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Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £8/$11. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to [email protected]

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

Abbreviations and Grading - See the comprehensive guide to VJM Grading HERE


001 BELMONT SILVERTONE SINGERS.  How We Got Over/ I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without Lord. Dec 7685 E- inaud 1/2“ rep cr.

002 BIG MACEO.  Texas Stomp/ Maceo’s 32-20. Vic 20-2028 E+

003 BIG BILL BROONZY.  Cell No. 13 Blues/ You Got The Best Go. Col 37164 E+ Great!

004       Sweet Honey Bee/ My Little Flower. OK 06386 E-

005 BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE.  You Ain’t Talkin’ To Me/ Don’t Start Nothin’ Here Tonight. OK 8233 E fine copy

006 DORA CARR (COW COW DAVENPORT PIANO).  Cow Cow Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 73667-A E+ Amazing sound from this 1925 recording - you’ll never find an OKeh copy playing this well!

007 LEROY CARR - SCRAPPER BLACKWELL. Bozetta Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16443-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

008 IDA COX & LOVIE AUSTIN’S BLUES SERES.  Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues/ Cherry Picking Blues. (Brown wax) Pm 12228 E- some light blasting in spots, tiny rc s2, 0gvs Fabulous acc. - Ladnier, O’Bryant etc.

009 H-BOMB FERGUSON.  Bookie’s Blues/ Big City Blues. Sav 836 E+ Orig Sleeve

010 BLIND BOY FULLER. Shake It Baby. 1/s oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 26598-A E+ Tremendous up-tempo Guitar feature!

011 LILLIAN GLINN.  Moanin’ Blues/ Don’t Leave Me Daddy. Col 14493-D E+ Super copy of fine Dallas 1929 sides, A1/A2 stampers!

012 WYNONIE HARRIS.  Lollipop Mama/ Blow Your Brains Out. King 4226 E lt scfs nap

013 PEG LEG HOWELL.  Please Ma’am/ Fairy Blues. Col 14356-D E++ Dealer Stock, beautiful and fine Guitar Blues, 1928!

014 IVORY JOE HUNTER. Woo Wee Blues/Old Gal & New Gal Bl. King 4455 E+

015 MAHALIA JACKSON. The Lord Is A Busy Man/ U’re Not Living In Vain. Col 40610 E+

016 PAPA CHARLIE JACKSON. Shake That Thing/ The Faking Blues. Pm 12281 V+ scrs Classic!

017 JENKINS & JENKINS.  Mouth Organ Blues/ Hen Pecked Man. VT 7052-V EE+ Pioneer harmonica/guitar blues, 1924!

018 ALBERTA JONES. Trampin’ Blues/ Sud Bustin’ Blues. (Red) Gnt 3144 E- 1st session, 1925

019 JOE LIGGINS & HIS HONEYDRIPPERS.  Miss You/ Big Baritone. Exclusive 102 E+

020 VIRGINIA LISTON. I Don’t Love Nobody/ Tain’t A Doggone Thing But Blues. OK 8138 E- Fine 1924 with hot acc. by important Blues pioneer!

021 SARA MARTIN. Sweet Man Was The Cause Of It All/ Sympathizing Blues. OK 8088 E-

022 TOMMY McCLENNON.  Bluebird Blues/ Blues Trip Me Up This Morning. BB B9037 E+ Orig sleeve Great Guitar Blues!

023 OZIE McPHERSON (acc. Fletcher Henderson group). Nobody Rolls Their Jelly Roll Like Mine/ I’m so Blue… Pm 12355 E- Great and uncommon!

024 LIZZIE MILES (as Mandy Smith).  If You Can’t Control Your Man/ Shootin’ Star Blues. Oriole 1170 V++

025 MONKEY JOE (JESSE COLEMAN). Just Out of the Big House/ New York Central. Voc 04618 E press marks nap. Stunning piano!

026 JEWELL PAIGE & HER BROWN BROWNIES. Give It Up/ Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None O’ This Jellyroll. Dec 7863 E Fine band acc!

027 PIANO RED. Just Right Bounce/ Jumpin’ The Boogie. Vic 22-0118 E

028 PIGMEAT PETE & CATJUICE CHARLIE (Wesley Wilson-Harry McDaniels). Our Turpentine Farm/ My Friend John. Col 14485-D E+ Fun side!

