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Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £8/$11. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to [email protected]

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

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Abbreviations and Grading - See the comprehensive guide to VJM Grading HERE


We’re pleased to offer some fantastic items from the collection of the well known connoisseur and record shop owner Morris Hunting. Over 70-plus years Morris amassed a great collection, notable not only for the quality of the records, but for the superb condition of most of the items. There’s lots more to follow!

001 SCRAPPER BLACKWELL & DOT RICE. Texas Stomp. 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of mx C90090-A E+

002 BIG BILL BROONZY. The Moppin’ Blues/ House Rent Stomp. Vogue V2076 E+ Paris 1951 sides

003 WALTER DAVIS. Road-Man Blues. 1/sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 67580-1 E+ Great side in fabulous sound!

004     Early This Morning/Your Time Is Comin’. (Staff) BB B8002 VV+ plays better. Fine sides!

005 (TEXAS) WILL DAY. Sunrise Blues/ Central Avenue Blues. Col 14318-D E++ Super fine copy (A1 stampers) of this New Orleans 1928 Blues rarity - you won’t find a better copy - guaranteed!

006 MERCY DEE. Dark Muddy Bottom/ Get To Gettin’ Specialty 481 E+

007 BLIND BOY FULLER. Baby Quit Your Low Down Ways/ U’ve Got  Something There. Col 37684 E+

008     Little Woman U’re So Sweet/ Step It Up and Go. Col 37280 E+

009 BOB GADDY. Operator/ I Love My Baby. Old Town 1031 EE- plays EE+, shallow nrs both sides nap

010 GRANT & WILSON. Keep Your Hands Off My Mojo/ Do Your Duty. Vox 03121 E/E+ Great Risqué sides!

011 WYNONIE HARRIS. Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ She Just Won’t Sell No More. King 4292 E

012 ROSA HENDERSON + F. HENDERSON’S JAZZ FIVE. Papa Will Be Gone/ I’m A Good Gal. Br 2589 E- Great sides with red hot backing!

013 EDNA HICKS & HENDERSON’S HOT 4. Just Thinkin’/ (w/ Porter Grainger organ). Tain’t A Doggone Thing But Blues. Ajax 17006 V+ good player

014 JOHN LEE HOOKER. Taxi Driver/ You Receive NMe. Modern 958 E+ Orig Sleeve. Great!!

015 LYNN HOPE QUINTET. Tenderly/ Song of the Wanderer. Chess 851 E

016 LIGHTNING HOPKINS. Mercy/ What Can It Be. Gold Star 616 E+ Great Texas Blues guitar sides!

017 ROSETTA HOWARD & HARLEM HAMFATS. You’ve Got To Go When Wagon Comes/ Harlem Jambouree. Dec 7447 E

018 ALBERTA HUNTER (Acc. poss. by Eubie Blake’s Orch). Downhearted Blues/ Gonna Have U - Ain’t Gonna Leave U.  Pm 12005 V++

019 FRANKIE HALF PINT JAXON. Turn Over/ You Can’t Tell. Dec 7806 E-

020 JAZZ GILLUM. Whiskey Head Buddies/ You Can’t Trust Them. BB 34-0741 E- plays better

021     Hand Reader Blues/ You Should Give Some Away. Vic 20-2964 E+

022      The Devil Blues/ What A Gal. Vic 20-3118 E

023 JOSHUA JOHNSON (Fine K.C. pianist). Pile Driver Boogie/ Battin’ The Boogie. Cap 1180 E couple of nrs nap

024 LONNIE JOHNSON. (Guitar solo). 6/88 Glide. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81587-B N- Unissued on 78!

025 MARGARET JOHNSON & CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE 5 (Bechet!). E Flat Blues/ If I Let You Get Away With It. OK 8107 E- Fine playing copy of this 1923 Bechet classic!

026 MARGARET JOHNSON & BLACK & BLUE TRIO. My Man’s Done Me Dirty/ Folks in New York City… Vic 20178 E+ Great 1926 sides!

027 MAGGIE JONES & HENDERSON’S HOT 6. Cheatin’ On Me/ Mamma Won’t U Come & Mamma Me. Col 14074-D E few lt scrs nap Fine Acc!

028 MARIE KNIGHT & ERIE GLADNEY. I’ll Fly Away/ On The Battlefield. Dec 48253 E+

029 LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD. Little Willie’s Boogie/ My Best Wishes. Eddie’s 102 E+ Uncommon Texas Blues!

030 ALEX MOORE. Blue Bloomer Blues/ Come Back Baby. (SB) Dec 7288 V++ Fine sides!

031 OSCAR’S CHICAGO SWINGERS. Try Some of That/ My Gal’s Been Foolin’ Me. (SB) Dec 7201 E-

032 PEETIE’S BOY (Robert Lee McCoy). Friar’s Point Blues/ Never Leave Me.  Dec 7819 EE+ Fine copy of great Guitar Blues!

033 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. Angels Tell Mother/ I’ll Trust His Hand. Spec 812 E+

034     Long Ago/ Please Watch Over Me. Spec 818 E+

035 PROGRESSIVE FOUR. I Ain’t Ready to Die/ Old Time Religion. Savoy 4006E+ Orig Sleeve

036 MA RAINEY & HER GEORGIA BAND. Seeking Blues/ w. JIMME BLYTHE pno. Mountain Jack Blues. Pm 12352 E, slightly pimply surface typical of this period of Paramount but plays fine. Great  sides and rare!

037 IKE ROGERS & HIS BIDDLE STREET BOYS. Malt Can Blues/ HENRY BROWN. Stomp ‘Em Down to The Bricks. (Lightning) Br 7086 V+ ef s1 to grooves but misses start of music. Marvellous music!

038 ROOSEVELT SCOTT (Jesse Colman pno). Dark Road Bl/ Down In The Gutter. Voc 05550 EE+

039 BESSIE SMITH (Acc. LOUIS ARMSTRONG!). Reckless Bl/ Sobbin Hearted Bl. Col 14056-D E+ Classic sides in superb condition!

040 & HER BAND. Muddy Water (Rare take 2)/ After You’ve Gone. Col 14197-D EE+ Fine sides!

041 Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out/ Take It Right Back. Col 14451-D E Fine copy of essential Bessie item!

042 (Eddie Lang & Clarence Williams acc). I’m Wild About That Thing/ You’ve Got To Give Me Some. Col 14427-D E+ Lovely copy!

043     (James P. Johnson pno). You Don’t Understand/ Don’t Cry Baby. Col 14487-D E

044 CLARA SMITH. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/ You Don’t Know My Mind. Col 14013-D E+ Gorgeous!

045 ELIZABETH SMITH. Gwine To Have Bad Luck For 7 Years/ No Sooner. Vic 20297 E Great Thomas Morris group acc. s1!

046 VICTORIA SPIVEY & CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE 5. My Handy Man. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 40114-B N- King Oliver tpt!

