

019 ROY MILTON SOLID SENDERS. True Blues/ Camille’s Boogie. Spec SP510 E+ OS

020 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. A Soldier’s Plea/ Nothing Can Change Me. Spec SP345 E+

021 RANGERS QUARTETTE. Let Jesus Convey U Home/ Keep A Happy Heart. OK 06445 E

022 HERMAN ‘PEETIE WHEATSTRAW’ RAY. Trouble Blues/ Little Piece of Leather. Dec 48105 E+

023 BESSIE SMITH. Frankie Blues/ Hateful Blues. (Flag) Col 14023-D EE+ tiny ef s1 0gvs

024     Weeping Willow Blues/ The Bye Bye Blues. (Flag) Col 14042-D EE- Fine acc, Joe Smith etc!

025     Me and My Gin/ Slow and Easy Man. Col 14384-D EE- sm ef s1 nap

026 CLARA SMITH. Waitin’ For Evening Mail/ Don’t Tell Nobody. (Flag) Col 13002-D E- rubs s1, nap

027 ROOSEVELT SYKES. Training Camp Blues/ Sugar Babe Blues. OK 6709 E

028 TAMPA RED. Don’t Deal With the Devil/ I Got A Right To Be Blue. BB B8991 EE+

029     Gin Head Woman/ Don’t Jive Me Mama. BB B9009 EE+

030 WALTER VINCSON. You Know What U Promised Me/ Every Dog Has His Day. BB B8288 E+

031 WASHBOARD SAM & HIS WASHBOARD BD. Get Down Brother/ You Stole My Love. BB B9018 EE-

032 WHISTLIN’ RUFUS (Rufus Bridey). Sweet Jelly Rollin’/ Sleepin’ By Myself. (Buff) BB B6277 V++ 2 sm rc, 0gvs, odd ‘burr’ mark s1 nap. Heavy on the innuendo!

033 LEONA WILLIAMS & HER DIXIE BAND. Uncle Bud/ Mexican Blues. Col A3736 E fine sides!

034 EDITH WILSON  & JOHNNY DUNN’S JAZZ HOUNDS. Take It Cause It’s All Yours/ Mammy I’m Thinking of U. Col A3634 EE-

035    Rules & Regulations Signed Razor Jim/ He May Be Your Man.. Col A3653 EE- great sides!

036     & DOC STRAINE. There’ll Be Some Changes Made/ Gonna Be A Cold Cold Winter. (Flag) Col 14066-D E+ superb copy, and uncommon!


037 LARRY ADLER. St. Louis Blues/ Solitude. ReZ MR1883 E+ Fine hot London 1935 sides with small group backing

038 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. Louise. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx MB295-3A E lt swish. Hot solos - Ahola, Heath, Crossman etc!

039 BOSTON ORCHESTRA. Unfortunate Blues/ ROMAINE ORCH (Savoy Orpheans). Nobody Luvs Me. HMV B1977 EE- Uncommon and hot 1924 side by contingent of the Savoy Orpheans! 

040 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCH. Gin and Jive/ There’s A Small Hotel. (Swing) VoE S57 E+

041     Mighty Like The Blues/ I Ain’t Got Nobody. (Swing) VoE S110 E Holland 1937

042 EDDIE CARROLL SWINGOPHONIC ORCH. Midnite in Harlem/ Night Time in Cairo. PaE R2504 E+ Uncommon!

043 BILL COLEMAN (Trumpet solos w/ Herman Chittison pno). I’m In The Mood 4 Luv/ After U’ve Gone. (Fr) HMV K7764 V+, plays better

044 LOUIS DE VRIES & HIS RHYTHM BOYS. St. Louis Blues/ Moon Glow. DeE F5568 Fine London 1935 sides, Danny Polo etc! OS

045 CHAS DOLNE SWINGTETTE + DAVE BEE. St. Louis Blues/ Musik, Musik, Musik. (Belg) De 8750 V++ sm rc s1 nap. Brussels 1940 Jazz harp!

046 BUDDY DOYLE (w/ Al Siegel Piano). How Could Red Riding Hood/Could I? I Certainly Could! Zon 2850 E- very rare and red hot London 1926 sides featuring legendary white jazz pianist!

047 BELLE DYSON. I’m The Last of the Red Hot Mamas/ He’s A Good Man To Have Around. EBW 4963 E- Fine hot acc!

048 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS MUSIC. You Can’t Have My Sugar for Tea/ Calling Me Home. BrE 157 E- fine solos side 1, Rollini etc!