029 THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS. When I Join The Jubilee/ Leading Me. Spec SP819 E+

030 OTIS RUSH.  Sit Down Baby/ I Can’t Quit You Baby. Cobra 5000 E Rare and fine!

031 BESSIE SMITH.  Sorrowful Blues/ Rocking Chair Blues. Col 14020-D EE- Early Guitar Blues side 1 by John Griffin.

032        You’ve Got To Give Me Some/ I’m Wild About That Thing. Col 14427-D EE+ Lovely copy, great Eddie Lang Guitar!

033       Blue Spirit Blues/ Worn Out Papa Blues. Col 14527-D E, tiny dig s1, just into intro s1. James P. Johnson Piano!

034 CLARA SMITH. Kansas City Man Blues/ Uncle Sam Blues. Col 12-D E+ Superb copy!

035       Done Sold My Soul To The Devil/   Freight Train Blues. Col 14041-D E+ Another fine copy!

036 STATE STREET BOYS. Midnight Special/ Crazy About You. OK 8964  EE- tiny rc s2 nap. Great Skiffle sides - Broonzy, Carl Martin, Jazz Gillum etc!

037 SONNY TERRY. Crow Jane Blues/ Beer Garden Blues. Cap 40097 E+

038 LAVINIA TURNER. Don’t Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Yr Face/ How Can I Be Your Sweet Mama… OK 8042 E+ Stunning copy of only sides by legendary Harlem pianist Hughie Woolford!

039 & HER JAZZ BAND. Can’t Get Lovin’/ How Many Times. PActE 10134. EE- 1st Blues Record to be issued in Britain, 1922!

040 GEORGE WILLIAMS. The Gal Ain’t Born…/ A Woman Gets Tired of One Man.. Col 14002-D EE+ bad lbl dam s2

041 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON.  Elevator Woman/ Sonny Boy’s Jump. BB 34-0744 EE+

042 OSCAR (BUDDY) WOODS. Token Blues/ Jam Session Blues. Voc 04604 EE+ Great sides  by Shreveport slide guitar player!

043 THE YAS YAS GIRL. Good Old Easy Street/ Two By Four Blues. OK 06446 E+ Gorgeous copy of great sides


044 ALFREDO & HIS BAND.  Up In The Clouds/ Thinking Of U. EBW 4904 E+ Excellent solos s1

045 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. Happy Days Are Here Again/ My Love Parade. (White label Review copy) DeE M117 E- Fine hot s1, Polo, Ahola,  great string bass!

046 SVEND ASMUSSEN ORCH. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Dinah. Od D5252 E+ Hot violin!

047 CLAUDE BAMPTON & HIS BANDITS. Double Check Stomp/ Promenade. DeE F5891 E+ Uncommon and fine sides!

048 THE BARNSTORMERS (English Roadhouse band - rare!). Tain’t/ This Town’s Too Quiet. EBW W39 E

049 CYRIL BLAKE & HIS JIGS CLUB BAND.  Rhythm Is Our Business/ No. 14 Blues. ReZ MR3623 E+ Unique 1941 live recording by black jazz band in London nightclub!

050 THE BLUE MOUNTAINEERS. You Rascal You/ Kiss By Kiss. Broadcast 12 3176 EE+ Fine 1931 side by moonlighting Ambrose sidemen, Ted Heath, Goldberg, Crossman etc!

051 CONNIE BOSWELL w/ AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. Things Might Have BeenDifferent.  1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB7318-1 E+ London 1935.

052 ALIX COMBELLE & JAM SESSION No. 1. Blues, Look Out There/ Take That Last Note. Swing SW227 E

053 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. I Heard/ They All Start Whistling Mary. ReE MR653 EE+ 2 hot sides, Ellis Jackson vcl.

054       Black & Tan Fantasy/ Trouble In Paradise. ReZ MR1037 E+

055 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS MUSIC.  Shy Anna/ Music & Moonlight. BrE 158 E Fine Rollini bsx/hot fountain pen, Quealey etc!

056 & HIS CONCERT ORCH. Heart of a Ni—er Suite Parts 1-4. DeE K686/687 (2 discs) E+ Rare!!

057 BILLY ELLIOTT. Stay Out of the South/Broken Dreams. EBW 4844 EE- Ahola tpt!

058 EMBASSY RHYTHM EIGHT.  Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB6977-2 Hot Ambrose small group - Goldberg, Danny Polo etc.