047     (Acc. Lonnie Johnson gtr). Idle Hour Blues/ Steady Grind. (Big Red) OK 8464 E- plays E

048     (w/ Lonnie Johnson acc.). Dope Head Blues/ Blood Thirsty Blues. (Big Red) OK 8531 E+ superb copy!

049 ROOSEVELT SYKES (The Honey Dripper). Love Lease Bl/ Let Me Hang Your Stocking in My Xmas Tree. Dec 7381 E

050     Night Time Is Right Time No. 2/ Mistake In Life. Dec 7438 E/E-

051 TAMPA RED. She Loves Just Right/ I Want To Swing. BB B8715 E+

052     Anna Lou Blues/ Don’t You Lie To Me. BBB8654 E

053 EVA TAYLOR. You Don’t Understand/ What Makes Me Love You So. Vic V38575 E Rare and very fine sides!

054 JOHNNIE TEMPLE. The Sun Goes Down in Blood/ Up Today and Down Tomorrow. Dec 7632 E

055 OZIE WARE & HOT FIVE. Santa Claus Bring My Man Back To Me/ I Done Caught You Blues. Vic 21777 E Memorable 1928 sides with a Duke Ellington small group backing - uncommon too!

056  WASHBOARD SAM.  I’m a Prowling Groundhog/ Don’t Tear My Clothes. Mel 6-10-55 E- needs a very large (0.004”) stylus to get best results

057     Soap and Water Bl/ You Can’t Make The Grade. Vic 20-2440 E+

058 ETHEL WATERS & JOE SMITH’S JAZZ MASTERS. Jazzin Babies Blues/Kind Lovin Bl. BS 14117 V+ Great sides!

059 BUKKA WHITE. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues/ Sleepy Man Blues. OK 05743 E Delta Guitar blues!

060     Pinebluff Arkansas/ Shake Em Down. Col 30139 E+ Great Guitar blues!

061 JOSHUA WHITE. Little Brother Blues/ Black and Evil Blues. Per 0219 V+ Great 1932 sides!

062 JOE WILLIAMS. Vitamin A/ Somebody’s Been Worrying. BB 34-0739  E-

063 RALPH WILLIS. Salty Dog/ Old Home Blues. Prestige 919 E+

064 OSCAR WOODS. Southern Girl Blues/ Evil Hearted Woman Bl. Dec 7904 E- Fine sides by Shreveport slide guitarist!


065 AMBROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Me and The Man In The Moon/ If I Had You. HMV B5605 E+ Fine hot s1!

066     I’ll Be Getting Along/ If I Had Talking Picture of U. White label Review Copy of Dec M109 E- Hot solos s1, Ahola, Polo!

067     Painting The Clouds with Sunshine/Tip Toe Thru Tulips. (Magenta) Dec M110 V+ hot s1!

068 LOUIS BACON & HIS ORCH. Panama/ Shine. Swing SW185 E+ Uncommon Paris 1939 sides!

069 CLAUDE BAMPTON & HIS BANDITS. Ring Dem Bells/ April Morning. (SB) Dec 1016 E, lt press creases, nap. Rare issue of London 1935 sides - British band plays Ellington on US issue!

070 BROCKSI’S QUINTET (Freddy Brocksieper). Take The A Train/ Cynthia’s In Love. (Ger) Br 82337 E lt rubs nap. 

071 PHILIP BUCHEL W/ SPIKE HUGHES 3 BLIND MICE. Happy Feet/ You Know What I’ll Do. Dec F1856 V+ Fine 1930 sides w/ Norman Payne!

072 UNA MAE CARLISLE & HER JAM BAND. I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby/ I Would Do Anything 4 U. (Swing) VoE S199 E+ 1st session, London 1938, Rare and Unissued in USA!

073 BENNY CARTER & HIS ORCH. My Buddy/ Lazy Afternoon. (Swing) VoE S118  E+ The Hague, 1937, uncommon!

074 BILL COLEMAN & HIS ORCH. (Django, Big Boy Goudie). I Ain’t Got Nobody/ Baby WYPCH. Swing SW14 EE+

075 ALIX COMBELLE & HIS SWING BAND (Django, Philippe Brun etc). Nerves & Fever. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Swing mx OSW101-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

076 BILLY COTTON’S LONDON SAVANNAH BAND. Ida Sweet as Apple Cider / n.i. Picc 214 EE- few v. lt scrs nap. Orig Sleeve. Hot 1928 side!

077 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. Puttin’ On The Ritz/Crying For The Carolines. ReE MR51 E/EE- hot and rare!

078 Egyptian Ella/ I Lost My Gal From Memphis. CoE CB258 E Rare, Gonella tpt!

079 JIMMY DORSEY w/ SPIKE HUGHES 3 BLIND MICE. Tiger Rag/ St. Louis Bl. DE F1878 E-/E London 1930!

080 I’m Just Wild About Harry/ After U’ve Gone. DeE F1876 E+ Fine copy of London 1930 classics!

081 ANDRE EKYAN (SAX) & DJANGO REINHARDT. Tiger Rag/ Pennies From Heaven. Swing SW4 E+ Superb copy on rare ‘Outlined’ Swing label - only used on 1st pressings of the earliest sides!

082 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS MUSIC. You Can’t Have My Sugar For Tea/ Calling Me Home. BrE 157 E Fabulous Chelsea Quealey tpt + Davis, Rollini etc! S1 later became ‘Dancing The Devil Away’.

083     How Long Has This Been Going On/ Tea Time. BrE 169 E+ More great Quealey/Davis - fine copy!

084    Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Singapore Sorrows. PaE R1201 E+ Fabulous laminated pressing copy of one of the hottest British records of the 1920s - Rollini, Davis, Quealey, Davis and more!

085 ROY FOX & HIS BAND. Kicking The Gong Around/ Minnie the Moocher. DeE F2834 E+ Al Bowlly-Nat Gonella vcls!

086     Corrine Corrina/ Concentratin’. DeE F2839 EE+ Gonella-Bowlly vcls!

087     I Got Rhythm/ You’ve Got What Gets Me. DeE F3015 E+ More Bowlly-Gonella vcls!

088     Jungle Drums/ Drowsy Blues. DE F5124 E+ Two fine 1934 sides!

089 THE GILT-EDGED FOUR. The Piccadilly Strut/ Wondering. CoE 3840 V++ Rare!

090     Cornfed/ Gonna Get A Girl. CoE 4611 E- nr s2 lt tx

091 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT FOUR (Django). It Don’t Mean A Thing/ Moon Glow. (Ger) Br A9909 E

092     Some Of These Days/ Chasing Shadows. DeE F6002 E+

093      I Got Rhythm/ Limehouse Blues. DeE F5780 E+

094 Withdrawn

095 It Was So Beautiful/ I’ve Found A New Baby. DeE F5943 E+

096 EDDIE GROSS-BART. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Glad Rag Doll. PaE R320 E- Excellent acc. s1 - Ronnie Munro musicians.