049       How Long Has This Been Going On/ Tea Time. BrE 169 EE+ solos both sides!

050 KAI EWANS ORCH w/ BENNY CARTER. Blue Interlude/ When Lights Are Low. (Scan) HMV X4699 E+ Copenhagen 1936, rare!

051 BERT FIRMAN’S DANCE ORCH. Rhythm of the Day/ Honey Bunch. Zon 2777 EE- Fine and very rare London 1926 sides!

052      QUINTUPLETS OF SWING. Keep Goin’/ Blue Strings. PaE R2514 E+/E lt scfs s2 nap Fine and uncommon 1937 sides - F. Gardner etc!

053 TEDDY FOSTER & HIS KINGS OF SWING. Sing Sing Sing. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx TB2447-1 E+

054     St. Louis Blues/ The Melody Man. DeE F6149 EE+

055 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT 4 (Django). Djangology/ Avalon. DeE F6077 EE+ Paris 1935

056 FRANK HERBIN (American pianist in London, 1924). Peanut Cackle/ Coaxing The Piano. HMV B1774  E+ Uncommon!

057 BOB HOWARD (Yes! THE Bob Howard, London 1936.) Swing It Bob pts 1 & 2. BrE 02230 E

058 Swing It Bob No. 2, pts 1 & 2. BrE 02230 E

059 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS DECCA-DENTS. Bottoms Up/ Bigger And Better Than Ever. DeE F1730 E Great London 1930 sides, Goldberg, Polo!

060    DANCE ORCH. Dinah. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx GB5216-1 E+

061    Everybody Luvs My Baby/ Misty Mornin’ DeE F2166 EE- lt scfs nap Norman Payne tpt

062 FREDDY JOHNSON & HIS HARLEMITES. Harlem Bound/ Sweet Madness. DeE F3810 EE+ Paris 1933, Arthur Briggs tpt

063     Tiger Rag/ I Got Rhythm. DE F5110 E+ Great sides!

064 THE KRAKAJAX. You’re In Kentucky/ Pullman Porter Sam. PaE F488 E Rare and fine!

065 ARTHUR LALLY’S MILLION-AIRS. Mary Jane/ Monte Carlo. DeE F2348 E+

066 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ORCH. Rhythm Is Our Business/ All of Me. CoE DB5017 EE- lt scfs nap Paris 1936

067 MONIA LITER (Piano solos). Alexander’s RTB/ Dinah. BrE 01814 E+ Uncommon and fine London 1934 sides!

068 LONDON RADIO DANCE BAND (Sid Firman). Zulu Wail/ If I Had Only Known. CoE 4685 EE+ Hot and rare!

069 ED LOWRY & THE GILT EDGED FOUR. Maxie Jones (King of the Saxophones)/ And Then I Forget. CoE 4376 EE- Fine and uncommon 1927 sides by visiting American singer, with great backing!

070 RONNIE MUNRO ORCH (as Comedy D.O.). When I Met Connie In The Cornfield/ I’m Thirsty For Kisses. PaE E6198 E- 2 hot 1929 sides!

071 BARRIE OLIVER (Ahola, Polo acc). Tain’t No Sin/ Every Day Away From You. White Label ‘Review issue’ Decca F1606 E+ Rare and hot!

Here’s a rare opportunity to buy really clean copies of the highly desirable London 1919/20 ODJB Columbias - these are seldom seen in any condition!

072 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Barnyard Blues/ At The Jazz Band Ball. 12” CoE 735 EE-

073   My Baby’s Arms/ I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles. (12”) CoE 805 E-

074 Soudan/ LONDON D.O. Me-Ow. (12”) CoE829 EE+

075 JACK PAYNE & BBC DANCE ORCH. Blondy/ The Man From The South. CoE CB28 EE+ slt gv dam start s1, 2 light tix. Red hot London 1930!

076 VAN PHILLIPS & HIS BAND. Nobody Cares If I’m Blue/Living A Life of Dreams. CoE CB158 E 2 hot 1930 sides

077 QUINTET OF THE HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django). H.C.Q. Strut/ The Man I Love. DeE F7475 E+ London 1939

078     Hungaria/ My Melancholy Baby. DeE F7198 EE+

079     Nuages/ Love’s Melody. DeE F8604 EE+

080 REGENT DANCE ORCH (Stan Greening Band?). Deep Henderson/ Sunny Swanee. EBW 4572 E- Uncommon!

081 DJANGO REINHARDT (Guitar solo). Improvisation/ DJANGO REINHARDT & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. DeE F6935 E+ London 1938

082 RHYTHMIC EIGHT. Just Another Day Wasted Away/ Together. Zon 5129  EE- Superb version beautifully-recorded, Ahola, Perley Breed etc!