059 TEDDY FOSTER & HIS KINGS OF SWING. Poor Dinah/ Sugar Rose. DeE F6050 E

060 ROY FOX & HIS BAND. Roll On Mississippi Roll On. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB3030-3 EE+ Hot 1931 side - Bowlly, Gonella etc.

061 IKE HATCH & HIS HARLEM STOMPERS. Yes Suh!/ High Rhythm & Low Moanin’. ReE MR2019 E+

062       Sing Me A Swing Song/ There’s A New World. PaE F565 E+

063 COLEMAN HAWKINS acc. THE RAMBLERS D.O. I Wish I Were Twins/ SWINGING RASCALS (Ramblers DO). Wabash Blues. DeE F5457 E

064 TRIO. When Buddha Smiles/ Dear Old Southland. VoE S210 E Holland, 1938

065 w/ ARTHUR BRIGGS-MICHEL WARLOP ORCH. Blue Moon/ What A Difference A Day Made. HMV X4497 E+ Orig Sleeve. Paris 1935, Django etc, fine sides!

066 PAT HYDE Acc. EDGAR JACKSON’S ORCH. Bugle Call Rag/ ICGYAB Luv. PaE R1973 E+/EE+ Rare 1934 sides by this fine singer w. great backing - Freddy Gardner etc!

067 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCH. Come On Baby/ I’m Just In The Mood Tonight. HMV B5708 E solos both sides!

068 THE JACKDAUZ. The Snake Charmer/ Ultra Modern Swing. PaE F1129 E+ 2 good sides

069 JEFFRIES RIALTO ORCH. Yes Sir That’s My Baby/ n.i. Beltona 842 E-

070 GLADYS KEEP w/ RUDOLPH DUNBAR’S AFRICAN POLYPHONY. St. Louis Blues/ Dinah. ReZ MR1531 V+ Rare London 1934 sides - Dunbar’s only records!

071 TOMMY KINSMAN BAND (as Florida Club Bd). Tain’t No Sin/ Ro-Ro-Rolling Along. Sterno 412 E

072 ARTHUR LALLY BAND (as Fenton’s Rainbows). Sweet Jenny Lee/ Bye Bye Blues. (Flexible blue) Filmophone 162 E Rare and hot - blistering tpt solo s1! 

073 BRIAN LAWRANCE LANSDOWNE 6. Everybody Luvs My Baby. 1/s vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx TB2017-3 E+

074 NISSE LIND (Accordion solos). Tiger Rag/ Chinatown. (Swed) Toni 545 E+

075 SYD LIPTON BAND. Swaller Tail Coat/ THE MASTERKEYS. I Had to Change The Words. Hom HR87 EE+ lt nr s1, slt tix. Rare issue with Freddy Gardner sax s1

076 MARIO LORENZI & HIS RHYTHMICS. Blue Skies/ Whispering. (Aust) Co DO-1695 E Fine laminated pressing of hot sides, Gardner etc!

077 MONIA LITTER (Piano solos). Savage Serenade/ Mexican Serenade. ReZ MR 2775 E+ Rare and unlisted!

078 FRIEDRICH MEYER-GERGS TANZ ORCH. So Wie Du/ Die Kleine Stadt Will Schlafen Geh’n. (Ger) Polydor 47430 E sm dig s1, 3 tix. Rare and hot Berlin 1940 Eurojazz!

079  ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Sensation Rag/ Ostrich Walk.  12” CoE 736 E- Superb, exciting London 1919 sides, very rarely seen this clean!

080 ORIGINAL JAZZ. Look What I’ve Got/ Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Wolf. Pathe PA73 E-

081 JEAN PAQUES (Piano solos). Crooked Notes/ Pianotes. EBW 4932 E+ Rare London 1928 sides by Belgian jazz pioneer!

082 JACK PAYNE & BBC DANCE ORCH. Hot and Heavy/ Hot Bricks. CoE 5205 E Very rare and hot London 1928 sides!

083       Here Comes Emily Brown/ Cheer Up and Smile. CoE CB98 EE- plays E 2 hot sides, 1930!

084       Hot Coffee/ Back Again. Imp 2677 E+ Fine side!

085       Tiger Rag. 1/s vinyl Rex Master Test Pressing of mx F731-2 E+ Great hot side, tenor sax + clt solos - different take to the issued copy on Youtube!