097 HENRY HALL & HIS GLENEAGLES HOTEL BAND. I Lost My Gal From Memphis/ Goodnight Sweetheart. DeE F2330 E+ Surprisingly hot s1, recorded in Manchester, 1931!

098 IKE ‘YOW SUH’ HATCH & HIS HARLEM STOMPERS. Tormented/ Massa-Choo-Setts. ReZ MR2126 V++ lt nr s1 nap

099 STANLEY C. HOLT (Piano solos). Piano Puzzle / Loose Fingers. Hom H425 Fine 1923 piano solos!

100 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS D.O. Is There A Place Up For Me?/ Witness. DeE F2649 E

101 HARRY HUDSON MELODY MEN (as Radio Melody Boys). Shout For Happiness/  Bathing in Sunshine. EBW 5263 E Rare and hot!

102 LESLIE HUTCHINSON. High Hat/ He Loves and She Loves. PaE R261 EE- Terrific stomping Harlem piano s1, not to mention great drums - if only his records were all like this!

103 JACK HYLTON’S JAZZ BAND. Tsing/ So Now You Know. Zon 2223 E- rare 1921 sides featuring black American clarinettist Edmund Thornton Jenkins!

104     ORCH. Alabama Stomp/ Mamma’s Gone young, Papa’s Gone Old. HMV B5170 V++

105     Here Comes Emily Brown/Cheer Up and Smile. HMV B5850 E+ 2 hot sides

106 w/ COLEMAN HAWKINS. My Melancholy Baby/ Darktown Strutters Ball. HMV BD5550 E+

107     HYLTONIANS. Brown Sugar/ It Doesn’t Matter Who She Is. HMV B5208 E- Uncommon!

108 KIT-CAT BAND. Piccadilly Strut/ Dan’t Wake Me Up. HMV B5020 E- Rare and fine!

109 ARTHUR LALLY & MILLION-AIRS. Just A Crazy Song/ Queen Ws in Parlour. DeE F2504 V+ Hot s1 - Jack Jackson tpt!

110 LILY LAPIDUS. Big City Blues/ RITA BERNARD. That’s What I Call Sweet Music. Ariel 4420 EE+ Excellent tpt side 1, rare issue!

111 WILLIE LEWIS NEGRO BAND. Ol Man River/ Christopher Columbus.  (Swiss) Elite special 4079 V+ edge crumple bump, tight and inaudible. Zurich, 1941!

112 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ORCHESTRA. Swing Time/ Ol Man River. CoE FB1980 E+ Paris 1937 - Arthur Briggs, Big Boy Goudie etc!

113 NINA MAE McKINNEY (Acc. GARLAND WILSON). Minnie The Moocher’s Wedding Day/ Rhapsody In Love. BrE 1468 E- Rare Paris 1932 sides by renowned black film star!

114 GEORGE MONKHOUSE & HIS QUINQUAGINTA RAMBLERS. Stamp Your Feet/ Birmingham Bertha. PaE R560 E- scfs and lt scrs. Super rare 1929 Cambridge University college Band sides!

115 RONNIE MUNRO & HIS DANCE ORCH. Sweet Child/ Honeybunch. PaE R5632 EE- solos both sides!

116 as ROOF GARDEN O. It Don’t Do Nothing But Rain/ Don’t Do That to Poor Puss Cat. PaE R160 EE- Hot s1 - Frank Wilson tpt, Lally bar sax, vn solos!

117 THE NEW LYRES. Bull It in C/ Doctor Rhythm. PaE F1219 E+ Rare 1938 sides!

118 NEW MAYFAIR DANCE ORCH. What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/ Casabianca. HMV B5601 E Fine s1, Goldberg etc!

119 THE  NICHOLAS BROTHERS. Your Heart and Mine/ Keep A Twinkle In Your Eye. HMV BD373 E few lt scfs nap. London 1936, fine acc!

120 WALKER O’NEILL. Scale It Down/ Dustin’ The Keys. HMV B1806 E- American pianist in London, 1924!

121 ORIGINAL CAPITOL ORCH. Chicago/ Russian Rose. Zon 2342 E- Mississippi riverboat band in London, 1923!

122 JACK PAYNE BBC DANCE ORCH. A Dicky Bird Told Me So/ I Faw Down and Go Boom. CoE 5360  E Fine hot arrangement s1

123     Choo Choo/ On Balcony In Spain. CoE CB228 E+ This is the superior ‘Blumlein Cutter’ version - terrific performance and sound!

124 ORCH. Hot Coffee/ Back Again. Imp 2677 E

125 PICCADILLY PLAYERS. Amoniated Tincture of Quinine/ The Pink Plant Pot. CoE 4961 E+ Fine and uncommon sides - despite the titles! Ahola etc!

126     Rhythm King/ Oh! What A Night To Love. CoE 5266 E+ Excellent solos - Ahola, Al Starita, Perley Breed etc!

127 PICCADILLY REVELS BAND. Buffalo Rhythm/ Go Joe Go. CoE 4610 E+ Knock-out 1927 sides - and rare!

128 QUINTETTE OF HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django). Black and White/  Sweet Georgia Brown. DeE F6675 EE+ London 1938

129     Flat Foot Floogie/ Lambeth Walk. DeE F6776 E+ London 1939

130     Time On My Hands/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight. DeE F7100 E+

131     Paramount Stomp/ Swinging With Django. (Can) Vic 27272 E

132 w/ ALIX COMBELLE (Sax). Nuages/  Les Yeux Noirs. Swing SW88 E

133 DJANGO REINHARDT & QHCF. Clouds/ Believe It Beloved. (Ger) Telefunken A1960EE- few fine lt  scfs and scrs

134 (Guitar solos).  Sweet Georgia Brown/ You Rascal Yiu. Swing SW35 E+ Uncommon!

135 THE RHYTHMIC EIGHT. Come On Baby/ I’m Just In The Mood Tonight. Zon 5436 EE+ 2 fine hot sides - Ahola, Lally etc.

136     Kansas City Kitty/ Louise. Zon 5437 E- Great side!

137 SYD ROY’S LYRICALS. My Pet/ Love Lies. Imp 1921 E Excellent solos s1!

138 INGELISE RUNE’S SWINGKVINTET. I Wish I Were Twins/ Jersey Bounce. (Swed) Tono SP4238 E large autograph of Ingelise Rune pasted onto s1! Fine swinging Stockholm 1943 sides by female pianist/singer.