083     Saskatchewan/ I Found Sunshine...  Zon 5199 E- solos

084     Exactly Like You/ Sunny Side of Street. Zon 5649 EE+ Lally bar sax

085 RHYTHM RASCALS. Dinah. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Crown mx H44-? N- 

086     Music Goes Round and Round/ Talking It Over. Crown 120 E

087 Withdrawn

088 HUGO RIGNOLD (Violin solos). Calling All Keys/ Poor Butterfly. PaE R2150 E-, lt nr s2, lt tix

089 THE ROMAINE FIVE. Jig Walk/ Hi Ho The Merrio. EBW 4511 EE- Fine and rare 1926 version of early Ellington tune!

090 ARTHUR ROSEBERY’S KIT KAT BAND. Virginia/ Blue Grass. PaE R277 V++/E- 2 hot 1928 sides - rare!

091 SAVOY HAVANA BAND (Arthur Rosebery Band?) Liza Lee. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx GB2145-1 V+ heavily stained metal, causes extensive swish

092 SAVOY PLAZA BAND. Louise/Mean To Me. Duophone D4048 E- sm lt scr tix s1. Fine Ahola tpt solo s1

093 LEX VAN SPALL-FREDDY JOHNSON & THEIR ORCH. Haarlem Hot Club Stomp. 1/-sided oversize vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx AM125-1 E+. Great Holland 1934 sides with African Americans Jake Green, Freddy Johnson and vocalist Rosie Poindexter!

095 RAY STARITA AMBASSADORS BAND. There’s Somebody Else/n.i CoE 4872 EE- Great arrangement, nice Ahola!

096 HENRY STEELE Piano solos + Orch). Slippery Fingers/ Jack O’Diamonds. Picc 340 E 2 ul spider cr nap Fine and Rare!

097  “T” TOLL’S SWINGTOWN FIVE. Shoe Shine Boy/ Robins and Rose/ PaE R2256 EE- Hot and rare 1936 sides by US College Band!

097 ANDRE VAN DER OUDERAA +THE RAMBLERS (Violin solo). Raggin’ The Fiddle. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx FGB5909-1 E+ Hot violin solo with fine small group acc. with booting baritone sax solo, London 1933.

098 GUS VISEUR & SON ORCH. Tiger Rag/Gettin’ Sentimental Over U. (Fr) Col DF2806 V++

099 VICTOR VORZANGER’S BROADWAY BAND. Mean Mean Mama/When It’s Night Time In Italy. Gmn 1454 E Racially mixed band in London, 1923

100 JAY WILBUR’S BAND. If Your Kisses Can’t Hold The Man U Love/ That’s Where South Begins. Imp 2335 EE- Fine arr. s1 with excellent guitar and baritone sax solos! London 19301


101 MIKE BERNARD (Piano Solos). Aisha - Indian Intermezzo)/ Mendelssohn Fantasie. ReE G6077 V+ New York 1913 Piano ragtime, unissued in USA!

102 BLACK DIAMONDS BAND. Grizzly Bear/ The Fighting Fifth. Zon 801 E Fine 1911 ragtime!

103    Splashes/ Uncle Sam. Zon 1925 E+ S1 Fine rag composition by Dave Comer, Savoy Quartet pianist!

104 PIETRO DEIRO (Accordion solos). International Rag/Down in Chatanooga. HMV B704 E

105 (LOUIS) HIRSCH’S RAGTIME BAND. How Do You Do Miss Ragtime/ The Wedding Glide. HMV B188 E+ Superb copy of London 1912 sides directed by celebrated American composer

106 H.M. COLDSTREAM GUARDS. Hiawatha. 1/s G&T GC2-9 V dig 4 gvs tix Rare London 1904 Ragtime

107 H.M. GRENADIER GUARDS. A Coon Band Contest/ Whistling Rufus. Scala 20 EE+ London 1904 Cakewalks!

108 THE LONDON ORCHESTRA. It’s The Pretty Things You Say/ Oh You Little Bear. Cinch 5069 E Don’t be put off by the titles - these are fine 1913 ragtime  sides played by one of the best  bands of the time, made up of London Palladium musicians.

109 THE MAYFAIR ORCH. He’s A Rag Picker/The Mississippi Bubble. HMV B289 E- lt scfs and scrs nap

110 THE PEERLESS ORCH. Red Pepper Rag-Time/ Ye Gods and Fishes. Zon 905 E- Great version!

111 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo solos).  Darkey’s Delight/ Darkey’s Lament. Cinch 5272 E+ Stunning copy of 1914 Banjo solos!