086 ERN PETTIFER (Clarinet solos). Memphis Blues/ Somebody’s Wrong. PaE F517 E- lbl fade s2. Uncommon hot sides by Australian clarinettist!

087 VAN PHILLIPS & HIS CONCERT BAND. The Cuckoos Selection/ n.i. (12”) CoE DX83 E+ Rare London 1930 side by a band made up of musicians from the visiting Ted Lewis and Hal Kemp bands, featuring an amazing Jimmy Dorsey solo and great string bass (Harry Barth?).

088 PICCADILLY PLAYERS. From Monday On/ Heaven For Two. CoE 5156 E+ 2 hot 1928 sides - gorgeous Bixian tpt from Norman Payne s2!

089 QUINTETTE OF HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django).  Body and Soul/ A Little Love, A Little Kiss. HMV B8598 E+

90       Hot Lips/ Ain’t Misbehavin’. HMV B8690 E+

091 DJANGO REINHARDT & HIS QHCF. Duke and Dukie/ Songe d’Automne. DeE C16092 E+ Django on electric guitar!

092 RHYTHMIC EIGHT. O Kay Baby/ What Good Am I Without You. Zon 5784 E Uncommon and hot solos both sides

093       Hullabaloo/ Dance of the Wooden Shoes. Zon 5730 E Hot s1, ts/ scat vocal

094 SYD ROY’S LYRICALS. Take Your Finger Out Your Mouth/ It Made You Happy. Gmn 2062 E- Solos both sides

095 ALAN SELBY & HIS BAND. Haven’t I?/ Giggling Gollywog. Picc 328 Excellent hot solos s1, 1929

096 NAT STAR & HIS DANCE BAND. A Blues Serenade/ Zulu Wail. Hom D1203 EE+ Rare and fine sides!

097 RAY STARITA & HIS BAND. I’ve Got A Feeling/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home. CoE CB118 E+ 2 hot 1930 sides, uncommon.

098 VALAIDA. Whisper Sweet/ Singin’ In The Rain. PaE F165 EE- plays E lt scfs nap

099 RAY VENTURA & HIS ORCH. Blue Prelude/ Night and Day. EBW W31 E+ Rare 

100 GABY WAGENHEIM QUINTETTE. Star Dust/ Rosetta. (Fr) Cantoria RC152 E+

101 WASHBOARD SERENADERS. St. Louis Blues/ The Sheik of Araby. PaE F428 E+ Orig sleeve. Romping London 1934 sides with Derek Neville’s amazing baritone sax!


102 AMERICAN RAGTIME OCTETTE. Robert E. Lee/ Hitchy-Koo.  EBW 2261 E- E Fine copy of these London 1912 sides!

103 ARIZONA JACK. Ragtime Cowboy Joe/ On The Mississippi./ Cinch 5101 E

104 MIKE BERNARD (Piano solos). 1915 Rag/ Maori. Col A1427 V+ Terrific 1913 Ragtime piano!

105 JACK CHARMAN & HARRY COVE. Alexander’s Ragtime Band/ I’m Busy In The City Kitty. (Vert) Marathon 116 E-

106 CONWAY’S BAND. Slidus Trombonus/ n.i. Vic 18117 E+ Super copy of this great 1916 ragtime trombone workout!

107 DE GROOT & THE PICCADILLY ORCH. The Apache Rag/ The Tickle Toe. HMV B982 EE+ De Groot wasn’t normally associated with anything  quite as avant garde as Ragtime!

108 FAVORITE ORCH. Darkie Revels/ CITY OF LONDON POLICE BAND. Lancashire Clogs. John Bull B120 V+ light int hc nap

109 GOTTLIEB’S ORCHESTRA. Tres Moutarde (Too Much Mustard). 1/s HMV GC824 E sm nr slt tix. London 1911, 2 years before Jim Europe!

110 THE HEDGES BROS & JACOBSON. The Land of Cotton/ The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. CoE 2172 V+ Stunning 1913 ragtime piano by Elven Hedges - veterans of the 1900s Barbary Coast!