139 JEAN SABLON (Acc. Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelly). Cette Chanson Est Pour Vous/ Rendez-vouz Sur La Pluie. (Fr) Col DF1847 E- few scfs. Rare Paris 1935 sides!

140     (Acc. Garland Wilson pno).  Si Tu M’Aimes/ Un Seul Couvert Please James. (Fr) Col DF1903 E+ Fine 1936 sides

141 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS SIZZLING SYNCOPATORS. Love Lies/ Again. PaE R126 E- 1” scr s1, lt tix. Good acc.; s1 - Arthur Lally baritone sax!

142 EDDIE SOUTH & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY (Django). Daphne/ Dinah. Swing SW12 E- wide but shallow scr s1 lt ix intermittently in 1st 1/3.

143 REX STEWART & FOOTWARMERS (Django). Finesse/ I Know That You Know. (Fr) Pathe PG538 E+ Great Paris 1939 sides by visiting Ellingtonians!

144     Low Cotton/ LEO CHAULIAC ORCH. Hot Club Parade. Swing SW 203 E+ Paris 1939 with Django Reinhardt

145 LEW STONE MONSEIGNEUR BAND. Blue Prelude/ Snowball. Dec 3675 E+ Gonella etc!

146 THE SYLVIANS. Mississippi Mud/ I’m Wondering Who. HMV B5408 E Fine and surprisingly uncommon 1928 sides by Savoy musicians.

147 VALAIDA. Whisper Sweet/ Singin’ In the Rain. PaE F164 E-

148 WASHBOARD SERENADERS. Nagasaki/ Black Eyes. PaE F358 E- Great London 1935 sides with terrific Derek Neville baritone sax!

149 TEDDY WEATHERFORD (Piano solos). My Blue Heaven/ Ain’t Misbehavin’. Swing SW39 E+ Great Paris 1937 sides by legendary pianist.

150 ELIZABETH WELCH (Acc. Benny Carter, Gene Rogers etc). The Man I Love. 1-sided Decca Master Test Pressing of mx S126-2 E+ Fine and rare London 1936 sides by celebrated black Diva!

151 JAY WHIDDDEN & HIS BAND. Louisiana/ Happy Days and Lonely Nights. Imp 2024 E- Fine Norman Payne tpt solo s1!

152 GARLAND WILSON (Piano solos). Just A Mood/Just One of Those Things. BrE 03115 EE+ London 1936

153     Your Heart and Mine/Shim Sham Drag. BrE 02283 E+ London 1936

154 MARIUS B. WINTER D.O. My Future Just Passed/ King’s Horses. Bdcst 12 2594 E+ Excellent solos s1!


155 AMERICAN RAGTIME OCTETTE. Million Dollar Doll/ You Made Me Love You. EBW 2470 EE+

156 JOE BATTEN (as Joe Bolton). Piano Man Rag/ GEORGE FISHBERG. Kitten on the Keys. EBW 3771 EE+ sm scr s1 lt tix Fine Ragtime piano  solo played by composer!

157 CASINO ORCHESTRA. Grizzly Bear Rag/ Bogey Walk. CoE 1885 E

158 COLUMBIA ORCHESTRA. Darkey Tickle (-6)/ Invincible Eagle March. Col A160 E Great Cakewalk with ‘interjections’! c. 1902-03.

159     Lassus Trombone/ Miss Trombone. Col A2825 E  Guess what’s featured??

160 COMER & BLANCHE (Pno/Bjo w. orch acc). Hors D’Oeuvres/ Beets and Turnips. ReE G6936 E London 1915, composer’s version of s1!

161 ISIDORE MAURICE (“of Ciro’s Club”) (Piano solos). Silence and Fun/ Coaxing The Piano. Aco G15171 EE-  extra spindle hole. London 1923

162 SAM MOORE & HORACE DAVIS (Octachorda & Harp Guitar duet). Laughing Rag/ n.i. HMV B1406 E great 1921 folk rag sides!

163 NEW YORK MILITARY BAND. Sliding Sid/ Boy and Birds. Ed 50547 E-

164 VESS L. OSSMAN (Banjo solo). Buffalo Rag. 1/s GP Vic 4628 V+ NYC, Jan 1906

165 MURRAY PILCER & HIS JAZZ BAND. The Wild Wild Women/ K-K-K-Katy. EBW 3288 E Nice clean copy of first British ‘Jazz’ record!

166 PRINCE’S BAND. High Society. Standard A1038 E- usual oversize spindle. First version of New Orleans classic, 1911 - complete with piccolo obbligato!

167     I’m Alabama Bound/ Porcupine Rag. Col A901 E- 2 great 1909 sides - yes, the same I’m Alabama Bound that Jelly recorded!

168 ARTHUR PRYOR’S BAND. A Southern Belle. 1-sided GP Vic 2825 V+

169 Sweetmeats Two-Step (Ragtime March). Vic 5733 1-sided Vic 5733 E-

170 ST. HILDA COLLIERY BAND. The Slippery Slide/ Coster’s Courtship. Zon 2212 E Ragtime was played everywhere!

171 SAVOY QUARTET. The Jazz Band/ Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia. HMV B1088 E-

172     Oh! Helen/ When You See Another Sweetie Hanging Around. HMV B1069 EE-

173 THE THREE RASCALS. When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam/ On The Mississippi. Jumbo 1078 E- Great piano!

174     Get Out and Get Under/ You Didn’t Want To Do It But U Did. Colis F570 V+

175 THE TWO RASCALS. My Mammy/ If You Show A Little Love. Zon 2211 E- Despite the title Chas O’Donnell lets rip at the piano s1!

176 THE VERSATILE THREE. Whispering/ The Love Nest. EBW 3504 E


177 OSCAR ALEMAN & QUINTETO DE SWING. I’m Beginning to See The Light/O Vestido de Bolero. (Arg) Od 22312 E-

178 HENRY ALLEN & HIS ORCH. Every Minute of the Hour/The Touch of Your Lips. Voc 3215  E

179 Meet Me In the Moonlight/ Don’t U Care What Anyone Says. Voc 3574 E

180 THE ALL STAR ORCH. My Melancholy Baby/ I Just Roll Along. Vic 21212 E+ 2 fine sides, Mole etc.

181 THE AMBASSADORS. Oh Baby/ Mandalay. Voc 14808 E excellent s1!

182 ALBERT AMMONS RHYTHM KINGS. Boogie Woogie Stomp/ CLEO BROWN. Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie. Dec 3386 E sm scr s1 nap

183 ARCADIAN SERENADERS. San Sue Strut/ Bobbed Hair Bobbie. OK 40378 E- Fabulous St. Louis 1924 sides!

184 Angry/ You Gotta Know How. OK 40517 E-

A few of George Avakian’s Columbia Master Test Pressings, used to audition for possible reissue - superb, unbeatable sound!