112 L’ORCHESTRE TZIGANE, PARIS. Tres Moutarde/ El Irresistible - Tango. (Fr) Disque Gram 230841/2 E+ Superb copy of rare and very unusual 1912 Paris sides!

113 SAVOY QUARTET (Racially-mixed group w/ black US drummer). Darktown Strutters Ball/All Bound Round Mason-Dixon Line. HMB B991 E-

114 How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on Farm/ Hindustan. HMV B1060 E- lt scrs s1

115 Kissable Child/ Syren Song. (Indian) HMV C796 EE- quality pressing!

116 SIX BROWN BROTHERS. That Moaning Saxophone Rag/ VAN EPS TRIO. The Original Fox Trot. HMV B526 EE+ Lovely copy!

117 THE THREE RASCALS. The Gaby Glide/ Ragging The Baby To Sleep. Scala 419 E- Great 1913 rag vocals with fine piano!

118 THE TWO THREE RASCALS. When The Jazz Band Starts To Play/ Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting. Zon 2281 E- Astonishing piano solos on this rare 1922 side!

119 VAN EPS BANJO ORCH. Thanks For The Lobster/ My Hindoo Man. ReE G6892 EE+ Fine copy of 1914 Clarence M. Jones composition s1!

120 THE VERSATILE FOUR. After You’ve Gone/ What Do You Mean By Loving Somebody Else. EBW 3379 EE- shallow dig s1 lt tix. Very fine 1919 sides by pioneer Black group in London!


121 HENRY ALLEN & HIS N.Y. ORCH. Patrol Wagon Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 62345-2 E+ Gorgeous sound!!

122  Funny Feathers Blues/ Everybody Shout. (Buff) BB B6588 E tiny dig end s2 lt tix Victoria Spivey vcl s1

123 IVIE ANDERSON & HER BOYS FROM DIXIE. All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm. 1/s Vinyl Oversize Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M520-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

124 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT 7. Wild Man Blues/ DUKE ELLINGTON ORCH. Black & Tan Fantasy (-c) (purple) PaE R3492 E

125 LIL ARMSTRONG & HER SWING ORCH. It’s Murder/ Just For A Thrill. (SB) Dec 1182 E+ Orig Sleeve Fabulous sides!126 BENNIE’S LOUISVILLE RHYTHM KINGS (Ben Pollack band, Goodman, Tea). Shout Hallelujah Cause I’m Home. PaE R340 EE- Unissued in USA!127 HARRY BARTH’S DANCE ORCH. I Like Pie/CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. Sonya. PActE 11001 E- Great side 1 by the Ted Lewis band ‘moonlighting’ excellent solos, Brunies, Klein etc!

128 BEN BERNIE HOTEL ROOSEVELT ORCH. Mandy Make Up Your Mind/ n.i. Gmn 1696 E Fine side, Pettis etc!

129 Cheatin’ On Me/All Aboard For Heaven. Voc 15027 E Pettis solo, hot side

130 BARNEY BIGARD & ORCH. Noir Bleu. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 061689-1 E+ sm eb 0gvs. Unissued on 78!

131 EUBIE BLAKE & HIS ORCH. Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries/ n.i. Imp 2628 E+

132 BUCK & BUBBLES w/ THEIR BUCKETS. Rhythm For Sale. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 152581-2 E+ Great side Unissued on 78!

133 BUSSE’S BUZZARDS. Monkey Doodle Doo/ PAUL WHITEMAN O. No Man’s Mamma. Vic 19934 E+ odd spots on lbl s1. 

134 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS (as Southampton Soc O). Oh Say Can I See U Tonight/I Miss My Swiss. Per 14457 E+ ex solos both sides

135 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER JOY BOYS. Misery. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 69025-1 N- Unissued on 78!

136 Casey Jones Blues/ McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. Talk To Me. Vic 22640 E lbl tr s1, HMV Import sticker s2

137 JOE CANDULLO EVERGLADES O.  Brown Sugar/ ADRIAN SCHUBERT O. Tell Me Tonight. Imp 1761 E solos both sides

138 CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. Some Sweet Day/ SAM LANIN O. Wedding of Painted Doll. (Ger) Parlophon A4572 EE- solos s1, rare issue

139 DOC COOK & HIS DREAMLAND ORCH. Sidewalk Blues/ NEW ORLEANS OWLS. White Ghost Shivers. Col 862-D looks V++, plays much better!

140 WILTON CRAWLEY & HIS ORCH.  Keep Your Business To Yourself/ She’s Got What I Need. (Buff) BB B5827 E- sol Masters. Jelly piano!