111 IMPERIAL REGIMENTAL BAND. Anona/ Hiawatha. Homophon 133 E Two fine ‘Indian Intermezzos’

112 VESS L. OSSMAN. St. Louis Tickle/ PRINCE’S BAND. Silver Bell. United Record A937 EE- rare large spindle hole issue ex-Columbia

113 OLLY OAKLEY. Poppies and Wheat/ Sweet Jessamine. EBW 2046 V

114 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo solos). Dervish Dance/ Merry and Bright. Cinch 5399 E+ Stunning copy of fine and rare 1914 banjo solos!

115       The White Coons/ Queen of Diamonds. Beka 40318 V

116 PRINCES’S BAND. Alexander’s Ragtime Band/ That Mysterious Rag. CoE 1907 E n gouge s1, 4 tix

117 ROYAL  MILITARY BAND. That Mysterious Rag/ Rum Tum Tiddle. Colis 147 V+

118 SAVOY QUARTET. He May Be Old But He’s Got Young Ideas/ Mammy’s Little Coal Black Rose. HMV B879 V+ scrs

119       I Don’t Want To Get well (great side!)/ The Wild Wild Women.  HMV B962 EE-

120 THE VERSATILE THREE. Mammy O’ Mine/ Back To The Land of Dreams. EBW 3360 V+

121 THE VERSATILE FOUR. Bo-Bo-Beedle-Um-Bo/ Japanese Sandman. EBW 3524 E-

122  VICTOR MILITARY BAND. Down Home Rag/ Horse Trot. Vic 17340 E-


123 HENRY ALLEN & HIS ORCH. Why Don’t U Practice What You Preach/ Don’t Let Your Love Go Wrong. Or 2898 E-

124 THE AMBASSADORS. That Certain Party/ I Never Knew. Voc 15153 EE+ Good tpt - Nichols?

125 ARCADIA PEACOCK ORCH. Where’s My Sweetie Hiding?/ Let Me Be The First To Kiss U Good Morning. PaE E5325 E

126 LIL ARMSTRONG & HER SWING ORCH. Oriental Swing/ Let’s Get Happy Together. Dec 10904 E+

127 PAUL ASH & HIS ORCHESTRA. Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon/ I’m Tellin’ The Birds. Col 828-D E 2 good 1926 sides

128 BAILEY’S LUCKY 7. That Bran New Gal/ Linger Awhile. Gnt 5300 E fine copy

129 BARBARY COAST FOUR. Bugle Blues/ Bam Bam Bamy Shore. OK 40511 EE- Uncommon!

130 AL BERNARD & THE GOOFUS FIVE. Hesitating Blues/ St. Louis Blues. PaE R110 E+ 2 great, red hot sides, uncommon!

131 BUNNY BERIGAN & HIS ORCH. Frankie & Johnnie/ Mother Goose. Vic 25616 E+

132 CHU BERRY & HIS STOMPY STEVEDORES. Indiana. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri Mx M294-2 E+

133 PAUL BIESE & HIS NOVELTY ORCH. Yellow Dog Blues/ I Left My Door Open… Voc 14007 Great, rough hewn 1919 Jazz sides!

134 JACK BLAND & HIS RHYTHMAKERS. Who Stole De Lock?/Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn. Kr 21182 Unusual issue of classic sides!

135 BROADWAY SYNCOPATORS. Bit By Bit You’re Breaking My Heart/ n.i. VoE X9386 EE+

136 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. Sister Kate/ Lonesome Mama Blues. Voc 14436 EE+

137       Charleston Cabin/ Please. Col 171-D E+ Gorgeous Dealer Stock copy - Rollini etc s1

138       Susquehanna Home/ I Want To Be Happy. Col 199-D E++ Another Dealer Stock copy and hot  - Rollini etc.

139 CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. Do Something/ Am I A Passing Fancy? (Arg) Od 193375 E+ 2 good sides!

140 BENNY CARTER & HIS CLUB HARLEM O. Devil’s Holiday/ Symphony In Riffs. CoE CB698 E- Great 1933 sides Unissued in USA!

141 JUANITA STINNETTE CHAPPELLE (Fats Waller organ both sides). Florence/ BERT HOWELL. Bye Bye Florence. Vic 21062 E+ Rare 1927 tribute records to African American international stage star Florence Mills, 1895-1927.