185 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT SEVEN. Gully Low Blues. George Avakian 1-sided Oversize Shellac Columbia Master Pressing of OK mx 80877-D E+ 

186     HOT FIVE.  Don’t Jive Me. 1-sided Oversize Avakian Vinyl Columbia Master Pressing of OK mx 400966-C E+ No OKeh issue!

187     SAVOY BALLROOM 5. Save It Pretty Mama. 1-sided Avakian Shellac Columbia Master Pressing of OK mx 402170-C E+

188 BILLY BANKS & HIS ORCH. Mighty Sweet. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 72561-2 E+ Fine side, excellent unidentified band acc!

189 BEALE STREET WASHBOARD BAND (Johnny Dodds etc). Piggly Wiggly (-B)/  Forty & Tight. (Can) Br 80076 1st issue of take b of Piggly Wiggly, master pressing!

190 BIX BEIDERBECKE & HIS GANG. At The Jazz Band Ball/ Jazz Me Blues. (Large Black) OK 40923 E+ 

191     Louisiana/ Rhythm King. OK 41173 E+

192 BEN BERNIE ORCH. Doodle Doo Doo/ June Night. Voc 14878 E- Fine side 1, Pettis etc.

193     Up and At ‘Em/ Somebody’s Lonely. Cliftophone BrE 3145 E Great side!

194 PAUL BIESE & HIS ORCH. Never Again/ JEAN GOLDKETTE O. My Sweetheart. Vic 19313 E Hot s1, one of his best

195 THE BIG ACES. Cherry (-C)/ LITTLE CHOCOLATE DANDIES. Four or Five Times. PaE R385 EE+ Very rare take A of Cherry - only issue!

196 THE BLUE KITTENS (Reser). In Your Green Hat/ I Never Knew. Pur 11433 E- Astonishingly hot!

197 BLYTHE’S BLUE BOYS (State Street /Ramblers). My Baby/ Oriental Man. Ch 40023 E-  Masters

198 BROADWAY BELLHOPS. There Ain’t No Land Like Dixieland/ There’s A Cradle in Caroline. Har 504-H EE- 1” scr s1, tix. Bix, Tram etc!

199 JOE BUSHKIN’S BLUE BOYS (Hot Lips Page tpt/voc). Caldonia’s Gone. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Commodore mx 4653-2 E+ Unissued!

200 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. The Pay-Off/ JAN GARBER & HIS ORCH. Tin Ear. Col 1642-D E- Two excellent sides!

201     How Do I Rate With U/U Took My Breath Away. (Buff) BB B6173 E- Dolly Dawn vocal s2

202 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER JOY BOYS. It Looks Like Susie/ Without That Gal! Vic 22733 E+ Great sides!

203 JOE CANDULLO EVERGLADES ORCH. Nervous Charlie Stomp/ Black Bottom. Re 8109 E- 2 sm digs s1, tix

204     I Wonder What’s Become of Joe/ Black Bottom. Imp 1685 E-

205 HOAGY CARMICHAEL & HIS ORCH. Mighty River.  1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 73351-1 E+

206     One Morning In May/ DON BESTOR & HIS ORCH. Armful of Trouble. Vic 24505 E

207 WINGY CARPENTER & HIS WINGIES. Preachin’ Trumpet Blues/ BOB POPE & HIS BAND. That’s All I Ask of You. Dec 8519 E Interesting to see Bob Pope’s Band in Decca’s ‘Sepia Series’!

208 CASA LOMA ORCH. Happy Days Are Here Again/ JACK ALBIN O. A Bench in the Park. PaE E4605 E+ Uncommon issue!

209 CELESTIN’S TUXEDO JAZZ ORCH. Station Calls/ My Josephine. Col 636-D E/E+ N.O. Jazz Classics!

210     Papa’s Got The Jim Jams/ Dear Almanzoer. Col 14220-D V+ plays much better. Edmond ‘Doc’ Souchon’s own copy of this N.O. rarity - personal stickers on labels!

211 CHICAGO HOTTENTOTS (R.M. Jones, Bigard etc) All Night Shags/ Put Me In The Alley Blues. Voc 1008  E sol s2. Rare!

212 CHOCOLATE DANDIES. Six or Seven Times/ That’s How I Feel Today. OK 8728E+ Stunning copy!

213     Dee Blues/Bugle Call /Rag. (Ger) Od O-28344 E+ Original Sleeve, Beautiful pressing!

214 LILLIE DELK CHRISTIAN & LOUIS ARMSTRONG’S HOT 4. Too Busy!/ Was It A Dream? (Big Red) OK 8596 E+ Fab sides, superb copy!

215 SUNNY CLAPP & HIS BAND O’ SUNSHINE. A Bundle of Southern Sunshine/  I Found Girl of My Dreams. OK 41283 E Rare Territory sides

216 DOC COOK & HIS DREAMLAND ORCH. Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man/ Spanish Mama. Col 727 E+  A stampers of this iconic record!

217 COON-SANDERS ORIG NIGHTHAWK ORCH. Some Of These Days/ JEAN GOLDKETTE ORCH. It’s The Blues. Vic 19600 E/EE- few scrs s2, lt tix

218     Blazin’/ THE VIRGINIANS. Low Down. Vic 21680 E+ Two fine sides

219 BOB CROSBY & HIS ORCH. I’m Prayin’ Humble. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx 91534-A E+ Fine side, great sound

220 JOHNNY DE DROIT & HIS N.O. JAZZ ORCH. Number Two Blues/ Nobody Knows Blues. OK 40150 E-  N.O., 1924!

221 CARROLL DICKERSON & HIS ORCH. Black Maria/ Missouri Squabble. BrE 3853 E Fine Chicago 1928 sides - Willie Hightower tpt!

222 JOHNNY DODDS. Clarinet Wobble/ San. Br 3574 E+ Gorgeous copy!

223 JOHNNY DODDS BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. After You’ve Gone (-41)/ Come On and Stomp Stomp Stomp. Br 3568 E+ Gorgeous copy and Rare non-vocal take of side 1!