141 PHIL DANNENBERG & HIS ORCH. All On Account of Your Kisses/ FRED RICH ORCH. Little Things In Life. Ariel Z4693 E+ Two fine hot sides

142 TOMMY DORSEY (tbn solos acc. Dorsey Bros O). Maybe. 1/s Oversize Vinyl  Master Test Pressing of Br mx 13207-B Unissued! This take not even mentioned in Rust!

143 EDGEWATER BEACH HOTEL ORCH (Philip Spitalny O.). Go Get ‘Em Caroline. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 150833-2 N- 

144 DUKE ELLINGTON ORCH. If You Were In My Place. 1/s Oversize Vinyl  Master Test Pressing of Br mx M770-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

145 Scrounch. 1/s Oversize Vinyl  Master Test Pressing of Br mx M771-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

146 PEGGY ENGLISH (Acc. Nichols, Lang, Tarto). High High Up In The Hills/ How Long Must I wait For You. (Eng) Oriole 2001 E- sol s1, lbl dam s2 Utterly delightful sides!!

147 LLOYD FINLAY & HIS ORCH. Jews-Harp Blues/Fiddlin’ Blues. Vic 19644 V+ scrs, dig 4 gvs s2, lt tix. sol

148 BOB FINLEY & HIS ORCH. Audition Blues/ BOB HARING O. Four or Five Times. Lin 3132 E- Hot and uncommon!

149 FINZEL’S ARCADIA ORCH. Nothing But/ Barney Google. OK 4861 EE+ Detroit band!

150 FRIAR’S SOCIETY ORCH. Eccentric/ HUSK O’HARE’S SUPER ORCH. San. Gnt 5009 E Fine copy of Jazz Classic!

151 EARL FULLER’S FAMOUS JAZZ BAND. Cold Turkey/ I’m Sorry I Made You Cry. (Vert) Gnt 8504 E- Rare 1918 sides!

152    I’m Sorry I Made You Cry/ALL STAR 3. Sand Dunes. Ed 50521 E-

153 GEORGIA MELODIANS. Savannah (-A)/ MERRY SPARKLERS. You Are Too Sweet (-C). Ed 51346 V+

154       Red Hot Mamma (-C)/ Charley My Boy (-A). Ed 51394 E-

155 JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCH. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 48617-3 E+ Unissued on 78!

156      Don’t Be Like That/ My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now. Vic 21805 E

157 FRED HALL’S SUGAR BABIES. Waitin’ For Katy/ She’s Sweetheart of 6 Other Guys. (Red) PaE E6037 V++  2 hot sides

158 MAL HALLETT & HIS ORCH. She’s A Corn-fed Indiana Girl/ VIRGINIA CREEPERS. Bye Bye Blackbird. (Marble wax) Pathe 36437 EE- Amazing Larry Shields-like clarinet s1!

159 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH. Happy As The Day Is Long/ Lazybones. Per 15790 E Fine solos s1!

160 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Beale Street Mamma/Don’t Think You’ll Be Missed. Pur 11226 E-2 sm digs s2, lt tix Rare!

161      Why Couldn’t It Be Poor Little Me?/ REX BATTLE O. Honest & truly. Apex 8316 V+ Louis!

162      Hot and Anxious/ HORACE HENDERSON ORCH. Happy Feet.  Shellac ‘Avakian’ Col Master Test Pressing of mxs 151443-1/265150-2 E+ Super sound!

163 JOHNNY HODGES & HIS ORCH. Lost In Meditation. 1/s Oversize Vinyl  Master Test Pressing of Br/Voc  mx M855-1 E stained pressing, plays fine. Unissued on 78!

164 JAMES P. JOHNSON & HIS ORCH. Memories of You.  1/s Oversize Vinyl  Master Test Pressing of VOC MX 24776-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

165 JOHNNY JOHNSON & HIS ORCH. Rhythm Saved The The World/ Is It True What They Say About Dixie. Per 6-06-04 EE-

166 LONNIE JOHNSON (Guitar solos). Playing With The Strings/ Stompin’ ‘Em Along Slow. (Race) PaE R2259 E Guitar classics!

Next, a rare opportunity to bag the complete output of the KXYZ Novelty Band, a stomping small San Antonio-based group recorded in 1935  which include Joe Barber’s booting tenor sax and Buddy Bolden’s bass player, Jimmy Johnson!

167 KXYZ NOVELTY BAND. The Sheik of Araby/ Avalon. (Buff) BB B5831 E+ sol s1

168     Basin Street Blues/ I Never Knew. (Buff) BB B5832 E sol s1

169     Bugle Call Rag/ That’s A Plenty. (Buff) BB B5852 E+ sol s1

170     Indiana/ I Found A New Baby. (Buff) BB B5868 E

171 EDDIE LANG & HIS ORCHESTRA. Bugle Call Rag/ Feeeze an’ Melt. (Ger) Odeon 0-28500 E+ Stunning sound on lovely pressing!