142 THE CHARLESTON CHASERS. Farewell Blues/ My Gal Sal. Co 1539-D  E++ Superb Dealer Stock copy!

143 EDDIE CONDON’S QUARTET. Indiana/ Oh! Baby. Col 35950 E+ 1st US issue of these great 1928 sides - Tesch!

144 COON-SANDERS ORCH. Smiling Skies. 1/s white styrene Master Test Pressing of Vic Mx 48625-1 N-

145 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH. Crying Blues/ ERNIE GOLDEN O. Doin’ The Raccoon. Ban 6226 EE- Fine s1!

146 DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. Don’t Give All The Lard Away/ House Rent Rag. Vic 20420 E Indispensable classics!

147 DORSEY BROS. ORCH. Singin’ In The Rain/ Your Mother & Mine. PaE R433 E+ fine copy

148       Dinah/ I’m Getting Sentimental Over U. (Fr) Br A81473 E+ lovely surface pressing!

149 LLOYD FINLAY & HIS ORCH. Fiddlin’ Blues/ Jews Harp Blues. Vic 19644 E- lt scrs s2, nap. 1925 Texas Jazz - Seger Ellis piano!

150 FIVE BIRMINGHAM BABIES. Hard Hearted Hannah/ GOLDEN GATE O. Charley My Boy. Per 14311 EE-

151 Indigo Blues/ LOU GOLD ORCH. Roll ‘Em Girls. Per 14530 E

152 JAY C. FLIPPEN & HIS GANG. Sadie Green/ Baby Face. Per 12284 E-

153 GEORGIA WASHBOARD STOMPERS. Name It/ Lulu’s Back in Town. (SB) Dec 7095 E

154 GOLDEN GATE ORCH. Zulu Wail (-1)/ Just Another Day Wasted Away. Ban 6007 E-

155 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Clap Hands Here Comes Charley/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight. (Red) PaE E5539 E lbl fade s2

156 Muddy Water/ HARY RESER’S JAZZ PILOTS. Just The Same. (Fr) Od 165115 E-

157 TINY GRIMES & HIS BAND. Jumpin’ At Gleason’s/ Flying High. Atlantic 920 E-

158 THE GULF COAST 7. Memphis Tennessee/ Papa Better Watch Your Step. Col A3978 E-

159 THE HALFWAY HOUSE ORCH. Maple Leaf Rag/ Let Me Call U Sweetheart. Col 476-D EE-/E

160 EDMOND HALL’S SWINGTET. It’s Been So Long/ I Can’t Believe That U’re In Luv With Me.  BN 51 E+

161 FRED HALL’S SUGAR BABIES. Everything We Like We Like Alike/  It Goes Like This. (Red) PaE E6131 EE- lt scfs plays E

162 HEGAMIN’S BLUE FLAME SYNCOPATORS (Instrumental sides). Strut Miss Lizzie/ Sweet Mama Papa’s Getting’ Mad. HyTone K69 E- Rare!

163 FLETCHER HENDERSON’S CLUB ALABAM ORCH. 31st Street Blues/ Old Black Joe’s Blues. Per 14223 E- Two fine 1924 sides

164 JUSTIN HUBER’S ORCH. Sweet Papa Joe/ She’s Got That Too. Gnt 5253 V+ Unusual and rare 1923 sides by Territory Band!

165 THE JIM-DANDIES. Charleston Geechie Dance/ Shake That Thing. Har 55-H E

166 JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solos). Feelin’ Blues/ Riffs. OK 8770 E- plays better. Classic 1929 Stride Piano solos!

167 IRVING KAUFMAN. Red Hot Henry Brown/ n.i. Gmn 1765 E- Fine acc. s1!

168 SAM LANIN ORCH. Little Girl/ I Found A Million $ Baby. (Can) Royal 391156 E- fine tbn/clt side 1

169 LANIN’S SOUTHERN SERENADERS. Shake It and Break It (-3)/ Aunt Hagar’s Children Blues (-3). Em 10439 E lt rubs s2 nap/ Great 1921 sides

170 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Hot Lips/ I Love Sweet Angeline. Col A3730 E