224     CHICAGO BOYS. Stack O’ Lee Blues. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Decca mx 63193-A E+

225     HOT SIX. Too Tight (-4)/ Goober Dance. HMV B10419 E+ This take of S1 Unissued in USA!

Now, a selection of beautifully-pressed, shellac-rich Swiss HMVs of Johnny Dodds - all have the engineer’s handwritten information under the label.

226 JOHNNY DODDS HOT SIX. Heah Me Talkin’/ My Little Isabel. (Sw) HMV JK2137 E+

227     Too Tight/ Goober Dance. (Sw) HMV JK 2138 E+

228     TRIO. Indigo Stomp/ Blue Piano Stomp. (Sw) HMV JK2179 E+

229     WASHBOARD BAND. Bull Fiddle Blues/ Weary City. (Sw) HMV JK2154 EE+

230 ELGAR’S CREOLE ORCHESTRA. Brotherly Love/ The Nightmare. Br 3404 E+ 1926 Chicago Big Band classics!

Next a fine selection of Duke Ellingtons, starting with a major rarity…

231 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCH. Black Beauty (mx 27093)/ Jubilee Stomp. Br 4044 E+ This issue is mislabelled as ‘The Hotsy Totsy Gang’ playing Don’t Mess With Me, but actually plays the only issued version of mx 27093 of Black Beauty.

232     I’m So In Love With You/ NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH (Bechet, Ladnier etc). Loveless Love. Per 15649 E+ Rare issue!

233     (as JUNGLE BAND). Paducah/ Harlem Flat Blues. Br 4309 E+ lbl trs s2. Stanley Dance’s own copy, sticker s1.

234     Tishomingo Blues/ Yellow Dog Blues. (Fr) Br 500245 E+ Lovely pressing

235     Cotton Club Stomp/ Arabian Lover. Vic V38079 E+

236      Ring Dem Bells/ Three Little Words. Vic 22528 E+

237      Bugle Call Rag. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 71839-1 E+

238      Rockin’ In Rhythm. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 67401-1 E+

239      Rude Interlude. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 77025-1 E+

240      Cocktails For Two. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 79156-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

241 BOB FINLEY & HIS ORCH. Doin’ The Campus Crawl/ SAM LANIN O. You Were Meant 4 Me. Cam 9101 E- Fine side 1!

242 FIVE SPIRITS OF RHYTHM. Rhythm/ I Got Rhythm. PaE R2662 E+ Great sides, Unissued in USA!

243 TROY FLOYD & HIS SHADOWLAND ORCH. Dreamland Blues Pts 1 & 2. OK 8719 E+ Superb copy of 1928 Territory Band classic - Herschel Evans, Don Albert etc!

244 FOUR INSTRUMENTAL STARS (Annette Hanshaw + Rollini, Venuti, Lang…). I Like What You Like/ I’m Somebody’s Somebody Now. PActE 11485 E- lt scfs nap. Rare and mega-hot 1927 sides!

245 BUD FREEMAN & HIS GANG. What’s The Use?/ ‘Life’ Spears A Jitterbug. Com 507 E+

246     Tappin’ The Commodore Till/ Memories of You. Com 508 E+

247 CHARLES FULCHER & HIS ORCH. Atlanta Gal/ I Faw Down & Go Boom. Col 1734-D E+ Great Atlanta Jazz sides!

248 JAN GARBER & HIS ORCH. Fascinatin’ Vamp/ HARRY RESER O.  Humoreskimo. (Aus) Re G20243 E- Fine side1, only issue!!

249     Outside/ Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine. CoE 5454 E+ hot s1

250     Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/ That’s Why I’m Happy. Col 1823-D E+ hot!

251 GEORGIA STRUTTERS. Ev’rybody Mess Aroun’/ Georgia Grind. Har 231-H EE- Jimmy Wade’s Band!

252 ROSS GORMAN & HIS VIRGINIANS. It Looks Like Helen Brown/ Oh Baby Don’t We Get Along. Har 372-H E+2 fine sides

253 ADELAIDE HALL & LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS ORCH. Bay/ I Must Have That Man. Br 4031 EE- sm rc s1 0gvs

254 HARLEM HAMFATS. I’m Cuttin’ Out/ Down in Shady Lane. (SB) Dec 7351 E+

255     Mellow Little Devil/ The Barefoot Boy. Dec 7484 E v tight 1/2 hc s1 nap

Now a fine selection of Fletcher Hendersons…

256 HENDERSON’S HOT SIX. Gulf Coast Blues/ Midnight Blues. Col A3951 E+

257 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Sud Bustin’ Blues/ War Horse Mamma. Br 2592 E+

258     Naughty Man/ The Meanest Kind of Blues. Col 249-D E+ Louis solos both sides on this beautiful copy!

259     (Southern Serenaders) I Miss My Swiss / JOE FRIEDMAN O. Collegiate. ReE G8471 EE+ Great Louis solo s1!

260     Money Blues (-1) / I’llTake Her Back. Col 383-D E+/E Great Louis solo s1, A2 stamper!

261      Then I’ll Be Happy (-1)/ EDDIE PEABODY ORCH. Along Came Luv. Ban 1654 EE- Great Joe Smith/Hawk

262     When Spring Comes Peeping Through/ TENNESSEE TEN. What Happened To Rosie. (Red) Gnt 3285 E tiny rc, nap Rare!

263     The Henderson Stomp/ The Chant. Col 817-D E West Coast Pressing of 2 classic 1926 sides!

264     Hop Off/ BDWAY BROADCASTERS (Lanin). I Must /Have That Man. Br 4119 E+ Superb copy!

265 THE JAZZ PILOTS (Reser). Oh You Have No Idea/ SAM LANIN O. Too Busy! PaE R217 EE+ 2 fine hot sides!

266 JOHNNIE’S JAZZ BOYS (Clarence Williams 1st session, 1921!) Roumania/ BROWN & TERRY’S JAZZOLA BOYS. Jump Steady Bl. OK 8021 E-/V+

267 PETE JOHNSON (Piano solos). Kaycee On My Mind/ Blues on the Down Beat.  Dec 3384 E-

268 JIMMY JOHNSTON’S REBELS (Reser group). Poor Papa/ Horses. EBW 4449 E v. tight hc s2 nap. 2 hot 1926 sides! 

269 ISHAM JONES’ ORCH. Wop Blues/ The One I Love.. Br 2555 E

270 JONES & COLLINS ASTORIA HOT 8. Astoria Strut/ Duet Stomp. (Staff) BB B8168 E+ Master of Important N.O. 1929 sides!

271 KEYSTONE SERENADERS. Where Can I Find You/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now. Voc 15122 V++ 2 fine sides by Detroit Band.