172 LANIN’S ROSELAND ORCH. Cary Me Back To Carolina Home/ Lost. Fed 5239 E fine tpt/clt

173      DANCE ORCH. Crazy Quilt/  SEVEN LITTLE POLAR BEARS. Any Ice Today. Romeo 260 EE-

174      Susianna/  MIKE MARKEL O. Once In A Lifetime. PaE R339 E- Bing Crosby vcl s1, rare!

175 LANIN’S SOUTHERN SERENADERS. Satanic Blues (-2)/ Eddie Leonard blues (-1) Re 9191 E scr s1 nap. Fine 1921 sides, Doc Berendsohn etc!

176 GEORGE E. LEE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Paseo Street/ If I Could Be With You. (Lightning) Br 7132 E 1929 KC Jazz Classics!

177 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Beale Street Blues (-2)/ Memphis Blues. Col 1050-D V++ Extremely rare -2 of ‘Beale’

178       There’s A Ring Around My Rainbow/ All Aboard For Dreamland. (Royal Blue wax) Col 2758-D E+ Very rare, fine Muggsy solo s1!

179 JACK LINX & HIS BIRMINGHAM SOC SERENADERS. Pardon The Glove/ TED WALLACE & HIS O. Buffalo Rhythm. OK 41014 looks V+ plays E! Two very fine sides

180 Withdrawn


182 VINCENT LOPEZ HOTEL PENN. ORCH. Runnin’ Wild/ Down In Maryland. OK 4772 EE+ 1” scr s1 lt tix in places

183 LOUISIANA FIVE. B-Hap-E/  Foot Warmer. Ed 50569 E

184 CLYDE LUCS & HIS CALIFORNIA DONS. Swingin’ In A Jug/ Chinese Rhumba. Voc 3845 E+ sol s1

185 WINGY MANNONE & HIS ORCH. Big Butter and Egg Man/ Weary Blues. Ch 40055 E Master pressings of red hot 1930 sides

186       Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Good Ship Lollypop. (Gold) Voc 2914 E

187 McKENZIE’S CANDY KIDS (Eddie Lang gtr). Panama/ When My Sugar Walks Down Street. Voc 14977 E- scfs + lt scrs

188 VIC MEYERS HOTEL BUTLER O. Shake It & Break It/ Mean Mean Mamma. Br 2501 EE- Fine 1923 West Coast sides!

189 RAY MILLER & HIS ORCH. Stomp Your Stuff/ n.i. BrE 3132 E+ Uncommon

190       Phoebe Snow/ Hold Me In Yr Arms. Br 2898 E+

191 IRVING MILLS HOTSY TOTSY GANG. High and Dry/ Barbaric/ BrE 1023 EE+ Great sides - Hoagy!

192 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. The Stuff Is Here. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 80278-1 E+

193      Ride Red Ride/ Congo Caravan. Col 3087-D E+

194 CHAUNCEY MOREHOUSE & HIS SWING SIX. Blues In B Flat/ On The Alamo. Voc 3847 E+ Fine 1934 sides, Lytell, Brunies etc

195 LEE MORSE & HER BLUE GRASS BOYS. Tentin Down in Tennessee/ Poor Papa. Per 11608 E- Hot acc s1

196 JELLY ROLL MORTON (pno solo). Seattle Hunch. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 49449-2 E+ 2nd Master

197 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY O. South Street Blues/ She’s Sweeter Than Sugar. OK 8255 E/EE- Hard to find this clean!

198      18th Street Strut/ Things Seem So Blue To Me. OK 8242 Looks V, plays V++ or better

199      Sad Man Blues/ EARL HINES & HIS ORCH. Have You Ever Felt That Way. Vic V38048 V++

200      The Blue Room. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 74848-1 E+ Amazing sound quality!

201 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND. Tin Roof Blues/ 6 Black Diamonds. Mindin’ My Business. Ban 1318 E- lt scfs nap, sol s1

202 NOVELTY FIVE. Barkin’ Dog Blues/ Laughing Hyena. Voc 14061 V Great early jazz sides!

203 HUSK O’HARE’S SUPER ORCH. Tiger Rag/ Boo Hoo Hoo. Gnt 4850 V++ Richmond, 1922.

204 KING OLIVER & HIS ORCH. Passing Time With Me/ What’s The Use of Living Without Luv. Vic 23011  EE+ Fine copy

Next, another selection of nice clean ODJBs - don’t miss the 12” English Columbias in the British-European section…

205 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JASS BAND. Indiana -3/ Darktown Strutters Ball -4. Col A2297 EE-

206      JAZZ BAND. At The Jazz Band Ball/ Ostrich Walk. Vic 18457 E

207      Fidgety Feet/ Lazy Daddy. Vic 18564 E+

208      Sweet Mamma Papa’s Getting Mad/ Broadway Rose. Vic 18722 EE-

209      St. Louis Blues/ Jazz Me Blues. Vic 18772 E


211 TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS. That Kind of Love. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 48850-1 E+ lbl dam. Unissued on 78!