171       Beale Street Mama/ Louisville Lou. Col A3892 E+ Ted plays a fine soprano sax solo s1!

172       Jungle Blues/ A Jazz Holiday. Col 1525-D EE+ 2 fine sides!

173       At Last I’m Happy/ Truly. Col 2408-D E lt scfs, shop stickers on lbls.

174       Rhythm/ Lazybones. (Blue wax) Col 2786-D EE- Rare and very fine 1933 sides - Muggsy, Slats Long, Brunies etc!

175 THE LITTLE RAMBLERS. Play It Red/ Swamp Blues. Col 1103-D E Two great sides - Rollini etc


177 CHARLES MATSON’S LUCKY SEVEN. Lawdy Lawdy Blues/ Jailhouse Blues. Pm 30306 V+ Great 1924 Harlem band sides

178 McKENZIE’S CANDY KIDS. Hot Honey/ If You Never Come Back. Voc 15166 V+

179 BENNY MEROFF & HIS ORCH. Me & the Man In the Moon/ DORSEY BROS O. Sally of My Dreams. PaE R316 EE+ Wild Bill Davison tpt s1!

180 THE MISSOURIANS. Market Street Stomp/ TED WEEMS ORCH. Jig Time. (Spanish) Disco Gramofono AE 4365 E+ Rare issue!

181 TOOTS MONDELLO ORCH. Sweet Lorraine/ Beyond The Moon. Vars 8110 E+

182 THOMAS MORRIS & HIS 7 HOT BABIES. The Mess/ NEW ORLEANS BLUE FIVE. My Baby Doesn’t Squawk. Vic 20364 EE+ Great coupling!

183 JELLY ROLL MORTON & HIS RED HOT PEPPERS. Little Lawrence / Ponchatrain. (Aust) HMV EA3680 E+ Fine laminated pressings!

184 BENNIE MOTEN’S K.C. ORCHESTRA. New Vine Street Blues.  1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 57315-2 E++ Great sound!

185 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS. Girls Like You Were Made For Boys Like Me.   1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx 10194 E- Great and Unissued on 78 1930 side with Fats, Hawkins, Goodman etc!

186 MUSICAL STEVEDORES. Honeycomb Harmony/ Happy Rhythm. Col 14406-D E, noisy gr s1 passes 2 fine 1929 sides by Elmer Snowden’s band!

187 NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS. Tin Roof Blues (take -)/ That’s A Plenty (-A). Gnt 5105 EE-

188       She’s Crying For Me/  Everyone Loves Somebody Blues. Vic 19645 E- lt nr s1 N.O. 1925. lt nr s1 nap

189 RED NORVO & HIS SWING OCTET (Berigan, Chu Berry). Blues in E Flat. 1/s Oversize Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mx 16711-1 V+ lt scfs and edge ‘crumple’ nap.  George Avakian’s copy.

190 TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS. Blue Melody Blues/ That Kind of Love. Vic V38047 V+  noisy gr s2 passes. Levy’s import sol

191 NORMAN PHELPS & HIS VIRGINIA ROUNDERS. It’s Tight Like That/ Sweet Violets. (SB) Dec 5191 E- Hot string band!

192 BOB POPE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Let’s Sing Again/ Take My Heart. (Buff) BB B6454 E wol s2

193 ANDY PREER & THE COTTON CLUB ORCHESTRA. I Found A New Baby/ ROSS GORMAN’S FIRE-EATERS. Come Day Go Day. Keith Prowse K102 E Mega-rare 1927 British issue!

194 MARTHA RAYE (Lonnie Johnson gtr!). How’m I Doin’ & Dinah. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1198-1 E+ Great 1932 side, Unissued on 78!

195 REUBEN REEVES & HIS RIVER BOYS. Zuddan. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C683-1 E+

196       Yellow Five. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C682-1 E+

197 HARRY RESER’S SYNCOPATORS. What Do I Care What Somebody Said/ I’m In Love Again. Col 981-D E- solos both sides!

198       Kansas City Kitty/ I’m Wild About Horns on Automobiles. Col 1761-D E+ 2 hot sides!

199       Collegiate Sam/ Piccolo Pete. Col 1973-D E++ Dealer Stock! Hot solos!

200 FRED RICH & HIS ORCH. The One-Man Band. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK max 404862-A E+

201 GENE RODEMICH & HIS ORCH. Got No Time/ Isn’t She The Sweetest Thing. Br 2892 EE+ Excellent s1 with great drumming!

202 ROLY’S TAP ROOM GANG (Rollini). Old Fashioned Love. 1/s vinyl Oversize Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M273-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

203       Old Fashioned Love. 1/s vinyl Oversize Master Test Pressing of Vri mx M273-2 E- stained metal plays  Unissued on 78!