272 BENNIE KRUEGER’S ORCH. Pleasure Mad/ Charley My Boy. Br 2667 E++ Fine hot s1

273 LADD’S  BLACK ACES. Lot’s O’ Mamma/ Nine O’ Clock Sal. Gnt 5366  EE+

274 HAROLD LAMBERT (Excellent Jazz Band Acc!) My Kinda Love/ St. Louis Blues. Voc 15804 sol should soak off. Rare!

275 LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS ORCH. Bandanna Babies/ Magnolia’s Wedding Day. Br 4030 E+ Great 1928 sides!

276 MEADE LUX LEWIS (Piano solo). Yancey Special. 1-sided vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx 90561-A E+

277      Celeste Blues/ Yancey Special. Dec 819 E+

278 TED LEWIS’ JAZZ BAND. Where Is My Daddy Now Bl/ Queen of Sheba. Col A3421 E- San Francisco 1921.

279     & HIS BAND. Frankie & Johnny/ Wah! Wah! Col 1017-D E+

280      A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ I Ain’t Got Nobody. Col 1428-D E- 2 fine Don Murray features.

281    Egyptian Ella/ I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby. Col 2428-D E Magical and uncommon 1931 sides - Fats, Muggsy, Goodman etc!

282      An Ev’ning in Caroline/ Old Playmate. Col 2560-D E+/E Goodman!

283 DONALD LINDLEY & HIS BOYS. Slidin’ Around/ Nothin’ Doin’. Col 1443-D E+ Chicago 1928, uncommon!

284 THE LITTLE RAMBLERS. Life Begins at Sweet 16/ I’m the Fellow Who Luvs You. (Buff) BB B6192 E

285 BERT LOWN & HIS ORCH. When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Running Between Raindrops. Vic 22654 E- LMS shop stickers

286 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD & HIS CHICKASAW SYNCOPATORS. In Dat Mornin’/ Sweet Rhythm. BB B5330 E+ Memorable preachin’!

287 WINGY MANNONE & HIS ORCH (Jelly Roll Morton piano). Never Had No Lovin’/ I’m Alone Without You. Sp Ed 5011-S E+ 1st issue, 1934

288 FRANK MARVIN (as George White). Dust Pan Blues/ CAPT. APPLEBLOSSOM. The Book of Etiquette. PaE R1081 E+ Rare 1929 s1 featuring fine (and attypical) Earl Oliver trumpet + guitar!

289  MEMPHIS STOMPERS. Hold It Still/ Kansas City Blues. Vic 21270 E+ Great 1928 Memphis sides!

290 MENDELLO’S FIVE GEE GEES. High Hattin’ Hattie/ YANKEE TEN D.O. It Goes Like This. Or 1363 EE- lt scrs s2. Fine hot s1!

291 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Weary Traveller/ Brown Sugar Mine. PaE R2366 E+ Rare - only issue of s1!

292 MIFF MOLE & HIS LITTLE MOLERS. Orig Dixieland One Step/ My Gal Sal. (Lge Black) OK 40932 E+ gorgeous copy!

293     Birmingham Bertha/ Moanin’ Low. (US) Od ONY41273 E+ Superb copy of rare West Coast issue!

294     Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble/ FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Cryin’ All Day. (Fr) Od 279713 E+ Tesch s1!

295     Windy City Stomp/ LOUISIANA RHYTHM KINGS. Ballin’ The Jack. HRS 15 E. 1st issue s1 - Tesch!

296 MORELLI’S BOHEMIANS. Joe College/ U Laughed When I Told You PaE E6279 E/E- bad ngouge s2 plays through. Fine hot s1 - only record!

297 THOMAS MORRIS & 7 HOT BABIES. The Mess. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 36962-2 E+ This take Unissued on 78!

298     ORCH. Who’s Dis Heah Stranger/ NEW ORLEANS BLUE FIVE. King of the Zulus - Chitlin Rag. Vic 20316 E+ Fine copy of classics!

299 BENNY MORTON & HIS ORCHESTRA. Tailor Made/ Gold Diggers Song. (Blue wax) Col 2924-D E+ Fabulous sides - only issue s1!

300 CURTIS MOSBY & HIS DIXIELAND BLUE BLOWERS. Weary Stomp/ In My Dreams. (West Coast) Col 1191-D E+ Great 1927 sides!

301 GOOF MOYER. Idol Of My Eyes/ BOYD SENTER. Beef Stew. Per 14709 E- Fine 1926 side by Mutli-instrumentalist

302 THE MUSICAL MANIACS. Am I Blue/ Down By The Old Mill Stream. Voc 3691 E Fine 1937 Irving Fazola sides.

303 OZZIE NELSON & HIS ORCH. Swamp Fire/ Rigmarole. Mel 7-07-08 E good arrangements

304 NEW ORLEANS BOOTBLACKS. Mixed Salad/ I Can’t Say. Col 14465-D E+ Classic Dodds!

305 NEW ORLEANS OWLS. That’s A Plenty/ The New Twister. Col 1547-D EE- sm ef and tight 1” lam, nap

306 RED NICHOLS WORLD FAMOUS PENNIES. Jungle Fever/ Rockin’ In Rhythm. (Buff) BB B5547EE+

307 KING OLIVER’S CREOLE JAZZ BAND. Alligator Hop/ Krooked Blues. Gnt 5275 V+, rough start particularly on side 1 not too obtrusive, soon settles down to V+ , other side very slight rough start. Rarest of the Gennetts and I’ve had much worse copies!!

308     & HIS ORCH. Stealing Love/ DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. Memphis Shake.  (Ger) Electrola &853 E+ Only 78 issue of s1!

309 LOUIS PRIMA & HIS N.O. GANG. Swing Me With Rhythm/ Sugar Is Sweet. Br 7431 E

310 LEO REISMAN & HIS ORCH. Puttin’ On The Ritz/ SHILKRET O. Singing Vagabond Song. (Can) Vic 22306 EE+ Miley!

311     Time On My Hands/ U Didn’t Know The Music. Vic 22839 E+ Lee Wiley vcl s1

312     Happy As The Day Is Long/ ARDEN-OHMAN O. Let’s Call It A Day. HMV B6378 E+ Harold Arlen vcl, Rollini showcase s1!

313 ADRIAN (ROLLINI) & HIS ORCHESTRA. Happy As The Day Is Long/ Blue Prelude. (Blue wax) Col 2785-D E+ Uncommon sides - Goodman, Dorseys etc!