212 JACK PETTIS & HIS BAND. Candies Sweets/ MIKE MARKEL O. Let Smile Be Yr Umbrella. Re 8463 E sol

213      Freshman Hop.  1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401594-B N- Goodman, Tea etc!

214 PIRON’S NEW ORLEANS ORCH. Red Man Blues/ Do Just As I Say. Vic 19646 EE+ Fine copy of 1925 NO Jazz Classics!

215 THE RED HEADS. Alabama Stomp/ Brown Sugar. PActE 11236 E-

216 ROCKY MOUNTAIN TRIO. Charleston Clarinet Blues/ Freakish Blues. (Red) Gnt 3002 V+

217 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH. Goin’ To Town.  1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 70196-1 E+ Classic in Superb sound!

218 SAXOPHONE JAZZ ORCHESTRA. Livery Stable Blues/ CORDES JAZZ ORCH. Darktown Strutters Ball. (Vert) Pm 30033 E 1918 ‘Jass’ sides

219 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Tessie Stop Teasing Me/ Sweet Little You. Voc 14852 EE+

220 BOYD SENTER & HIS SENTERPEDES. Dopin’ You Good/ Shine. Vic 29192 EE+ Fine sides, Lang, Dorseys etc.

221 NOBLE SISSLE’S SWINGSTERS. Characteristic Blues/ Okey Doke. Voc 2840 E Bechet features!

222 SNOOKS & HIS MEMPHIS RAMBLERS. The One Man Band.  1/s Styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 69921-1 N- Unissued on 78!

223 EDDIE SOUTH & HIS ORCH. That’s What I Call Keen/ THE ALL STAR ORCH. I’m More Than Satisfied. Vic 21605 E+ Surprisingly uncommon and two great - but stylistically very different - sides!

224 MIKE SPECIALE & HIS ORCH. I Love My Baby/ BILL WIRGES O. Don’t Wake Me Up. Per 14536 E+

225      What Did I Tell Ya? (-A)/ JACK STILLMAN ORCH. Looking For A Boy (-C). Ed 51687 E+

226 HARRY SPINDLER HOTEL SINTON ORCH. Wabash Blues/ Leave Me With A Smile. Gnt 4796 E-

227 THE SPIRITS OF RHYTHM. I’ve Got The World On A String.  1/s Oversize Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1336 E+ Unissued!

228 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. My Baby/ Tack It Down. John R. T. Davies Vinyl Master Pressing of Gnt mxs 13686/ 13691 N-

229 ST. LOUIS RHYTHM KINGS. Papa De-Da-Da/ She’s My Sheba… Col 349-D  E+ Fine small band sides!

230 THE SUNSHINE BOYS. Does My Baby Love Me. 1/s Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 149703-3 E+ Fine gtr/vn acc!

231 SYNCO JAZZ BAND. The Moan/ Blacksmith Rag. (Vert) Pathe 20461 EE-

232 JACK TEAGARDEN. I Just Couldn’t Take It Baby. Oversize Shellac ‘Avakian’ Columbia Master Test Pressing of Br mx 14297-A E+

233 TENNESSEE TOOTERS. Those Panama Mamas/  Red Hot Henry Brown. Voc 15004 E-

234 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. No One Can Take Your Place/ Reaching For Someone.  PaE R420 EE+ S1 Bix Rarity Unissued in USA!

235 VAN’S COLLEGIANS. Jig Walk/ ORIGINAL INDIANA FIVE. Indiana Stomp. Per 14603  E- s great sides

236 VARSITY EIGHT. Hard Hearted Hannah/ BOB HARING O. Blue eyed Sally. Cam 588 E Rollini, Davis, Moore etc s1

237 JOE VENUTI’S BLUE FOUR. The Wild Dog.  1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 63700-1 E+ Best sound!

238 WABASH DANCE ORCH (Red Nichols Orch). That’s My Weakness Now/ MAJOR CLUB O (LOUIS KATZMAN O). Where Shy Little Violets. Duo D4001 E Made for the British market and Unissued in USA!