204 ARTHUR SCHUTT (Piano solos). Piano Puzzle/ Lover Come Back To Me. PaE R412 E

205 BLOSSOM SEELEY ACC. THE GEORGIANS. A New Kind Of Man With New Kind of Love/ Bringin’ Home the Bacon. Col 136-D E-

206 BEN SELVIN ORCH (Moulin Rouge O). Loud Speakin’ Papa (great side)/ LOU GOLD O. Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston. Re 9887 E

207 ALBERT SHORT TIVOLI SYNCOS. Long Lost Mamma/ SELVIN O. Ritzi Mitzi. VoE M1166 E+

208 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH. The Basement Blues (great Bechet/Ladnier!)/ ANDY KIRK 12 CLOUDS OF JOY. Dallas Blues. Br 6129 E- plays E

209 PAUL SPECHT & HIS ORCH. Here Or There/ HARRY RESER’S SYNCOS. JeT’Aime.. Col 853-D EE+ solos both sides, inc. Sylvester Ahola!


211 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. Wild Man Stomp/ Stomp Your Stuff. Dec 7424 Looks V+  plays E- Gennett masters

212 CHARLEY STRAIGHT’S RENDEZVOUS ORCH. Sweet Henry/ Easy Melody. Pm 1543 E- 2 good 1923 sides

213 JOHNNY SYLVESTER & HIS ORCH. King Porter Stomp/ Hot Hot Hottentot. PAct 036211 EE- Fine 1925 sides

214 JACK TEAGARDEN ORCH. I’ve Got It/ Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn. CoE DB5035 E-

215 TEXAS WANDERERS. Pipe Liner’s Blues/ Rackin’ It Back. Dec 5831 V+ Great Western Swing sides!

216 CHARLIE TROUTT’S MELODY ARTISTS. Transportation Blues Parts 3 and 4. Col 1265-D E++ Atlanta band on Dealer Stock copy - gorgeous!

217 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Louise/ n.i. PaE E6208 E Bix!

218 JOE VENUTI & HIS ORCH. Everybody Shuffle/ Moon Glow. ReZ MR1419 E-

219 THE WANDERERS. Tiger Rag/ KXYZ NOVELTY BAND. I Found A New Baby. HMV JF26 E+ Territory Jazz!

220 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Ash Man Crawl. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 59031-1 E+

221       Going Going Gone. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 265088-1 E+

222 CARL WEBSTER’S YALE COLLEGIANS. Dream Child. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 170422-1 E+ Fine College Jazz side with Bixian tpt and clt solos!

223 TED WEEMS & HIS ORCH. She’ll Never Find A Fellow Like Me. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 39581-4 E+ Unissued take!

224 DICKY WELLS’ SHIM SHAMMERS. Baby Are You Satisfied?/ BENNY CARTER ORCH. Minnie The Moocher. PaE R2345 E Rare!

225 FRANK WESTPHAL & HIS ORCH. Stop Your Kidding/ Greenwich Witch. Col A3786 E+ Fine s1!

226 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. San/ I Can’t Get The One I Want. Vic 19381 EE- 2 hot sides!

227 WHITEWAY JAZZ BAND. Tiger Rag/ Blue My Naughty Sweetie. Pm 20014 Great 1920 Dixieland sides!

228 HERB WIEDOEFT CINDERELLA ROOF O. Chimes Blues/ Moonlight Memories. Br 2647 E+

229 Withdrawn

230 CLARENCE WILLIAMS & HIS ORCH. Lady Luck Blues/Yama Yama Blues. Voc 2991 E- LMS shop sticker s1

231       Mississippi Basin/ Walk That Broad. Voc 03350 EE+ 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx M956-1 E Unissued on 78!

232 DOUGLAS WILLIAMS (Clarinet solos). Friendless Blues/ Riverside Stomp. Vi V38031 EE-

233 FESS WILLIAMS ROYAL FLUSH ORCH. Make Me Know It (-1)/ My Mamma’s In Town (-3) Har 189-H V+

234 DALE WIMBROW & HIS RUBEVILLE TUNERS. Oshkosh/ Roll Right Offa My Green. Col 1200-D E++ Dealer Stock!

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