314 & HIS TRIO. Honky Tonk Train/ Martha, Ah So Pure. Voc 5582 E

315 ROMANCE OF HARMONY ORCH. Blue Evening Blues/ Doodle Doo Doo. (Personal) Gnt 20068 E+ Rare and fine!

316 SAVOY BEARCATS. Bearcat Stomp/ How Could I Be Blue. Vic 20307 E/EE- scrs s2 lt tix in places. 1926 Harlem Jazz!

317 CECIL SCOTT & HIS BRIGHT BOYS. Lawd Lawd/ In A Corner. Vic V-38098 E lbl trs both sides. What a stomper! In the words of Russ Shor “The first Rock n’ Roll Record!

318 LLOYD SCOTT’S ORCHESTRA. Symphonic Scronch/ Happy Hour. Vic 20495 E+ Two memorable 1927 sides in great shape!

319 CHARLIE SEGAR (Piano solos). Southern Hospitality/ Cuban Villa Blues. (SB) Dec 7027 E+ Great Blues Piano sides

320 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Me!/ Give Me Your Affection Honey. PaE R1047 E+ Rare

321 SEPIA SERENADERS. Breakin The Ice/ Bay Brown. (Buff) BB B5782 E- Great 1934 Cliff Jackson group sides

322 SHARKEY & HIS SHARKS OF RHYTHM. High Society/ I’m Satisfied With My Gal. Voc 3380 E

323 NOBLE SISSLE & EUBIE BLAKE. Boo Hoo Hoo/ N.I. Re 9180 EE-

324 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH. Bandanna Days/ TED LEWIS BAND. Dallas Blues. Shellac George Avakian Columbia Master Test Pressing of mxs M398-2/ 17065 E+ Bechet feature Side 1  - Unissued on 78!

325 HARL SMITH & HIS ORCH. Bring Back Those Rock-A-Bye Baby Days/ Rose Marie. Per 14339 E s1 a real sleeper, featuring Bix influencer Joe Rose in full chorus solo!

326 JABBO SMITH & HIS ORCH. Absolutely/ How Can Cupid Be So Stupid. Dec 1712 E

327 LEROY SMITH & HIS ORCH. In Harlem’s Araby/ CLOVER 3. Collegiate. Globe 1283  V+ Fine 1924 black band s1!

328 MIKE SPECIALE ORCH. Row Row Rosie/ Save Your Sorrow. Per 14456 E- solos both sides

329 SOUTH STREET TRIO. Need More Blues/ Whiskey & Hin Blues. Vic 20402 scuffy E- plays E. Great Bobbie Leecan sides

330 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. Tiger Moan/ Careless Love. Ch 40086 EE+ Masters

331 JOE SULLIVAN (Piano solos). Gin Mill Blues/ Honeysuckle Rose. (Blue Wax) Col 2876-D E+ Rare!

332 FRANK TANNER & HIS RHYTHM KINGS. You Don’t Love Me/ Magnolias In the Moonlight. (Buff) BB B6667 E

333 MONTANA TAYLOR (Piano solos). Indiana Avenue Stomp/ Detroit Rocks. (Can) Br 80019 E+ Despite what it says in Rust, this Canadian issue is not a dub - the run-ins have clearly been added to the Vocalion masters.

334 TENNESSEE TOOTERS. Prince of Wails/ I Ain’t Got Nobody To Luv. Voc 14952 E- scfs

335 THELMA TERRY & HER PLAYBOYS. Mama’s Gone Good Bye/ CHARLES FULCHER & HIS ORCH. Hey! Hey! Col 1706-D E+ 2 great sides!

336 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Sugar/ A Good Man Is Hard To Find. (Purple) PaE R3489 E+ Hard to find in any shape!

337 THE VAGABONDS. Cover Me Up With Sunshine of Virginia/ California Here I Come. Gnt 5362 E+ Fine sides, Rollini etc!

338 THE VARSITY 8. Those Panama Mamas/ How I Love That /Girl. Cam 635 E More Rollini and the gang!

339 JOE VENUTI’S BLUE 4. The Wild Dog/Dinah. OK 41025 E+

340 FATS WALLER & HIS  BUDDIES. Lookin’ For Another Sweetie/ When I’m Alone. Vic V38110 E+ Uncommon 1929 sides!

341     (Piano solos). Valentine Stomp/ Love Me Or Leave Me. BB B10263 E+

342     (Organ solos). Sugar/ I Ain’t Got Nobody. (Buff) BB B5093 E+

343     & HIS RHYTHM. A Good Man Is Hard To Find. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 031530 E+ This take Unissued on 78!

344      I Got Rhythm/ Functionizin’. (Swiss) HMV HE2902 E+ Only 78 Issue!

345 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Blue Drag/ Gotta Be Gonna Be Mine. DeE F3781 EE- lt scfs nap

346 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. Mississippi Mud (-2)/ Mary (-4). (Aust) HMV EA2764 E+ Laminated pressing

347     Because My Baby Don’t Mean Baby Now/ Just Like A Melody. (Potato Head) Col 1441-D E+/E

348     I’ll Never Be The Same/ We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye.  Vic 24088 E- scfs Mildred Bailey vcls

349     Dodging A Divorcee. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 92576-1 E+

350     The Duke Insists. 1-sided vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 92577 E+


352 CLARENCE WILLIAMS (Piano solos). A Pane In the Glass/ Too Low. Vic V-38524 E+ Rare!!

353     WASHBOARD BAND.  What Makes Me Love You So?/ I’ve Got What It Takes. (Race) PaE R2147 E+

354     Kentucky. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404546-B E+ Unissued on 78!

355     ORCHESTRA. High Society/ I Like To Go Back In the Evening. (Gold) Voc 25010 E-

356     After Tonight/ The Old Street Sweeper. (Gold) Voc 2736 E+

357     A Foolish Little Girl Like You. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16987-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

358     This Is My Sunday Off/ Let Every Day Be Sweetheart’s Day. Voc 3195 E+ tiny ef s2 not to gvs

359 FESS WILLIAMS’ ROYAL FLUSH ORCH. Variety Stomp (-63)/ Phantom Blues (-66). Voc 15550 EE+ Rare take of s1

360     Dinah/ Ida Sweet As Apple Cider (-2). Vic 23005 E

361 WILLIAMSON BEALE STREET FROLIC ORCH. Scandinavian Stomp/ Midnight Frolic Drag. Vic 21410 E+ Memorable Memphis 1927 sides!

362 TEDDY WILSON & HIS ORCH. My Blue Heaven. 1-sided vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 22827-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

363     Cocoanut Groove. 1-sided oversize vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 26437-B Unissued on 78!

364 JIMMY YANCEY (Piano solos). Five O’Clock Blues/ Tell Em About Me. Vic 26590 E+

365 MARGARET YOUNG. Red Hot Henry Brown/ Yes Sir That’s My Baby. Cliftophone BrE 2939 E+ Excellent Miff Mole s1!

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