239 TED WALLACE & HIS ORCH. Zulu Wail/ Cornfed! OK 40915 E+ Superb copy of two fine sides!

240 FATS WALLER & HIS BUDDIES. The Minor Drag/ Harlem Fuss. Vic V38050 E+ HMV Import stickers on lbls

241 PAUL WHITEMAN ORCH. Choo Choo/ BEN SELVIN O. Sing Another Chorus Please. Col 2491-D E+ Lovely copy!

242      Nobody’s Sweetheart. 1/s Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 149123-2 E+

243      Xmas Night In Harlem/  Carry Me Back To Green Pastres. Vic 24615 E-

244 CLARENCE WILLIAMS JAZZ KINGS. Freeze Out/ A Pane In The Glass. Col 14460-D E+ Beautiful copy!

245      ORCH. He’s A Colonel From Kentucky/ Swaller Tail Coat. EBW W121 E+ Lovely copy of rare issue!

246 COOTIE WILLIAMS RUG CUTTERS. Blue Reverie.  Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M188-1 E+ Unissued Take!

247 DOUGLAS WILLIAMS (clt solos). Buddy George/ Neal’s Blues.  Vic V38518 EE+ sol


248 BLUES RECORDS 1943-1970 A-K. Mike Leadbitter & Neil Slaven. Record Inf. Services, 1987 (1st). 800pp HB. Ex

249 VOCALION 100 AND BRUNSWICK 7000 RACE SERIES. Helge Thygesen & Russ Shor. Agram 2104. 330pp, HB. N- You all need this!

250 THE JUG BANDS OF LOUISVILLE. Ed. Laurie Wright. Storyville 1993, 80pp PB, ill. E- Indispensable Bio-discography of all known Louisville Jug Band records.

251 DISCOGRAPHIE CRITIQUE DE JAZZ. Hugues Pannassie. Robert Laffont 1958. 624pp, PB. VG, yellowing pages. French language discography.

252 FATHER OF THE BLUES - The Autobiography of W.C. Handy. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1957 (1st Ed). 318pp HB, DJ, illus. Ex, tr to top spine of dj  

253 HIGHBROW/LOWDOWN; Theater, Jazz and the Making of the New Middle Class. David Savran. U of Michigan Press, 2009. 326pp, HB, DJ, ill. N-

254 A GLIMPSE AT THE PAST. An Illustrated History of Some Early Record Companies That Made Jazz History. By Michael Wyler, Jazz Pubs, 1957, No. 192 of limited edition. 32 leaves, , PB, ill. VG, tr to lower spine

255 HAL KEMP ORCHESTRA 1926-1940. By J. Taylor Doggett. Self Pub. 1998. PB many pages and pics. Odd assemblage of notes and pics to accompany an audio cassette tape of Kemp 78s. E-

256 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ - A FAMILY ALBUM. Al Rose and Edmond Souchon. LA State Uni Press, Revised Ed, 1978. 320+pp, HB, DJ, many ill. Ex. Impressive and essential guide to New Orleans jazz families.

257 JAZZ DANCE - A History of the Roots and Branches. Ed Lindsay Guarino & Wendy Oliver. U Press of Florida, 2014. 312pp, HB, DJ, ill. N- Study of Jazz choreography.

258 BLIND BOONE; Missouri’s Ragtime Pioneer. Jack A. Batterson. U of Missouri Press, 1998. 118pp, pb, ill. E+ Biog of Ragtime pioneer.

259 HORACE SILVER DISCOGRAPHY. Mark Gardner. Self pub no date. 22 leaves, pb. E-

260 JAMES P. JOHNSON - FATHER OF STRIDE PIANO. Part Two - Discography. Frank Trolle.  Micrography, 1981. 48pp PB E-

261 THE DUKE ELLINGTON READER. Ed Mark Tucker.  OUP 1993. 536pp PB. E Essential for all Ellington fans!

262 JOSEPH LAMB - A PASSION FOR RAGTIME. By Carol J. Binkowski. McFarland 2012. 240pp, PB, ill. N- Definitive biography of Ragtime pioneer.

263 TIN PAN OPERA - Operatic Novelty Songs of the Ragtime Era. By Lary Hamberlin. OUP 2011. 336pp, HB, DJ, ill. E, some page turn creases. Very interesting and useful examination of the oft-ignored relationship between classical music and popular ragtime songs.

264 LOCAL 802 AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS DIRECTORY, 1969. 518pp PB. E- Invaluable research tool listing all Local 802 (Greater New York) members listed by instrument and address - some very well known names from 1920s and 30s here! 

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